Colour Workshop, First Shoot and I was Rather Embarrassed!

If you are reading this then congratulations as Chuojashni is going to rant about her life and you are one of the first to read it. Be cautious as Chuojashni curses like there is no more tomorrow. *Vulgar words alert.


It was a Saturday morning. It should have been a free day for me as in a week I only get one day off which is a Saturday. Well, as usual, this Saturday I had a workshop to attend at 10 am. I woke up at 8 am and only then I started planning on transport.

To those who don't know me. I am a freaking last minute case ya. I can really do stuff 30 minutes before due. For instance, like studying 10 chapters 30 minutes before the exam. *Like a Boss

Well, only then I remembered that the venue is at PUCHONG! It takes 40 minutes to go from my place to Puchong by car and I wanted to take the public transport as Grab charged about RM36.00 -_-.

Believe it or not, I left my house at 9 am and I reached at 10.30 am. Yes, I was 30 minutes late. But I spent only RM 9.00. Hehehe. I took Grab to Masjid Jamek and it cost me RM 7.00. Then I took LRT to Bandar Puchong Station and that cost me RM2.00 cause I used student card. *Use your privilege right guys!

It was a colour workshop where they gave a talk on why black is not the right colour for us. (Will be blogging on this soon). Reaching there and I saw almost everyone wore colour except for one or two. 

I was definitely a bad ass lady as I wore black head to toe. *They must have hated me

In the message, they told that light refreshment will be served. Due to so-called time constraint (Actually, I planned last minute and I didn't even realise that I have to go PUCHONG -_-) I couldn't get my breakfast and planned to get it at there instead.


I got a mild heart attack but I went in strongly ignoring my tummy which was already making noise since 9.30 am. The workshop was interesting as I learned a number of things.

The speaker attacked me at one point of time by saying, "You look like you're in your 20's so it is fine to wear black now but when you're 35 you will look 10 YEARS OLDER!" *Ouch... 

Through an activity, I learned that I have a warm skin so my ideal colours are dark colours like red, blue and brown. Finally, I can try to add colours to my fit for funeral clothes. 

Then, at one point of time when the speaker was talking about hair colour, I raised my hand to ask her one question and I became a guinea pig. She actually called me in front and used me to test her colour palette. NO! I HAVE SOCIAL ANXIETY. Well, at least now I am having it right after you called me in front.

After being a guinea pig and being exhibited in front of all I went back to my sit wishing to slowly disappear. Finally, we were done with the workshop. 

Then I rushed off to my house to get my stuff for the shoot. I scheduled it at 2 pm initially and I had to reschedule to 3.30pm as I am really bad at planning. Only got my breakfast + lunch at 3.30 pm with my photographer.

Finally, we went to the spot and I got every shot of mine just like how I wanted it to be. My photographer was full with patients. He entertained every request of mine without being annoyed as I was really demanding. *Muahahaha 

Most, pictures came with the perfect angle but my face was terrible as I was extremely exhausted. I couldn't get the natural smile out and he had to take the same shot about 30 to 40 times just because I couldn't smile well. LOL! 

Guess what I did to avoid wasting the time? I  chose to frown and have serious face instead. The shot was a winner. I am best at not smiling. *smiling widely now

The shoot was initially planned with 5 outfits at 3 locations but we could only carry out 4 outfits at 2 locations. 

First, because the sun was leaving as it finishes work around 7 pm and my shoot was an outdoor shoot and the sun is what  I need the most as a source of lighting.

Second, because Isetan was closed at 7 pm due to Raya so I couldn't get my shot in Isetan as I wished.

The embarrassing moment was when we were at the Pavilion and I wanted a shot with the crowd at the back of me. So, we had to do it where there are A LOT OF PEOPLE.

Trust me. I really wished that I am invisible and only the camera can spot me. *I need my pictures somehow right? LOL!

Finally, we were done with the shoot at 7.30 pm and got a proper dinner at Old Town White Coffee. After finalising the pictures, I left at 9.30 pm.

Reached at KL Sentral at 10 pm and believe it or not I waited for nearly 30 minutes to get a GRAB car. I suppose most GRAB drivers balik kampung (went back hometown). How nice. I wish to go back to. Anyways.

Was home around 11 pm and finally could get some sleep. That's how my Saturday went.  

