How To Love and How Not To Love? ~ Geethaiyin Raadhai Review

Geethaiyin Raadhai portrays the character of a young adult who is childish and carefree. She lives in her own world and has a goal of finding the perfect boyfriend. She also has a very supportive family, we can witness how the father wasn’t against her finding a boyfriend. Investing time and effort in finding the best guy isn’t something families are supportive of and it seems to be a stigma in most cultures and in this movie it shows how the current generation is defying this stigma.

This Is Their Story. Their Love Story.

When you want to marry someone make sure she is perfect. Make sure she is from a good family, she has a good career, and she is healthy. If can try to find a teacher or a nurse because she will be a good match for you. She also will take care of your kids very well. That's what most of you would have heard from your family, relatives or friends.

On the contrary, Ethirpaarathe Aalai music video broke the stigma and took a great effort to bring realisation to the public that love don't come after objectifying someone. Love don't see the wealth of someone. Love is the purest thing which you can feel only for the one. They showed beautifully that love stays forever despite how badly fate tries to put an end to it.

This is their story. Their love story.

Inni Vendham VS En Anbe

Girls are a poor victim in an insecure relationship is what Inni Vendham music video portrayed. How is that fair? Asked the En Anbe team and a reply video was made to scream out loud to the public that the guys can be a poor victim in an insecure relationship too.