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Univera ~ Hydrating Skin Care Review

Skincare is one of the most important things before you learn about your makeup as a good skin care ensures a wrinkle-free, smooth and a glowing skin.

Also, you need a trusted brand, possibly organic so you can protect your skin from all the toxic chemicals which can harm your skin in long run.

Got my hands on Univera the first Aloe gel product in Korea made with 100% world-class aloe vera.

M40x Facial Skinny Mask
With Univera's technology, they are using Q matrix aloe, which has 6 times concentrated aloe.

That's why Univera has been their best seller in Korea since 1987, with 80 bottles sold per minute in Korea!

Univera was born with the name of Namyang Aloe in 1976!

M40x Mild Cleansing Oil
Being in the market since then Univera grows natural products in 4 farms which is  Russia, USA, China, and Mexico and in a clean environment with the policy of honesty for farming.

Univera organically cultivates aloe in all farms not to harm the natures as well as human beings.

It is because Univera believes this is the best solution to deliver the benefits of nature to people when they are in their best state.

M40x Mild Foam Cleanser
Univera has been certified by Korean and globally recognized quality certification authorities for excellence and safety of its products.

I was lucky to try their entire collection of M 40 X which is used at night for moisturisation. It has cleansing oil, foam cleanser, toner, lotion, magic gel essence and also mask.

The toner gives an immediate hydrating effect, total moisturizing effect and it also has an anti-inflammation function.

M40x Aqua Power Lotion
The lotion promotes skin cell moisture flow, enhance collagen function and powerful hydrating.

The essence has active aquaporin (skin water channel). It promotes skin cell renew so that it improves and make the skin soft. Also, enhance skin resistance.

The mask provides 5 skincare benefits- moisturising, firming, calming, improving skin's overall appearance and vitality. Microfibers sheet tightly stick to the skin and makes the best result.

M40x Aqua Power Toner

The foam cleanser is rich yet gentle, non-drying foaming cleanser leaves your skin feeling clean. Soft and smooth, plan based ingredients create a fine foam which is without chemical ingredients and effectively cleans your skin.

The cleansing oil is an excellent skin moisturising and reproduction effect with Omega 3,6, 9, effectively remove skin waste without irritation.

Overall, I love how my skin feels when I wake up the next day. My skin is not as dry as to how it used to be before I used Univera.

I really do give importance to skin care as I use lots of makeup as a daily routine as I go to lots of events. It is important to take care of your skin in and out. Univera is game changing!

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Second Lookbook ~ LeBelle 18 Boutique

Yes! The second lookbook is up now! Introducing Chiffon Korea Maxi Dress!

This one elegant dress is my favourite as the length of the dress is just nice for my height. Since I am "petite." I love to wear long dresses but usually, the length of the dress is too long for me.

This dress which came all the way from Korea fits me just nice, say the size of it and also the length of it. Felt like it was customised just for me to be honest.

This particular dress comes in different colour and sizes. I personally love dark colours so I chose blue. They also have red, yellow and white.

The neck of this dress is a V neck and they have a lock stitched at the neck part so it is not too low for me.

The lower part of this dress has a beautiful cut which opens up if you want it to be that way. I find this particular can be worn as a normal dress or it also can be used as a cardigan.

Which I did use it as a cardigan in one of the events that I attended and boy I loved it!

The material is chiffon and it's so soft that I really love this material on my skin. One comfortable piece which keeps me cool all the time.

The price of this precious is RM115.00. Not to forget! A great news to you shopaholics or even to those who are planning to purchase from Lebelle 18 Boutique!

Use the code "CrappyBlog" and get yourself 10% off from the total order for orders above RM100! It is valid until the end of the year!!

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Yehnulle ~ Bewitched

Yehnulle a single by Anjali who is known as Madhana Anjali due to her song Madhana Ft Psychomantra. She made a comeback with a music video this time and this song is already blasting in radio stations!

Yehnulle's lyrics by Maney Villainz definitely has one of the catchiest lines where it will make you play the song on repeat.