4 Things You Need To Know About Little Yellow Flowers!

Little Yellow Flowers

I mentioned in my Instagram that I will be blogging about my movie experience with underprivileged kids. So here it is! More information about Little Yellow Flower will be shared as well.

Little Yellow Flowers

It was really a fun experience to be watching my favourite movie in a cinema full of good-hearted people as the theatre was full of those who donated apart from media, organisers and of course the kids. 

Little Yellow Flowers

I was touched by the fact that such initiatives have been taken by young people and soon I wish to be part this amazing project. For now, let me start with RM100 ya. I am happy that by donating RM100 I can provide food for a child for at least for a month.

Little Yellow Flowers

4 Things You Need To Know About Little Yellow Flowers!

1. Little Yellow Flower Education Foundation is a Wonderland, which provides happiness bright, hope and security for the children. One of the Wonderland's main mission is to feed the children as meals are essential for their growth and mental development. Undernourishment leads to lack of concentration, confusion, diseases and even death.

2. Thus with care and interest, they aim to encourage children to flourish in their education and also other living skills as they believe that every child is unique!

3. Little Yellow Flower hopes to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty and help the children to transform and flourish, leading towards a better life.

4. For every RM100 donated from this movie fundraising event, you can provide food and spiritual mentoring for a vulnerable child living in poverty for at least a month.

Little Yellow Flowers

For more information visit: Little Yellow Flower's Facebook

What is your experience being part of charity? Share below in the comment section.

Bad Liar Music Video Review ~ One of the most corrupted story line ever!

Bad Liar Music Video 

As much as the music video visuals are captivating but the story line is definitely something created out of every dilemma someone can think off!

So, Selena is a lesbian who likes her basketball coach. Her basketball coach is having affair with Selena's father. Selena will reveal the truth to her mother but not the fact that she likes the basketball coach and she likes girls. Hence, this entire "Bad Liar" song.

The video was rather confusing as every character I have just mentioned now was played by Selena herself. Yes! The lead, the basketball coach, the father and the mother is all Selena.  

As usual Selena Gomez's songs are very enchanting and this song is on repeat no matter how corrupted it is! 

Watch the music video here:

Aaruginey Vaa Music Video Review ~ Enchanting!

Aaruginey Vaa music video

Aaruginey Vaa music video will make you get drenched in the rain of love. If you are sick of watching too many clique music videos on breakup songs then Aaruginey Vaa music video is a must to watch!

Aaruginey Vaa music video

Such a refreshing and dazzling music video where those who don't want to fall in love will want to fall in love.

Aaruginey Vaa music video

The soothing and mesmerising voice of Datin Shaila Nair and Saresh D7 from SLY Squad will make you forget the world. The lyrics were written beautifully by Saresh D7.  This captivating song was composed by Boy Radge.

Aaruginey Vaa music video

The breathtaking and magnificent visuals were done by Shanker Indra. Both the talents Kesavan Maniraja and Arie Asoge nailed it big time by bringing the romance and intimacy on screen ravishingly.

I can feel the love in the air after watching this music video and it is rather bewitching.

Watch the video here:

I AM the Creator, God never Existed

Yes, I did it! Came up with this fancy title and got your attention.

What I am trying to say is, I am God the Super Soul who created this Universe. If I say it like this, you will not read it further so, I decided not. Please give me the opportunity to brainwash you completely and say it at the end so, you are ready to agree with me.

Is there anything as important as living forever? How to find your true self and everlasting happiness? What is the meaning and purpose of this life? What is the eternal truth?

I have created Meditation Methods to find solutions. It is changing human mind to infinite Universe mind and being reborn as the body and mind of the Universe.

When you truly discard all that is within, you can find the true self and reach completion. I allow you to honestly reflect upon your life and guide you to break free from all minds.

Look what Maria K. / Preschool Teacher / Berkeley, CA USA has to say about the personal experience of my meditation methods. “My overall health felt much better and the immune system became stronger. I am full of energy, I was so amazed and questioned how such a miracle could happen.”

You can learn my great insight into spiritual evolution for human completion too.

Who does not want to find the happiness that is hidden in your daily life? You are on my track now.

