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Facts That You Need to Know About Trollbeads!

Trollbeads is an exquisite set of interchangeable jewellery pieces where you can create your own design by choosing your preferred beads.

Every jewellery owned by the customers of Trollbeads has its own story. Every jewellery means something very meaningful for the customers which make Trollbeads to be irresistible.

The design of the beads varies from beauty diversity, and colours where it can fit our clothes, personality or memories. It is also being designed by more than 90 designers!

Nevertheless, the customers become the designer when they create their own personalized jewellery and they decide which story they want to tell.

Each bead is original and it has its own history. Each bead made is inspired by mythology, astrology, fairy tales, fauna, flora, cultural diversity, and from everyday living.

Trollbeads are made of the highest quality raw materials and have evolved from the beginning to be only in sterling silver to now include 18 karat gold, freshwater pearls, gemstones, and glass beads made from Italian glass.

Trollbeads jewellery includes beads, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings.


The story about the original and unique Trollbeads all started in Denmark in 1976. The first bead, which later gave a name to the Trollbeads collection, was a small bead decorated with no less than 6 faces.

It was designed by Søren Silversmith and sold from his father Svend's jewellery shop in central Copenhagen. The beads were created at a time where it was fashionable to have a silver bead hanging on a leather thong around the neck.

But instead of letting the bead hang in an eyelet, Søren wanted to let the leather cord go through the bead. Later on, Søren's sister, Lise, began to put the beads on silver bracelets, one on each bracelet.

Lise opened another jewellery store and one day a customer asked to have an extra bead put on her bracelet. The storekeeper was surprised but followed the customer's wish.

From then on, the adventure and Trollbeads movement started. In cooperation with the customers and according to their wishes, the collection grew.

This was the invention and the beginning of an original jewellery concept that today is enjoyed worldwide.


What makes Trollbeads seem very different from others? Trollbeads are up and running since 1976 and Trollbeads are the first to come up with charm bracelet concept.

Pandora has a very polished look about it, with cute silver charms ranging from little birds to handbags, and glass charms with polka dots and love hearts encapsulated inside them.

Trollbeads has more of a rustic feel to it, with many of the charms inspired by the supernatural such as fairies and mermaids. They do a selection of glass beads too, these mimic the design of tree’s, the different galaxies and shells you might find on the beach.

You can purchase a Pandora bracelet online that already has beads threaded onto it, although you won’t receive any kind of discount for this. 

However, if you purchase a debut Trollbeads bracelet you’ll receive a bracelet chain, lock (which is a unique idea that only Trollbeads offer), and usually two glass beads, such as the Trollbeads Summer Meadow debut bracelet with a discount of £30.

With Trollbeads, you can pretty much have all the colours and beads you want, almost as if it has grown from a tree or out of the earth compared to other brands. 


Trollbeads Mid Valley Megamall
75 Lingkaran Syed Putra
Kuala Lumpur 
0060 322020728

Trollbeads store @ Sunway Pyramid
G1.13A, Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. 
Hotline: 03-5613 0728

Trollbeads @ Vivacity Megamall
G-064, Ground Floor, Jalan Wan Alwi, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.


This Is Not Shashi Tharan's Journey But...

17 years of being in the industry, he is still waiting for the right time to direct a feature film. The constant havoc in the industry, backstabbers, misunderstandings, lot's of "hu ha", fights, comparison on who is the best, makes Shashi take a step back & test the water before plunging in. Not forgetting, that the collections for local movies are not impressive due to the stiff competition with the South Indian movies.

"With what confidence will a producer invest in local movie making? Ultimately it’s all about the dollars and cents….satisfaction aside," said Shashi Tharan.

This is not Shashi Tharan's journey but it is Shashi Tharan's rant on his personal experience in the entertainment industry.


I started off as a backup dancer in the entertainment industry while focusing on obtaining a degree academic wise. From that moment I always yearned for something bigger.

I finally got myself a spot on the stage as I had the ability to sing. I started my journey by singing but soon realized it was not my ‘cup of tea’.

I started looking out into other areas of the industry and was offered acting opportunities. It was then I realized that acting is my passion and decided to pursue this line. My acting career started off with small roles in dramas and expanded to lead roles in dramas/telemovies.

