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Healthy Breakfast Alternative for Hectic Mornings

New Fernleaf Yogurt provides low fat and less sweet goodness

Wake up to a healthier and tastier day with the all-new Fernleaf Yogurt, made with 100% milk from New Zealand to give busy Malaysians a quick boost of dairy goodness amid the morning rush!

Fernleaf Yogurt is the latest offering from the dairy brand with a long history as the Trusted GoodnessTM of Malaysian mothers for their families. Over the last 30 years, Fernleaf brings the goodness of dairy from its New Zealand farms to families across Malaysia, providing nutritious milk products that contribute to a healthy and balanced diet.

Smooth and creamy, the new range of yoghurt is both a delicious and healthier choice for the whole family. Fernleaf Yogurt comes with the ‘Healthier Choice’ logo verified by the Ministry of Health Malaysia for meeting its health criteria, such as low in fat and less sweet.

Fernleaf Yogurt is less sweet compared with other major yoghurt brands. It is such a crowd-pleaser that a consumer survey revealed 9 out of 10 who tried Fernleaf Yogurt will switch from their current yoghurt brand while 99% of participants will recommend Fernleaf Yogurt to their family and friends.

“Mornings can be a hectic time for a lot of Malaysian families. Most people only have time for some grooming routine before heading out the door to school or work in order to beat the rush-hour traffic. Breakfasts, therefore, are often skipped. But we also know that a nutritious breakfast is crucial to provide energy for the day.

“With Fernleaf Yogurt, there is no better way to kick-start your day! Even during the busiest mornings, the yoghurt makes a quick, delicious and healthy breakfast without taking up too much of your time. Imagine that – no more hungry mornings! The whole family now has a convenient and yummy alternative that helps power them through the day,” explains Karen Ong, Marketing Director of Fonterra Brands Malaysia.

The Fernleaf Yogurt is enjoyable on its own, but it also makes a great combo with other healthy snacks. For example, you can pour some in a mason jar with rolled oats, nuts, seeds, and berries to make Instagram-worthy overnight oats for a fulfilling breakfast on-the-go.

Or, simply toss some crunchy muesli or granola in Fernleaf Yogurt for a breakfast with plenty of satisfying bites!

On weekend mornings, when there is less of a rush, surprise your family with nutritious and fragrant egg salad that replaces the mayonnaise with healthier Fernleaf Yogurt instead. Serve the salad on wholemeal bread with some crumbled walnuts and voila! A great start to a great weekend.

The yummy yoghurt is not only good for breakfast, of course. It works well as a snack all day long! For an afternoon pick-me-up, you can make fruit yoghurt smoothie or a yoghurt dip for celeries, bananas, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks and wholemeal biscuits. Or, use it as a zesty dressing for your garden salad.

For me, I personally loved how fruity it tasted. It was my first choice when it comes to breakfast. Though I should not eat yoghurt, the fruity flavour was rather delicious that I couldn't avoid it.

Fernleaf Yogurt comes in multiple delicious variants – natural, strawberry, mix berries and mango, each cup is 110g and priced at RM1.50.

Start your day right with Fernleaf Yogurt that is both convenient and healthy for hectic mornings! It is available at major hypermarkets and stores nationwide.


Same Great Refreshing Taste, Goodness of Real Green Tea
Lipton®, the world’s No.1 Tea brand*, launched the new Lipton Green Ice Tea delivering the same great refreshing taste with 31%** less sugar, achieved by using Stevia, a natural, zero calorie sweetener.

“Increasingly, Malaysians are looking for ways to care for their health & wellness. With that in mind, Lipton® is continuously transforming our products that help make relevant choices more accessible for consumers moving towards a healthier lifestyle,” said Putri Shireen Syed Othman, Head of Marketing at PepsiCo (M) Sdn Bhd.

The new Lipton Green Ice Tea is available in two unique delicious flavours – Mango Pandan and Jasmine Lychee – delicately crafted in a perfect combination of real green tea with Asian fruits & aroma scents like never before.

“Our consumers can continue to enjoy Lipton’s delicious Green Ice Tea now with lower sugar without compromise on that great refreshing taste many have come to love,” continued Shireen.