Let me welcome you to my introduction speech session, whereas the ticket is Rs.500 if you are a member it’s free. (Membership fee is Rs.6000 Only) I would prefer you become a member because you are already searching the life purpose and trying to figure out the mystery in this life. I am the only one there for you in this life then why delay.

On the day of the Introduction, the whole speech is 2 hours, you would think I will give you a lot of information right away. If I do so, how it will be profitable for me. There will be my staff as in the name of senior members of the association, who would start the speech by introducing me to you. It’s told the Introduction program in the sense all my cooked up stories to be said by my staff to impress you. Just because one person spoke well about me, you would not believe so, there will be six people to share their stories as in how were their lives before they met me and after. One of my stories goes as in 2002, UN-NGO, the International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP) awarded me Mahatma Gandhi Peace Prize. You can check it in Wikipedia if you want, I have already edited the web page. If you search it in IAEWP main website, you will find that I am a fraud.

1 hour and 30 minutes passed, here I come with a standing ovation. I dare you would be one of the persons to stand as well since I believe the stories shared would have touched your inner self and make you stand when you hear me coming because for the past 10 years the same stories are repeated in over 300 sessions in 9 planets.

I have your attention now, what I am going to say is been practised many times still will be able to sound enthusiastic and lively as God speaking through me. You have a mind of stress and pain. You cannot understand the Bible or Buddhist Sutra because the mind is not in good health. You cannot know where humans come from, why you live and where you go because you are in an illusion.

When you follow my Meditation Methods, you will have a positive mind. You can understand the Bible and Buddhist Sutra as they are spoken from this place because now the mind is in good health. You can know where humans come from, why you live, and where you go. You are born again in the true world and live forever. You yourself can know all the principles of the world (Happiness, Joy, Eternal Life, Great Freedom, Great Liberation and Great Peace).

I offer one-to-one counselling at my centre where all your questions about love and work can be discussed. Frankly speaking, I will make you speak out of your heart and you are going to feel guilty for the person who you are. This moment, I have trapped you.

My speech ends, now my staff will be coming towards you. Life is waiting for you, all you have is to say yes and will connect you with the infinite Universe. You would need to pay Rs.6000 per month for the level 1 class. First I said Rs.6000 for membership now per month. If I would have said it earlier you wouldn’t have come this further, now you will.

Level 1, Throwing away the remember thoughts.
We would play sounds of sea waves and raindrops, you would need to close your eye and full concentrate on this sound for 30 minutes. Feeling positive. First-day class over.

For the next two months, the classes would go the same way and say what? You kept on coming, in return will give you a level 1 completion certificate in front of everyone to flatter your mind because you want to be recognised and famous.

Level 2, Throwing away the images of myself, images of my human relations and myself.
What in level 2? Not much, the monthly fee of yours is increased. This level, I will be taking lines from Bible and Buddhist in a way to start a deep conversation with you. What all the things I want in life, I would say you as God is asking you to do this now. When you share these conversations with your family and friends, the response you get is to stop going to the centre.

Next time you come to the centre, you would ask too many questions. I will have answers to all your question because it’s my stupid own theory of life and universe. You have given me the opportunity to listen whatever I say so, you would listen this time as well. End of our conversions you would tell me that those questions were not yours so, to make you come to my centre continuously the only wild card is to separate you from your friends and family. Your family members are filled with negative spirits, I would advise you to leave them.

Now I had separated you from your friends and family so, you will be congratulated and given a level 2 completion certificate in front of everyone. You feel the members in this association is your new friends and family too.

By the way, I have bought new BMW i8, thanks for giving more than 50% of your salary to my centre. Came to know you have sold your bike to balance work-life and coming to this centre. Don’t lose hope, there are more things to take from you. Think of the human completion where the whole Universe is yours.

Level 3, Throwing away your body.
What in level 3? Again not much, the monthly fee is increased. This is really a challenging point for me, whereas I need to make you fully depended and go one step higher and say I created this Universe and have the total control of it. I am ready to take you as a discipline of mine so, it’s you after me who’s is going to look after the Universe.

Here is the science behind how I make you depended. If you are practising my meditation methods you would say “I am getting amazing results”,“I can sleep better, I am more relaxed, I tried many other methods and only this feels right, or my relationship improved dramatically, or I felt something extraordinary” or similar feelings.