The teaser itself made me hum the song and listen to it on repeat before the full song got released. Guess why I went to the album launch feeling all excited is out now.

This bewitching song was composed by Sundraa composer and the use of the Sitar by Sitarist Vijaendran KC gave Yehnulle a soothing setting and also added an extra boost to the song.

The music video felt like it is 40 minutes short film but it was shown brilliantly within 4 minutes.

Kudos to the small team Bala Ganapathi Wiliam the director, Sharveswaraa Naidu the DOP and Ramses Rao the editor.

Despite the fact that they were just a small team but there were no lacking or missing pieces say on the quality or on the scenes. Every single scene was well thought like as if it a work by a huge team.

Bala Ganapathi William (BGW) is known for producing very promising videos with great quality. Say his past work Kaadhal Enbathu Saabama or this music video, both give you great visuals.

When Yehnulle got released, the visuals in the teaser looked about the same as Kaadhal Enbathu Saabama.

 So I thought it is going to be a great competition between  Kaadhal Enbathu Saabama and Yehnulle but I was so wrong.

There is no way you can compare these 2 products as both are completely different and both products speak on its own. Credit goes to BGW for thinking everything thoroughly.

Last but not least, not forgetting Madhana Anjali who has a very mesmerising voice. The main factor to why I got addicted to this song!

I tried to sing like how she did and Penang got flooded. I am sorry, world!

Yehnulle ~ On Repeat

Singer: Madhana Anjali
Music: Sundrra Composer
Sitarist: Vijaendran KC (Sitarist)
Lyrics: Maney Villanz
Mixing & Mastering: Boy Radge

Cast: Bala Ganapathi William (BGW), Madhana Anjali, Sri Kumaran (SK)
DOP: Sharveswaraa Naidu
Editing: Ramses Rao
Publicity Design: Yuvabalan
Make up: Swarie
Content Supervising & Marketing: BGW Studios
Story, Screenplay & Direction: Bala Ganapathi William
Produced by: Madhana Anjali

Watch the video here:

My First Lookbook ~ LeBelle 18 Boutique

After a month wait finally, I am able to create my lookbook. What is a lookbook? Many asked.

I was only able to answer, "It's just me wearing a stunning outfit and posing like as if I am a Victoria Secret model".

At least that's how I wish it to be. LOL!! A lookbook is a set of photographs displaying a fashion designer's new collection, assembled for marketing purposes.

Many asked where I shop since I have a very small frame. Petite, I call it. To be honest Korean fashion suits my body and I also can fit in H&M and Cotton On's S size.

There are certain brands which are a no-no for me. Their S is an XL for me. I hope they won't read this.

Here I have picked two lovely dresses from LeBelle 18 Boutique an online shop.

 LeBelle 18 Boutique has a very classy collection and though some are pre-order you really don't have to wait for a month plus to get your orders.

The one I am wearing here is called as Korea V Neck Slim Fit Dress. As you can see my figure is screaming out loud naturally. To be honest you can't see my figure when I wear other slim fits.

The way the dress is being put together and the way it wraps around my body naturally shows my body shape without me making any extra effort.

I am an Indian and I don't want my parents to chase me from my house so I clipped the V neck so I will not be revealing anything precious to the world.

You can see how low the V cut neck truly is in the link Korea V Neck Slim Fit Dress.

The dress is rather decent and the cut at the end spices it up and makes the entire dress to be a great evening dress to any function.

The material is polyester and I am not a fan of polyester but this design is not something I like to miss just because it is a polyester. You have to handle this dress extra careful.

It comes in different sizes but only in one colour. The price of this dress is RM 83.00.

If you would love to purchase this then click Korea V Neck Slim Fit Dress and if you want to check for more varieties then head to LeBelle 18 Boutique!

Not to forget! A great news to you shopaholics or even to those who are planning to purchase from Lebelle 18 Boutique!

Use the code "CrappyBlog" and get yourself 10% off from the total order for orders above RM100! It is valid until the end of the year!!

For more Information:

 LeBelle 18 Boutique!