I completed Business Computing at Binary Business School. Though I was into acting I wanted a certified cert so I will have something to fall back on. I was already in a stable position as a senior manager with a good pay when I chose to be a full-time actor to pursue my passion.

I took the risk and together with my wife's support and motivation I decided to enter the entertainment field as a full-timer.

My first feature film was “ Manjari”.  The turning point in my acting career was “Aathma”.   Being in “Aathma” gave me lots of insights in the industry.

In order to make your mark in the entertainment industry, being humble, being disciplined with a good attitude is as important as being talented. This is the mantra that I practice even to this day.

My next venture was the Malay movie industry. I did “Estet” under the direction of the esteemed Mamat Khalid. Wow!.. what an experience that was. My role in Estet fetched me the ‘ Pelakon Harapan’ award from Film Festival Malaysia. It was a proud moment.

Since I was involved in both Malay industry and Malaysian Tamil industry, I was able to compare how both these industries work. It was good to see how the artists are being treated in the Malay industry regardless of experience or popularity….something that our Tamil industry can adopt.

I also figured out that there were too many rules and regulations on the censor board which keeps the creativity of one under limits. There is limited freedom in filmmaking in Malaysia.

It was a challenge to penetrate the Malay industry even with the award & recognition received for my work in a couple of Malay dramas & teleserials. Playing a lead role in a Malay feature film is yet to come my way as it is very rare a script demands a non-Malay hero. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Also, the mindset of certain people out there who assume that once we get an award we will be very demanding and pricey. This mindset in many has caused me to get fewer opportunities and totally demotivated me.  That's when I started to venture into my own business.

I started off a restaurant, unfortunately, due to lack of experience, it didn't work well. It took me some time to come back on track with the support of my family.

Our industry is small.  Actors make a decent living but earn loads of fame. One has to be grounded so that the fame does not get to their head. I also came to a realisation that as an actor, your golden era ends at some point.

I decided to carve a new path and ventured into direction while continuing my acting.

To compete in a crowded market, lots of backstabbers will be there, lot's of misunderstandings will occur, lot's of "hu ha", fights, comparison on who is the best and it is totally disheartening.

My desire was to make others look good on the screen, I wanted to share what I have learnt in this field, I wanted to do for them what was not given to me, I wanted to give them the freedom to express themselves.

My first telemovie was for Astro, "Unarvu" and that created a big hype. Unexpectedly, I received huge amounts of feedback from a lot of people and well-wishers. Many commented that “Unarvu” touched their soul and thanked me for tweaking their inner feelings. I have to thank the superb team which I had for Unarvu.

All that feedback boosted my confidence as directing is not easy. I only started directing after 17 years of being in the industry. It took me that long to gain the courage to direct. There is still a long way to go.

I didn't study for direction. I learnt from my experience and by observing some of my directors. Many times they allowed me to sit beside them and learn.

My second direction was a Malay movie for RTM titled "Dari Rumah Panjang ke Perth" a Sarawak based movie and the very recent one was a web film for Deepavali titled  “ Light up someone's life”  based on Thomas Edison's true story.

I deliberately released it during Deepavali as Deepavali is a celebration. It is always about dancing, shows and entertainment. Not many create awareness on screen and I wanted to do something new.

I feel in Malaysia anyone can be an artist and anybody can make a movie cause the platform is such. The problem  arises when someone enters the field without much experience and the quality of the output is compromised

They don't understand that if they don't do well the consequence is not only for them but it affects the entire industry because this is a small industry.

Also, if everybody wants to be a director then who is going to be an actor? Rather than having these people to be all scattered around, it would be better if all the prominent talents merge and produce one quality product.

I personally feel the competition that we are having right now in this small industry is unnecessary. . You know the saying…’ Too many cooks spoil the soup’  It's tough to compete in a crowded market as you will drown one day.

Why can't 3 directors bring a producer each, form a team and direct a movie? Instead of 1 director working with 1 producer and he directs the movie all alone.

By merging it will be a healthy competition. We would be able to come up with a better quality product. Take for example, in the month of November 2017 itself, 3 Malaysian movies got released.