In the beginning, you get some results because this meditation is nothing new or mine, these techniques were used for over 2000 years (studies are done and books are written by Neuroscientist and Psychiatrists and Scientists).

During this meditation your body goes through stress, because this meditation method is not a meditation that you sit quietly and suppress your thoughts, during the meditation you are doing subtraction, you constantly in your mind bring up your memories from the past (pictures) and mentally destroying them, also destroying your body, your friends, your family, destroying everybody and everything (as you progress in levels), so during long hours of this kind destruction our body goes through stress and brain releases chemicals called Endorphins.

Endorphins are feel-good chemicals our bodies release under pain or stress. They are considered the body’s own opiates. So you kind of drugging yourself during this meditation. And as you practice this method more and for longer hours per day, the result of this mental stage you get is impaired mental judgment and increased suggestibility. Basically, your brain goes flat “clean slate state”, and existing mental programming is replaced by me, with new patterns of thinking and behaviour for your mind is reprogrammed to serve my meditation group.

Once you are person “reprogrammed” you cannot often think for yourselves and become intellectually as well as emotionally dependent upon my meditation and me, you start trusting me completely, your ability to question information and use critical analysis are eliminated. I will make you start going to door to door to distribute my meditation flyers to recruit more members. This state of mind is a reversion to an earlier state of evolution.

After receiving this new programming you passionately support my meditation and start claiming that you have been “shown the truth”, “I will be saved” . . . or “this is an amazing method”.

You are doing well, you have bought 3 new members to our centre. Here you climb to level 4.

Level 4, Throwing away my body and the universe. Level 5, Throwing away my body and the universe. 
Dear member, I didn’t come up with a new name for level 5 since your money is already mine.

Level 6, Self-disappears by subtraction and becomes the Universe.
Monthly fee, Rs.100000 Also you would need to make a donation of Rs.600000 to buy a more spaced centre.

Now you would think level 6 completion it’s the last level to human completion, all the answer about life is going to be known.

Here I use my Universe Mind to find if you have anything else remaining in your life that I can take, all I will do is annoy you in a way so, you will leave the centre frustrated. Believe me, when I say this, you will have no one in life to share what happened to you so, and your frustration or anger will not make a big impact in what I will continue to do.

Hey, have I told you that I bought Two Islands in Maldives? Yes, I have my dear member.

Written by: Arunprasanth Loganathan

Can you relate yourself to this post? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Craving for Italian or Spanish Food? Sapore is the Solution!

Sapore ~ Tapas

Sapore an Italian and Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant that serves you Artisan food and fine wine. They are all about Jamon Iberico, Tapas and Wine!

Sapore ~ Tapas

SaporeSapore an Italian and Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant 

I love Tapas and when I got an invitation I was all excited! It was a Sapore Desayuno buffet lunch. I guess I don't have to explain more. 

SaporeSapore an Italian and Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant 

Sapore an Italian and Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant 

The restaurant was already filled with lots of positive vibes with music and fun when I arrived as there were people chilling outside of Sapore while playing instruments as the buffet starts. 

Sapore an Italian and Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant 

Sapore an Italian and Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant 

Sapore an Italian and Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant 

The first thing that got my attention was the interior. It was black and white theme so Sapore looked really elegant and classy. Just the right place for a date as it is a combination of happening music which constantly enlightening the environment and also splendid food.

Sapore an Italian and Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant 

Sapore an Italian and Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant 

As for the buffet they served Mixed Salad, Roast Beef, Chorizo Salami, Queso de cabra, Green Olives, Bruschetta, Beef Tendons, Bread Anchovies, Frittata, Poacheol Eggs, Roast Porchetta. For main course they served Paella, Polenta e wild boar, Rigatoni stewed w/pork meat, sausage, beef stewed. 

Sapore an Italian and Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant 

Sapore an Italian and Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant 

The price was rather affordable as it was RM60+ for just food and RM 88+ for additional wine. For Italian and Spanish-Mediterranean I find it as a good buy as it is a buffet! They also had chocolate cake and Panna cotta for dessert.

Sapore an Italian and Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant 

Sapore an Italian and Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant 

I don't usually spend my time at a restaurant right after my meal if I go alone but at Sapore I was one of the last to leave among the bloggers who came to join the buffet. Really love Sapore as it is! 

