SCCA Expands Further Into Creative Arts

Snips College of Creative Arts (SCCA) has officially unveiled its all-new comprehensive creative arts college at its grand launch event held at SCCA Sungei Wang Plaza. This is in line with the government’s initiatives to spur the growth of the arts and cultural development in Malaysia.

Yehnulle ~ Bewitched

Yehnulle a single by Anjali who is known as Madhana Anjali due to her song Madhana Ft Psychomantra. She made a comeback with a music video this time and this song is already blasting in radio stations!

Yehnulle's lyrics by Maney Villainz definitely has one of the catchiest lines where it will make you play the song on repeat.

The teaser itself made me hum the song and listen to it on repeat before the full song got released. Guess why I went to the album launch feeling all excited is out now.

This bewitching song was composed by Sundraa composer and the use of the Sitar by Sitarist Vijaendran KC gave Yehnulle a soothing setting and also added an extra boost to the song.

The music video felt like it is 40 minutes short film but it was shown brilliantly within 4 minutes.

Kudos to the small team Bala Ganapathi Wiliam the director, Sharveswaraa Naidu the DOP and Ramses Rao the editor.

Despite the fact that they were just a small team but there were no lacking or missing pieces say on the quality or on the scenes. Every single scene was well thought like as if it a work by a huge team.

Bala Ganapathi William (BGW) is known for producing very promising videos with great quality. Say his past work Kaadhal Enbathu Saabama or this music video, both give you great visuals.

When Yehnulle got released, the visuals in the teaser looked about the same as Kaadhal Enbathu Saabama.

 So I thought it is going to be a great competition between  Kaadhal Enbathu Saabama and Yehnulle but I was so wrong.

There is no way you can compare these 2 products as both are completely different and both products speak on its own. Credit goes to BGW for thinking everything thoroughly.

Last but not least, not forgetting Madhana Anjali who has a very mesmerising voice. The main factor to why I got addicted to this song!

I tried to sing like how she did and Penang got flooded. I am sorry, world!

Yehnulle ~ On Repeat

Singer: Madhana Anjali
Music: Sundrra Composer
Sitarist: Vijaendran KC (Sitarist)
Lyrics: Maney Villanz
Mixing & Mastering: Boy Radge

Cast: Bala Ganapathi William (BGW), Madhana Anjali, Sri Kumaran (SK)
DOP: Sharveswaraa Naidu
Editing: Ramses Rao
Publicity Design: Yuvabalan
Make up: Swarie
Content Supervising & Marketing: BGW Studios
Story, Screenplay & Direction: Bala Ganapathi William
Produced by: Madhana Anjali

Watch the video here:

Sid Sriram~ Music is All I Know and I Can't do Anything Else

Photo Credits: Mojo Projects 
1. In your entire life journey have you ever endured a point where you felt like giving up on music?

I actually studied music, so I went to college for music. So there was never a point where I felt like I  wanted to give up on music altogether. There have been many points where I was frustrated with the way the industry works.

EVT- The Farm ~ A Good Game but It's Not My Cup of Tea

Again like Melle Tiranthathu Kathavu, in EVT the first half Karthik Shamalan beautifully executed a love story which will win many people's heart I believe. From there EVT will travel to the second half which is a slasher thriller.

EVT prepares you for what you are going to feel and experience throughout the entire journey in the very first scene itself.

No kidding! I was closing my eyes and ears at most scenes cause I have a very weak heart. I can't handle blood and slashing. No wonder it is rated as 18 plus. (I'm still 16 by heart).

EVT magnificently shows how a deaf and dumb girl is exploring the world with sound using her hearing machine along with her loved one.

While embarking the journey she will be kidnapped by someone who disguises as "The Wolf". How will she escape or will she even escape is what makes EVT as a whole.

Of course, it doesn't just end there. There will be a police squad who will be working on the missing case and will be digging the past in order to find out "The Wolf".

Jaya Ganason did a mind-blowing work by carrying the deaf and dumb role very well. As for a deaf and dumb girl, it is not easy to convey a message on a screen.

She made every move and gesture of hers to speak behalf of her by being extra expressive and that shows the effort that she has taken to portray her character well.