Let's be practical, for one person itself, they have to spend about RM20.00 including the ticket and popcorn. For a family of 5, they have to spend RM 100.00. So most people will only choose to watch one movie a month with the family at the most.

If one of the Malaysian movies has a terrible storyline and is done very badly technical wise public will judge the upcoming releases based on that one movie and it will completely ruin our chance of selling a good movie.

To ensure the quality of each and every movie which is being produced in Malaysia we have to first learn the rules and regulations of movie making in Malaysia.

Study the ins and outs of how to sell a movie to the public. How can a guy sell RM1.00 worth pen for RM10.00? With his talking skills. We need more skills to persuade the public to watch our movie.

Until now I am still going for casting in Malay industry. It is a taboo and an embarrassment to some of our industry people. They got the process of casting wrong with an audition.

Audition is where you test if a person can act and casting is where you test if a person is suitable for the role being offered.

If we compare with our neighbour we can distinctively see a major difference in the quality of a product which is produced by them and produced by us.

We need to study on how Singapore can come up with a better product and we should start to implement it here. Our population is higher compared to them yet we are not up to par with them in some ways.

Till now I have not directed a feature film. I have directed for TV only. I have not done for cinema. I don’t want to rush into it, looking at all the havoc which is going around me.

The collections for local movies are not impressive due to the stiff competition with  South Indian movies. With what confidence will a producer invest in local movie making?  Ultimately it’s all about the dollar & cents, satisfaction aside.

As someone from the entertainment industry, I believe we shouldn't ask others to come and support our product. We have to sell our product to the Malaysian audience.

This is a money-making business. We are selling our movie. We are selling the tickets. People should not come and watch our movie just to support us. We have to make them come and watch our movie because they WANT to. This is where marketing comes in.

With no proper marketing, even a movie with excellent story, cast & direction will find it tough to survive. If we only got money to make a movie and got no budget to do marketing and promo, it is better not to release a movie first.

We need a good marketing strategy. We need to allocate a certain amount of money for marketing itself which I have seen many failed to do.

We have to make the Malaysian audience say that we have done a great job. We have to educate them about the rules and regulations that we as movie makers have to follow.

We have to show them the restrictions that are being imposed on us as movie makers. There are lots of do’s and don’ts that we have to follow in order to deliver our craft. They need to know that movie makers have to remove a lot of scenes when it goes to the censor board.

 They need to know that for the local movie industry to thrive, our movies need to be screened for a long time. They need to know that the first 3 days of movie release is very crucial as the cinema owners decide whether or not to continue screening based on the collections for the first 3 days.

It is wrong to blame the audience when movie collections are not as expected as they are ignorant of the problems we are facing. Share with them and they will be there for us.

Only when we break all the stereotypes that the public has in our movies then we can survive. By far these are a fraction of what I have experienced by being in both Malay and Tamil industry.

I am still studying the market, still studying on how to penetrate the industry, still studying on how to be successful. There is no need for me to reach the sky.

I just want to make the producer & audience happy and be satisfied with my work….then I am good to go.

~ Shashi Tharan ~

My article does not only talk about someone's life journey..

It took me 3 months to work on my first "Real Life Story" article. I decided that it is ADK's article which is going to be the first official article under "Real Life Story" but I didn't decide on how to articulate it well.

I stared at my interview notes and audios for days. I started typing but ended up leaving my table anyway. I didn't want my article to be in a typical format where there are questions and answers.

I want my readers to immerse in my write up. I want them to travel with the flow. I don't want my readers to get answers from my article. I want them to feel the journey of the person who is being interviewed.

I finally decided to drop the idea of writing the article and apologize to ADK. I wanted to say I can't think of an outstanding flow for the Crappy B's article. I don't know how to make the article to be distinct from the typical article.

As I typed the apology message that's when it stroke my mind. After 3 months of trying to figure out the flow, finally, I got it. Here it goes the first article of Crappy B's Real Life Story! 

Thanks to ADK for being very understanding and for guiding me throughout the interview. Also, thanks to Rakesh for making the whole interview to happen for me. 

Then the second article happened in "Real Life Story" by Kevinn Khoo but it had the question and answer format because it was an online interview.

It was again another great interview but I couldn't retrieve then to why I can't bring the old touch I gave to the interview. I was lost but I continued.