Sapore an Italian and Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant 

Sapore an Italian and Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant 

For more information on Sapore, you can visit their website at sapore18my.com or follow their Facebook page @Saporemy 

Sapore Restaurant
18, Persiaran Ampang, 
Desa Pahlawan, Ampang, 
55000 Kuala Lumpur 

Tel: +603 4266 6362 
Email: sapore18my@gmail.com

Operating Hours:
Mon – Fri: 2.00pm – 11:30pm 
Sat, Sun, Public Holidays: 10.00am – 11:30pm 

Sapore an Italian and Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant 

Sapore an Italian and Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant 

Can You Really Trust a Beauty Blogger?

Cosmopolitan May Edition cover broke many beauty bloggers heart by questioning the beauty bloggers credibility.

 Can You Really Trust a Beauty Blogger?

Anybody can own a blog. Anybody can write. Some don't even write but they prefer updating their blogs with great contents like drawings and such. Yet, many are avid readers of blogs. Why?

Majority blog writers own personal blog and they share their personal experience. Some share their beautiful moments and painful moments. It is raw and brutally honest at times. It is always nice to peek into other people's life, isn't it? Well, at least for lifeless people like me it is.

Beauty bloggers, on the other hand, are bloggers with a specific niche. Some choose to share their honest opinion and many just promote the sponsored products by being very subtle about the idea that it is sponsored.

What you should understand is Beauty Bloggers are ain't God. What they say are not finalised words on a product. Majority beauty blogger's duty is to promote a product by introducing a new brand or a new product to the public. 

Some beauty bloggers will teach you on how to apply a particular product and some mentions the advantages and disadvantages. Many will not mention the disadvantages if it is sponsored. 

It is not something new to know that majority product comes with its own advantage and disadvantage. For marketing purpose, it is pretty common when a drawback of a product is being hidden.

It is for you to explore a product and find out the advantage and disadvantage of a product for every skin works differently. Also not to forget, what is a drawback for you will not be a drawback for the beauty bloggers and it works the otherwise.

When a beauty blogger says that a product did magic to her skin (whether it is true or not) it doesn't mean that that specific product will work for you as well. Every individual has a different type of skin. 

In fact, my siblings and I use totally different types of products though we came from the same source because I have a dry skin and they have oily and sensitive skin. 

Beauty bloggers are a medium for you to get to know different types of products which are out there in the market. Also, to know if the product is safe to be used.

If a specific product will work wonders for you is a different story.

So can you really trust a beauty blogger now? Guess the answer comes from you.
 Comment below your thoughts!

Beta-Skin Natural Active Cream Review

Beta-Skin Natural Active Cream Review

So I have shared my experience on being dreaded as my scar keep reminding of my brutal past (Old post). That's when Beta-Skin distributor got in touch with me.

My confidence level rose as so many people messaged me asking about what happened to me. Truly grateful for such love. Thank you so much. Indeed that all of you are beautiful in and out. <3

I excitedly used my cream once I got it which is 3 weeks back but I am only reviewing on it now due to a hectic schedule.

Beta-Skin cream doesn't have a thick consistency. It is very light so you need a small amount and it can be spread easily on your skin.

The best part in Beta-Skin is it can be applied on your face and body! Now, I don't have to get two different creams where one is for my face and one for my body.

3 weeks of applying it on my skin, I can feel it is much smoother compared to the time I didn't apply anything on my skin. I am still keeping track of the differences it is making. When the results are obvious then I will make another review on this!

The fragrance of the cream is very fresh and very distinctive that you can smell it though you're wearing perfume and I love it.

Though I am using Beta-Skin to get rid of my scar, Beta-Skin has so much of mind-blowing benefits!

Beta-Skin contains:

  • Beta-glucan- amongst others, is a precursor of synthesis of cytokinesis, it stimulates the immune system to function and promotes the regeneration of the epidermis.
  • Esters of higher fatty acids- regulate the permeability of the epidermis, the maturity and differentiation of keratinocytes, the creation and release of lamellar bodies which assist in the penetration of larger molecules as nutrients to the cell located deeper within the skin and inhibit the synthesis of pro-inflammatory eicosanoids.
  • Coconut oil- reduces the TEWL (transepidermal water loss) ratio, damage to the skin's barrier function and prevents the degradation of lipids under the influence of oxidative stress.
  • Colloidal silver-  kills over 650 disease- causing bacteria, viruses and fungi. Forcefully activating the immune system to combat pathogens and rebalance the body alleviating changes caused by inflammation.