Personally, I feel the story was a little draggy at one part when she got trapped. Other than that, the story was rather captivating and the anticipation to know who is the GOD DAMN WOLF KILLED ME!

The only reason why I love EVT so much and I would not think twice to watch it again though it is not my cup of tea is because of the ending.

You would never be able to guess who is "The Wolf" until you watch the very last few minutes of the movie.

 I thought it's impossible to not be able to guess as somehow we would be able to guess right? Nope, you will have to watch EVT to know why you would not be able to guess.

EVT ~ Not for a weak heart

Watch the trailer here:

How to Start a Blog?

So how do we blog?

2. Name
3. Platform
4. Design
5. Plugins
6. Content
7. Earn

1. Niche

Before you create your platform you will have to decide on what niche you would be comfortable writing in. Examples of the niche will be food, travel, fashion, beauty, fitness and a lot more.

Specific niche can help you to come up with a good name for the blog. For example, I preferred blogging about versatile stuff hence I named my blog as Crappy Blogger so it will be general.

Click here to know "Types Of Blogs Out There"

2. Name

When you want to name your baby you will see the sense behind it. Same goes to your blog. Your blog's name should give a mild hint of what your content is going to be.

I will say please keep it simple and easy to be remembered. Don't choose a name where I have to jot it down every time I am going to say it.

It has to be very catchy as well. Here is the reason behind why your blog name is very important. People shouldn't ramble about how they can't search for your blog.

That can bring your blog to a halt even before you start. Click here to find "How To create Blog's Name."

3. Platform

 Before you start a blog, you will need a platform to blog on.

Click here to create Blogspot  and here for Wordpress

Blogspot? Wordpress? It is solely up to you which platform you would love to use.

Based on my experience I find Blogspot to be user-friendly but their theme is not my favourite. On the other hand, Wordpress is a little tough to be used at first but their theme is very classy and elegant.

4. Design

Now, this is where you will go all haywire! I took 2 years to find my current theme.

If you prefer designing the theme from scratch by yourself then it is going to be really difficult! It is not possible though because I have done that to a point where I learnt about coding.

You can google on how to add certain features in your theme up to your preference.

You can also purchase the themes from the blog designers. There are also free templates.

Here are Types of Themes which you can refer to when you want to design your platform.

5. Plugins

Plugins are ways to extend and add to the functionality that already exists on your platform.

In my platform, I kept it simple and clean so I have very minimal plugins like the Facebook page plugin and Instagram feed plugin.

You can add a lot of fun plugins though.

6. Content 

Yes, after creating your platform now you have to focus on your content.

It is always up to you on how you want to present your content to your readers.

Click here to read on " Tips to Create Good Content"

7. Earn

Yes, it is possible for you to earn through a blog. For this, you have to run your blog like as if it is a business and at the same time have personal contents of yourself so it won't be too commercialized.

Read here "Ways to Make Money Blogging"


Worst Experience in Blogging 

I have a very bad experience of working with this brand where they promised me to share my blog post on their facebook page as a compensation for an article but they didn't.

They copy and pasted my article on their website and posted that on their facebook page. I will never forget the lame excuse they give me to why they did not share my article on their page.

I felt cheated big time, to be honest. Of course, I asked them to remove my content as they didn't even ask for my permission. Never will I ever work with that unprofessional brand again.


Overall, do not give up. Work till your page view increases on its own without you making any effort. Until people discover you through your write-ups.

Until people know your blog name better than your own name!

Did you find this to be helpful? Throw your questions down there at the comment box if you're curious about anything and I will blog about it soon.

Vijay Prakash ~ I Will Give Up The Day I Die, Not Till Then

Photo Credits: Mojo Projects 

I tried to dig out the secret of Vijay Prakash's success by questioning on how he embraces failures in life and his answer will surprise you for sure.

In your entire life journey have you ever endured a point where you felt like giving up on music?

I have never heard this question before and my answer will be I will give up the day I die, not till then.

Because music is the reason why I am born in this lifetime so the day I decide music is not going to be a part of me then I see myself as dead. So I don’t think it will ever happen. As long as I am breathing music is in my breath.