Only after publishing my third article on Real Life Story by Saiful Reza, I found out what was lacking in my way of writing.

I couldn't get the old touch which I had on my first write up because the second and third interview was an online interview and my first interview was a one to one interview.

While working on the fourth and fifth article, I chose to meet them instead of conducting an online interview.

Even when I was working on Varmman Elangkovan's article I was rather fickle minded. It was a war between conducting an online interview which will make my life so much easier or the conventional interview which means taking notes, transcribing the audios for days.

I believed in the flow I created while working on ADK's article so I decided to not work on an online article and stuck to the conventional interview. Even it means, sleepless nights.

When I worked on Subashini Asokan's article I was freaking out. Any statement could go viral in a negative way. I should not put her at stake for any reason.

I was being extra careful and I will never forget how nervous I felt once I published the article.

A lot of people could relate to her as they read the article. It is by far one of the boldest articles I believe.

It was rather an intense moment when I was working on Stylomannavan's article. I spent my nights trying to make the article to be short and content but I couldn't.

I just knew the comments I am going to get after I publish it. The article was too long. Slowly I started to understand and arrange my content accordingly.

I also learned that sometimes it is okay to remove an unimportant beautiful sentence from the article. If the main message reached the public is what matters in the end.

Mugen Rao's article took about 3 weeks to be done. He poured his heart out and I had no idea on where to start.

Believe it or not, I wrote only 30% of everything he shared with me and he knows it himself. Yet, the article inspired many and the feedback was too overwhelming with lots of love.

The journey went on and only when I worked on Leon Nelson's article I understood the depth of my article. The content I am looking for comes through a great conversation and not from a formal interview.

When I worked on Prakash K's article I understood the seriousness of my article. My article does not only talk about someone's life journey.

It is more than that. Something unspeakable which can only be understood by reading the article. I enjoyed how distinct each and every article of mine turned out in the end.

When I interviewed Vijay Prakash, he got a little surprised with the question that I asked him. He told me, "Nobody has ever asked me these type of questions." He smiled and I smiled.

Yes, there is a reason to why I am Crappy Blogger. He understood what are my focuses. It wasn't on his growth or on whatever he is working on. It was on his downfall and how he arose from it.

To interview Sid Sriram was a dream come true. To hear his answers to my questions was another dream come true.

I slowly started to understand why my article is vital. The feedback. It inspired a lot of people. They were amazed to know their favourite personality's journey.

Many youngsters understood that nobody gets anything easily. There are a lot of effort and a lot of pain is involved in every success. It wasn't easy for any of them.

The impact I am trying to make on the youngsters could be very little but it means a lot to me. That's when I decided that journey has to continue even if a crocodile decides to eat me as a whole.

3 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Mattress 10 Years Once!

Experts found that mattress should be changed every 8 to 10 years once! If you are not getting enough sleep apparently it could be the fault of the mattress other than your daily life activities.

Isn't scary to know that you might not be getting enough sleep just because of the duration of the mattress you're using?

I went on and checked what makes us to not get a comfortable sleep when we use the same mattress for more than 10 years.

1. When you feel the pain!

Yes, most of the time we wish to wake up feeling very energetic so we can run the day. Don't we? When you wake up feeling the pain right in your neck, shoulders, back and lower back then it means it is time to get rid of the bed.

This is because the mattress has lost its ability to support your body properly. Also if you're waking up with a pain then the firmness of the bed is no longer supporting your body.

2. You Often Fall Sick

We have so many reasons to fall sick but when your bed is full of dust or it has attracted the household allergen then you have one extra reason to constantly fall sick.

Imagine waking up to having flu or a sore throat and you have no idea of where you got it from. Your bed is one source that you can consider checking on.

3. Better Comfort Else Where

This is one pathetic reason. As usual, we are rather spoilt with our own bed and we choose to sleep on our bed compared to elsewhere.

If you happen to get a better sleep after you spend the night elsewhere compared to the nights spent on your own bed then it means you seriously have to change your bed!

So most of you would have gotten a rough idea. Spend your night in your lovely bed and see if it needs to be changed. A good sleep is necessary for a good health.

To those who want to get a new mattress and are looking for a suggestion then I have some to share.