More on Beta-Skin Natural Active Cream:

- Active substances contained within the medical device Natural Beta-Skin Natural Active Cream have a proven and effective ability to alleviate symptoms of chronic skin diseases and support the course of treatment.

-Beta-Skin cream has been created for the patients who are constantly struggling with the symptoms of diseases such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, seborrhea dermatitis and acne.

- The products effectively eliminate the symptoms associated with different dermatoses such as persistent itching, burning, redness, and dryness of the skin and excessive flaking.

- Beta-Skin  Natural Active Cream regulates and reduces increased seborrheic keratosis which is often manifested in visible cracks on the skin. Due to the presence of natural active ingredients, the product effectively moisturises and nourishes the skin and reduces water loss.

- Apart from its primary function in enhancing the healing process of chronic skin diseases, Beta-Skin Natural Active Cream shows signs of regenerative properties that may be of use to irritated skin with excessive exposure to UV rays.

The consistency of the cream ( Beta-Skin Natural Active Cream Review)

To get more information on Beta-skin Natural Active Cream please click on this link Beta-Skin.
This product is from Poland, Europe BTW so you have to translate the page.

Product info:
RM58- 50ml
(Price varies depending on promotion prices in different pharmacy)

For distributorship information email contact : jenny@triv.com.m

Where to purchase:

 Online- Lazada.com.my



KL ,Selangor, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan and Melaka

All Alpro Pharmacy Outlets and AA Pharmacy Outlets.

Here are the Lists of all pharmacies throughout Malaysia

Saiful Reza's Journey ~ Nothing to a Great Fight Choreographer and Founder of The Combatives

If you have watched J Revolusi then this guy needs no introduction! Though he is now one of the most prominent people in J Revolusi as a fight choreographer, it wasn’t easy for him to reach that place. 5 years back he embarked his journey full of vigour not knowing what future holds for him and here he is, Saiful Reza a great fight choreographer and also the founder of The Combatives!

1. We already know that you’re one of the kings of Martial Arts. Tell us more about yourself.

I don’t see myself as the king of martial arts, but the real kings of martial arts, which are the people or, practitioners of the art that inspires me. There is always someone better out there and also someone that I can learn from. 

What drives me to martial arts is passion, a passion that I always have since I was a kid. It was a hobby of mine then and now it turned out to be my career (I blame Ninja Turtles lol). I always chase for perfection in anything that I do, but martial arts made me have a better understanding that there is no end in learning and also perfection, and this is relevant to our daily life.

We just gotta move forward and take every obstacle, find a solution and we move forward.

2.   When did you embark in this martial arts world? 

My mum introduced me to my first martial art, which is Karate. I was 6 years old. I remember I used to run away from home and my mum would find me in the karate dojo. I used to think when I was a kid; if you were a martial artist you can gain special powers (of course power rangers influenced me).

 So I trained and when I get a little bit older I wanted to learn something new so I tried Muay Thai, back then Muay Thai was so famous among martial artist (made famous by Tony Jaa in a film called Ong-bak). The hard-hitting elbows and knees, the devastating art of 8 limbs and it was amazing. 

Did Muay Thai for a couple of years and when I reached 16 I started doing silat and finished the course (Seni Silat Cekak Malaysia and Seni Silat Lian Padukan). Then I started doing Pekiti Tirsia Kali from the Philippines; it is a weapon based Fighting system where you get to learn how to wield a sword then the empty-hands, and I’m an instructor of the art now. Other than that, I am also into the elements of MMA (Brazillian Jiujitsu, wrestling, boxing, judo, muay Thai), I am a president of an MMA team called the Combatives.

3. How did learning martial arts help you before you got involved in the movie industry and how is it helpful to you now after you got involved in the movie industry?

Martial arts was very helpful in terms of my self-esteem and also motivation, I had a team and we trained almost every day and that made us understand ourselves and also it made our craft to look good. Life is difficult and martial arts are like therapy for me. It brings me to places like superman’s “fortress of solitude” and it is an amazing feeling. 