Photos are taken by Logen Manogaran 

Early Detection of Cancer Saves Lives!

As women, as you age you are prone to be at risk to get cancer. That is not something new to us the ladies.

Early detection saves lives. Screening test help individuals detect cancer before any symptoms develop.

Do You Know?

- 39% from 11,952 new cases among women were breast cancer, with a similar percentage in each of the major ethnic groups: Malay (42.5%) Chinese (38.9%) and Indians (37.8%). 

- In 2007 the average age rate for females was 30.4 per 100,000 women.

- By comparison, they were 286 men with breast cancer with an average rate of 1.2 per 100,000 men.

Who is at Risk? 

 All women above 20 are at risk of developing breast cancer. A number of risk factors have been identified such as:
- Age: 70% of breast cancer occurs in women ages 40 and above
- Family history of breast cancer
- Early menstruation (before age 12) or late menopause (after age 50) 
-Never having a full-term pregnancy
-Giving birth after the age of 30
- High fat diet
- Low fibre diet
- Being obese in postmenopausal years
Excessive alcohol consumptions

How to Prevent?
It starts from the age of 9 to age 50 onwards.

Age 9 onwards:
HPV Vaccination is important to prevent cervical vulvar, vaginal, and anal cancer.

Age 18 onwards:
Breast self-examination every month

Age 21 onwards: 
Cervical cancer screening: Pap smear and HPV test every 2-3 years even if you have had your HPV vaccination

Age 40 onwards:
Breast cancer screening: mammogram every 1-2 years

Age 50 onwards:
Colorectal cancer screening. Talk to your doctor about which test suits you the most.

For more information:
Call their toll free helpline 1800-08-1000

Swiss Vita Cleansing Oil ~ 4 in 1 Makeup Remover Review!

I personally have not seen or used an oil Makeup Remover.

Swiss Vita Extra Hydroactive Cleansing Oil works as a makeup remover where it removes all the stubborn makeup from the face. It contains Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil where it gently takes of the dirt from the face. Watch my video to see how well it removed my eyeliner.

Swiss Vita Extra Hydroactive Cleansing Oil works as a skin care as well as it contains ingredients like Moringa Pterygosperma Seed Extract, Olea Europaea (Olive) fruit oil, and Ac-11 a type of leave. 

Moringa Pterygosperma Seed Extract works to prevent the adhesion of dirt, Olea Europaea (Olive) fruit oil restores the skin elasticity and Ac-11 repairs the skin.

Not only that, Swiss Vita Extra Hydroactive Cleansing Oil also contains Macadamia Ternifolia seed oil, Crambe Abyssinica, Orbignya Oleifera seed oil. These ingredients enhance the shine on the face and moistures the skin.

The best part with Swiss Vita Extra Hydroactive Cleansing Oil is it is safe for all types of skins! It has non-artificial pigments, paraben free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free and non-greasy. 

Personally, I find it easy to use this Makeup Remover. I just apply 3 pumps on my face and I will gently massage the face so the makeup and dirt will dissolve.

It transforms into a fine emulsion when contact with water to preserve skin's natural hydration. Next, I will remove the oil using a towel. Then I will use my favourite cleanser to wash off the remaining residue.

Once you're done you will not feel your skin being oily or whatsoever/ It feels fresh and all clean. 

Right now it is being sold for RM100.00! 

For more information check All Young 

Also, watch my video to see how effectively this makeup remover works.

The Kid From Big Apple 2 ~ Movie Review

They did give us a heads up that it is a heartwarming movie but literally every scene stole my heart away.

If you want to cry your heart out then it is a must to watch "The Kid From The Big Apple 2"

 Please don't compare The Kid From Big Apple 1 and 2. It's completely a different story!

The Kid From Big Apple 2 is about the Grandpa having dementia and how the family is accepting it.

So yeah, that's all about it but every single scene will make you cringe and make you cry. It was tough to watch this movie with a strong heart.

Most of the scenes are relatable to our daily life and they showed true life as realistic as possible. It is not a fantasy that you want to live in.