You can check this newly launched mattress from GoodNite called Love Series. The price ranges from RM 1,999 to RM 2,399, RM3,999 to RM3,999, and also from RM 4,399 to RM RM 5,199.

For More Information: 

Work While They Sleep.. 13/1/2018

Today started off with Meena breaking the room into two. I am not kidding. She was late to work and she freaked out to the core.

I shall say I was rather enjoying it as I was just on the bed chanting "Please sleep, CJ." It was 5.40 am by the way.

As usual, I came to senses with The Ninja Van calling me and asking if I am home and able to collect 'the most wanted parcel' that I was looking forward to.

Glad that I was home. It was my first parcel since I moved to a new place. I had no idea how things work in a condominium.

How does the delivery guy get to your home? Will they get the access since my condominium is 'a little strict'?

I was answered when I heard the calling bell. It's the delivery guy!! I ran like an excited 5 years old kid who is going to get an ice cream from the ice cream shop.

Yes, The Signature Market parcel IS HERE! It was my breakfast in nuts and granola form actually. The first thing I did is to grab my scissors, cut it and TRY IT ALL.

I purchased about 11 packets of nuts and granola's so I actually had my breakfast by just trying all of it. Loved it all. Hopefully, I will get time to review all of it soon.

Then, my excitement completely got washed off when I start to think of what should I be doing today? I hate that question which often comes to my mind due to my workaholic brain.

The urge to make every day a productive day is always there! Why? What's with my brain? After cursing myself I started working on posting some stuff on my social media.

I love starting my day that way rather than working on paperwork or by studying. I am still perplexed by the fact that I am still studying.

When I was 16 I told myself that by 22 I will get my degree and I will start working at the age of 23. Laughing out loud now. Let's not forget that I even planned to get married at the age of 25. *Blushes

Just for the record, I am 24 this year. *hair flips

I was in my comfort working zone which is rare and I had to leave it because I had a food review session at Koenigii.

My my. It was a Nasi Kandar and I had almost everything on my plate. From chicken, egg, mutton kurma, mutton sambal, squid, huge prawn, anchovies and due to the guilt I took one type of vegetable.

It was a feast indeed! I will be blogging about Koenigii real soon.

The day was just super lovely with lovely people's companion. I met all of them for the first time and I came out of my shell I shall say.

Came home all exhausted. You will not have any idea how exhausting it is to make a conversation when you're an introvert. Got my fair share of sleep and now I am working while most people are sleeping.

Work while they sleep, learn while they party, save while they spend, live while they dream.

Just believe that one day all the efforts that you have been making will pay off.

One day. 

The Second Day of 2018 Itself I Was Told That I am Completely Useless

I wanted to start my 2018 with big dreams like everyone else. I made big goals. A long-term plan which should be accomplished within a year and bla.. bla.. bla..

The second day of 2018 itself I was told that I am completely useless. Yes. Complete useless.

It took me days to regain myself. I slept the whole day, for three following days and thanks to the tuition class that I committed myself into. I left home only to get food and to teach.

The rest of the time I slept.

Shamelessly, admitting now that yes I did give up completely. For someone who can be shattered easily with just a few harsh words, I actually was tarnished to the core. Unimaginably tarnished.

Those words started to attack me again and again regardlessly. I was certain that this is it. Maybe, I am completely useless.

I sat and started reminiscing the past. The day I was full of energy to do what I wanted to do. The day I was confident that I can achieve everything I wanted in a year time.

The day I was alive.

Yes, it felt good though the incident didn't completely leave my thoughts. While working on and off the incident haunted me. At least from sleeping the whole day I am back to typing on my laptop now.

An early stage of depression I call it. It is time to fight it. I learned if we don't run the day, the day will run us.

My days were wasted where I kept sleeping whenever the incident comes to my mind. I am done with that. It's time to run my days! It's time to prove myself about my capability.  Yes, to myself.

GINTELL Strives To Promote a Balance Between Health and Beauty!

The Malaysian-made brand, GINTELL, embraced then holiday season by organising a health and wellness fair to build awareness of a healthy lifestyle among Malaysians.

The event was held at IOI Mall, Puchong with international supermodel and GINTELL brand ambassador Amber Chia as the guest of honour.