After I get into the movie industry, martial arts made me focus more on my career. I aim to make the fight scene look goddamn good, so it needs a lot of work. I really need to be extra creative on structuring and designing a fight scene. Martial arts leads me to places that I have never imagined that I can reach. 

Right now, I’m learning how to be a producer from the best teacher or person in the movie industry which is Gayatri Su-Lin Pillai. She has done tonnes of movie in the past such as KL Menjerit, Anak Halal, Lagenda Budak Setan and many more. So I am so blessed to reach up to this level and I hope I will go further. This is how martial arts contributes to my life, it sets my career path and of course with the help of God.

4.  How did you start your career? Initially, what did you initiated to do?

I started with a small production. we choreograph and we do our own stunts. I was in a movie from 7 Dimensi as Aliff's double stunt and in some other movies that I can't recall the title. I did just a couple of small roles.

I want to be like Bruce Lee and also Donnie Yen, that’s how I planned at first upon making a decision to step foot in the industry, and that’s my motivation. I always trained with the team to get myself ready for any possibilities.

I always carry a small book with me. Any design that I suddenly think of, I straightaway write in that book. I believe that in movies we should use the actual techniques because of the authenticity and when a martial artist sees the movie, they’ll know that this is real martial art or even to normal people, the design will look cool.

5. Are you satisfied with what you have achieved now?

To tell you the truth, I actually do not know what is there for me in the future. Right now I just to excel in being a fight choreographer and a production executive, basically, I know what I want I just have to chase it and work hard for it. Along the way I know I will make mistakes or a wrong decision but I am ready to face the music and to learn something new to develop my own self. 

6. When you got involved in the movie industry? Was it easy to get into the movie industry?

It was not easy at all, took me 5 years to really put one foot in and to find a really good platform for me to grow in. I always say this to myself “Your time will come, Reza, just be patient”, so right now here I am doing the best I can.

7.   What were the struggles you faced at the beginning of your career?

Well, at first it is about getting the right people to acknowledge you and the first few people are sometimes not honest. Sometimes, the pay will be small or it will be a token or sometimes you won't get any, but at the end of the day to let people know about you is the important part for me.

When you put yourself out there, the right person who suits your believe and share the same passion as you will get you onboard with their project.

Second, is understanding how the industry works, the steps of making a movie and I gotta tell you there's a lot of work that has to be done and I am so so so slow. I have to cope up with people that have been doing this for 20 over years of experience and it is not easy. 

At the end of the day when you look at it again, our blood, sweat and tears are in the final product, it feels some kind of fulfilment

1    8. What are the struggles you’re facing now?

The struggles that I’m facing now is working life. Haha. Basically, I am trying to balance work and training. I need to keep my knife sharp and not to lose touch so I will always find time to train. Other than that, is actually learning the steps of being a good filmmaker.  

1    9. What one piece of advice you would like to share with the current generation?

My advice is to just follow your dreams and eventually you will catch up and you will be happy, and also you gotta pay your dues. The most important thing is the effort and that’s it. One more thing, always read and always do research, take 5 minutes of your time to be smarter and think outside of the box and also don’t be afraid to chase it.

10. Do you have any quote that represents yourself?
Owhh man there are many quotes that I hold on to. 
To live by choice, not by chance
To be motivated, not manipulated
To make changes, not excuses
To excel, not compete
I choose self-esteem, not self-pity
I choose to listen to my inner voice
Not to the random opinion of others
I choose to do things that you won’t so I can continue to do the things you can’t. 

11. Whom would you like to thank and be grateful to?

I would like to thank my parents for exposing martial arts and also all my martial art teachers…I would like to thank Zhafri Zulkifli as my martial arts partner since we were a young lad and my cousin Hariz Ikhwan on lifting my journey to open our Combatives club. 

Thanks to the Combatives boys on doing what they do best in the cage. Thank you, my good friend, Zul Ariffin on believing in me of doing a good job in J Revolusi and also recommending me to my current teacher in the Film industry Gayatri Su-Lin Pillai, who accepts me to be her apprentice. 

Thank you to everyone who hates me and also supports me in this line, the full support from girlfriend Nabella Yazmin who believes in me. Thank you Crappy Blogger for having this interview and lastly the most importantly I would like to thank Allah the almighty for giving the path that leads to all this wonderful people and journey. Thank you!