The Kid From The Big Apple 2 ~ It is a bitter truth that you may have to face at one point in your life

Got Natural and Organic Products from Signature Market!

So I was searching for organic products from the supermarket and I find it to be a little pricey. *Boom Facebook showed me an ad from Signature Market saying that they have SALES! *My weakness!

California Walnut Natural

I went all out and purchased all the nuts that I was dying to try. I love roasted almond, hazelnut and walnut.

Hazel nut raw

Of course, I purchased all of this as fresh nuts and also in a big amount so I can roast and eat it whenever I want.

Pistachios Kernel (Raw)

I was looking at their website and they do not only sell raw nuts and seeds. They have lots of categories.

Pecan Nuts Natural 

- Nuts & Trail Mixes
- Dried Fruits
- Wholesome Cookies
- Gourmet Snacks
- Granola Snacks
- Cereal & Granola Bars

- Organic Seeds & Beans
- Raw Nuts & Seeds
- Nut Butters & Fruit Spreads
- Honey & Sweeteners
- Herbal & Medicine Tea
- Coffee & Tea
- Rice & Noodles
- Baking & Premix
- Cooking & Meal Ingredients
- Spices, Seasoning & Salt

- Overnight Oats
- Powder Beverage
- Artisan Granola
- Crunchy Granola
- Muesli

Chocolate Chip Cookies
My focus was on nuts so I chose raw nuts, mixed nuts with flavours, cookie (for my cheat days), and also mixed berries.

Apricot Berry Mix

I personally loved my nuts as it was really fresh. I find it to be a good buy since I got it in big bulk and for promo price. Well, they have sales quite often. Hehe.

Black Pepper Almond with Cheese 

I purchased Black Pepper Almond with Cheese just to try it. As the name suggests it was different and now it is one of my favourites! It was salty and the pepper added a taste. It wasn't as spicy as expected.

Lemon Walnut Almond Cruncher

Lemon Walnut Almond Cruncher had a strong lemon taste where it was sour and sweet. It was a good blend of berries and nuts. It became another favourite of mine.

Berry Treasure

For more information: 

Facebook Page: Signature Market

COCO Disney Pixar Premier Show

Was invited to COCO Disney Pixar Premier Show. Boy! The ending got me so bad that I was crying non-stop. *Even after I reached home (was extremely touched by the ending)

Coco is a heartwarming story about the importance of family. The story setting is Mexican based so I was travelling in a totally different world and I was exposed to a new tradition of Mexico's DIA DE LOS MUERTOS.

Since it is Mexican based so they have the accent when they talk English. That made the movie so much more fun and cute to watch.

The songs made me shake while I was at the cinema as the Mexican's really do have a good beat which will make you dance. Especially the Un Poco Loco!!

Coco is about how a future shoemaker is trying to change his future to be a musician by fighting with his ancestor (No kidding!) He legit goes to the afterworld and fights with his ancestors to be a musician. How and why is for you to find out!

Watch the teaser here: 

C Square Paracord Bracelet Review

As much I love accessories I prefer something which I can grab and wear along the way while I am trying to catch the GRAB. (Cause I am always late)

Paracord bracelet is a cool and stylish bracelet which will not take much of your time to wear it. Usually, bracelets come with a complex lock which can't be easily locked using one hand.

Paracord bracelet from C Square is different. They use nylon material and even their gold in colour buckle looks so cool that it enhances the look of the bracelet.

I chose two colours for me. One is navy blue mix with black and also another in maroon colour.

Both go well with my daily outfit so I am sort of using it daily and it became a must-have item for me. LOL! 

The best part with CSquare is you can get each and every item customised to your hand size. So I don't have to worry about the bracelet being in a size which doesn't fit me.

You can also get very creative and mix match like how I mixed navy blue with black. Having fun choosing your favourite!

They are selling single colour bracelet for RM 45.00, mix colour bracelet for RM60.00 and Tsum Tsum series for RM 50.00.

For more information 

Facebook page : C Square 
Instagram page : C Square