During the event, students of Amber Chia Academy escalated the excitement in the premise with an extravagant fashion show.

The whole concept focuses on the importance of having a balance between health and beauty.

This was the first collaboration between GINTELL and Amber Chia Academy. According to the National Health and Morbidity Survey 2015, physical inactivity is said to be the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality, marking 6 percent of deaths globally.

This follows right after high blood pressure (13%), tobacco use (9%), and high blood glucose (6%).
However, demanding work responsibilities have resulted in many foregoing any additional
physical activities which directly leads to high-stress levels and preventable illnesses.

GINTELL’s revolutionary massage chair technology strives to provide a great alternative for
those unable to carry out additional physical activities – all in the comfort of one’s home.

The newly launched DéSpace Star of the UFO Series Massage Chairs boasts unique
elements such as the Moon Hand Grasp feature.

This is an intelligently designed massage roller balls which provides a very humanized massage technique. There is also the 4D Reflex Spa which is a complete reflexology session involving calf and knee heating therapy, covering all 27 acupuncture points.

GINTELL’s latest offering, priced at RM 11,836, comes with pre-set massage programmes
that offer an array of irresistible advantages to healthcare seekers.

The programmes include Yoga Stretch which is able to provide benefits of the invigorating yoga. With its 210° Yoga Stretch feature, users will be able to prevent hunchback, o- and x-shaped leg and kyphosis as well as improve joint mobility, body posture and balance along with correcting body alignments with regular usage.

GINTELL stands as a class above the rest with its improved support of up to 180cm in height
of users backed up by its i-Sensing System which automatically measures the users’ body
length accurately.

Other impressive features include the Zero-Gap Recliner for space-saving optimisation, i-Memory Programme which allow users to save their favourite massage techniques, and Zero Gravity to provide the ideal position to form a sense of weightlessness for maximum comfort.

From Being Ostracized to Being Miss Universe Malaysia's Finalist! ~ Kaayathri

After going through one of the toughest time in her life, Kaayathri still chose to rise up despite everything that has happened! She believed and now she is one of the Miss Universe Malaysia's Finalist.

After high school, I wanted to be a dentist but I ended up in pharmaceutics. Nevertheless, I was keen on studying for Pharmacy and now I am working as a Pharmacist.

During university days I had a tough time to juggle between studies and modelling but with a proper planning and time management, I was able to get Dean List Honors.

I didn't choose to model. It just happened on its own. I began my journey in the modelling world when I was 20 at Global Indian Festival Model Search and I completed as 4th runner-up.

My childhood friend Dashenee supported me along the way as she knew that I had a potential to shine in the industry though I wasn't so serious about it.

She slowly motivated me to do better in what I do. I can say that she is one of the reasons for who I am today because she was always there for me when I wanted to talk to someone.

The most challenging time that I have personally faced was a year back where I suffered from severe acne vulgaris. I still can't believe how I managed to come across the dark side.

It was very hurting to answer people's question and to hear their criticism. I wasn't confident enough to even walk out of my house and the most unbearable was when my loved ones humiliated me.

There was a point where people left me alone when I needed support and motivation. No situation can go worse than that.

Yet, I stood for myself and fought against the community. Beauty is not only about having a beautiful face.

Today, I am standing tall and proud as TOP 18 Miss Universe Malaysia.

I strongly believe that no matter what issue we encounter, it is we who have to stand for ourselves first.

It is my high self esteem and empowerment that motivated me to prove to the world that I am able to succeed despite everything.

I hope my story will inspire those who are still in doubt with themselves. Always dream big and give 100% no matter what you do.

Love yourself more than anything. Be kinder to yourself and always give priority to yourself first than anyone else.

Also, to those who judged me too soon, thank you for showing me that I deserve better.


Kurin is an outlet with a menu of delicious and nutritious poke bowls, salads, soba noodles, sushi donut, sandwiches and pokeritto.

Set to be the healthy grab ‘n’ go food brand of choice, customers can expect high-quality ingredients, speedy service and healthy eats from as low as RM 6.

Kurin is the brainchild of enthusiasts, who share similar goals in living well-balanced lifestyles.

Kurin’s star dish, the Pokeritto, is a hybrid of a poke and burrito. The fillings include tuna, salmon, chicken or torched tofu, paired with Japanese short grain, brown rice or for people on a diet, a carbless lettuce and cabbage option is available as the base.

Depending on the size, customers can select up to four different fruits and vegetables ranging from edamame beans, chuka wakame, mango and more.

In accordance with Kurin’s commitment towards using only the freshest ingredients, customers can expect frequent changes in the protein and vegetable selections.

There’s also a variety of homemade sauces to vamp up your pokerrito, such as Wasabi Mayo (creamy Japanese sauce), Spicy Mayo (creamy sriracha), Ponzu Fresh (citrus infused soy), Teriyaki (with no mirin), and Classic (shouyu-sesame oil).

For that extra crunch, customers may add crispy garlic, crispy lotus or almonds to their order. Kurin also offers build-your-own poke bowls and salads.

Customers who prefer their meat cooked can opt to have their tuna or salmon torched to enjoy an alternative decadent flavour.

Kurin’s Pokeritto offers all the nutritional benefits of a poke bowl with a handier option, ideal for on-the-go individuals. Each serving is packed with essential fatty acids, lean protein, minerals, vitamins, fibre and omega-3.

Targeting busy individuals who are consciously aware to make a healthy change, Kurin’s central location in the business district provides the convenience to do so.

Kurin’s first outlet features a cheerful and minimalistic design with splashes of yellow that reflects the brand's honesty, enthusiasm and positive nature.

Staying true to the brand promise of transparency, the interior design also features a transparent counter where customers can witness their food being prepared from base to topping.

Kurin practices strict standards and quality control for the food and services. As such, the day’s unsold food will be contributed to charity rather than keeping it to sell the next day.

For more information:

Lot 5-10, Nu Sentral Mall,
201, Jalan Tun Sambanthan.
50470 KL


Delivery Details:
Operation Days: Mon - Fri
Delivery Schedule: 11am - 2pm
Order Cut Off Time: One day before the Order Date (11PM)
Delivery Area: Bandar Utama, Bangsar, Bangsar South, Damansara, Hartamas, KLCC, Mont
Kiara, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, and Subang Jaya.
The delivery fee imposed is RM 5, waived with any order above RM50.

Opening Hours:
Weekdays, 10am-10pm
Weekends, 10am-10pm

Connect with them!
Facebook: Kurin.my Instagram: @Kurin.my
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Bio-Oil®, the world’s leading scar & stretch mark product is now sleeker

Well-loved specialist skincare oil, Bio-Oil® is back with a brand new look. After its decade-long presence in Malaysia, the miraculous multi-purpose oil has revealed a sleeker, contemporary look in its latest facelift.

The product, is highly favoured by many for its superior efficacy and is the No.1 selling scar and stretch mark product in over 24 countries including Malaysia (Nielsen, 2016), UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Bio-Oil® is formulated with a blend of vitamins A & E and natural plant oils - lavender, calendula, rosemary and chamomile, together with the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™ which allows the ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin, nourishing skin without leaving an oily residue.

While maintaining its design with their signature white and orange colours, the packaging now includes some brief information listed on the box to accompany each of Bio-Oil®’s many uses.

As a product that rose in ranks due to amazing testimonials and a unique packaging strategy which states its many uses, the new packaging expands on the same winning concept while adopting a fresh, clean, no-nonsense look; similar to that of over the counter medications.

Despite that, the brilliance of its design also manages to exude an approachable yet elegant aura.

It is clinically tested and proven to effectively improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone on the face and body.

Apart from that, Bio-Oil® is also highly effective in tackling numerous skin concerns such as ageing and dehydrated skin.

Though high in potency and efficacy, Bio-Oil® has also been proven in various skin tests to be suitable for sensitive skin and is hypoallergenic and non-acnegenic (does not cause acne).

It is also perfectly safe to be used on pregnant women to prevent pregnancy-related skin concerns such as stretch marks and pigmentation, to name a few.

Bio-Oil® is currently available at all leading pharmacies and personal care stores nationwide in pack sizes of 60ml (RM 34.95), 125ml (RM 58.25) and 200ml (RM 79.45).

For more information, visit bio-oil.com