The new Lipton Green Ice Tea contains only 5.8g of sugar per 100ml, which qualifies for the Healthier Choice Logo (HCL) issued by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. HCL helps consumers identify healthier products within the same category.

Emphasising the lower sugar content in the new Lipton Green Ice Tea, Hemanth Jayaraman, Commercial & Marketing Manager, PepsiCo (M) Sdn Bhd, said, “The small choices we make day-to-day, for example consuming less sugar, builds habits that help one get started on a healthier lifestyle.

“To complement the new product we launched #LETSMOVE – a pledge campaign, which aims to further motivate Malaysians to think about their daily routine, and what pragmatic steps they can take in moving towards to healthier lifestyle,” added Hemanth.

Get started on a healthier lifestyle with the new Lipton Green Ice Tea Mango Pandan and Jasmine Lychee, with 31% less sugar. Available at all major conventions and provision stores and all petrol stations across Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak, priced between RM2.50 – RM2.80 per 450ml bottle.

For more information and ‘healthy hacks’ visit and follow us @LiptonIceTeaMY on Facebook and Instagram.

Can Can's Beauty Product Review

One of the dreams almost every girl has is definitely a long lasting lip shade! I found mine and now I am adding 'Can Can's Beauty a cosmetic for Caramel Babes' to the list!

Having the opportunity to try all their Velvety Matte Lip Creme which are Cherry Bomb and Flirt and also their new edition Skin Selection which is Caffeine Fix and Universal, I found my love.

Cherry Bomb
I think you all would have known by now that I am in love with Cherry Bomb and Flirt. Just because it is super pigmented and the colour makes my skin to glow instantly.

Caffeine Fix 

I find Caffeine Fix didn't suit that well as certain nude shade doesn't suit me. It makes me look pale like how you are seeing in the picture below. Universal was nice but it wasn't my type.

Yet, I am using Caffeine Fix now by mixing it a little with Cherry Bomb so it looks like a beautiful shade of nude where it suits my skin colour. Also, I add up Universal on my lips so it will look glossy.

Flirt is an intense berry sangria. A weightless long-wearing lip creme with maximum pigmentation upon the first swipe. Dries down to a soft velvet matte finish nourishing lips all day long with natural butter and oils.

Flirt (RM59.00)
Cherry Bomb is a rich cherry red.  A weightless long-wearing lip creme with maximum pigmentation upon the first swipe. Dries down to a soft velvet matte finish nourishing lips all day long with natural butter and oils.

Cherry Bomb (RM29.00)
Universal is a subtly tinted gloss with rose gold flecks just cause there's nothing wrong with being a little extra. The Lip Glaze collection performs with an ultimate reflective capability and ultimate impact upon a single application. Play no games, bring dimension instantaneously by wearing the lip glaze by itself or on top of another colour with a peppermint finish to keep it chill all day long.

Universal (RM59.00)
Caffeine Fix is a mid-tone orange-brown. Get up and at it!   A weightless long-wearing lip creme which dries down to a soft velvet matte finish. Nourishing lips all day long with natural butter and oils. Equipped with a flat tip applicator for maximum precision of application.

Why I love Can Cans Beauty is because it is easy to be applied. It glides on my lips very smoothly. The colour is super pigmented that I only have to apply one layer and it is good to go.

I love their Velvety edition just because of the vivid colours. The Velvety edition is a matte type which suits my current craze and it is long lasting.

Caffeine Fix (RM59.00)
Can Can's Beauty is created with a cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and it is made using natural ingredients. It is also formulated without parabens, SLS and mineral oils.

Though this is a Malaysian product, they also ship worldwide so no worries if you're far far away.

The cons are it doesn't last long when I eat oily food. So avoid eating very oily food like Char Keow Teow if you want your lip shade to last long!

Velvety Matte Lip Creme

Cherry Bomb (RM29.00)

Flirt (RM59.00)

Universal (RM59.00)

Caffeine Fix (RM59.00)


Mailing Address: 
Kompleks Inkubator Inovasi UM, Universiti Malaya ,
50603, Kuala Lumpur

 Skin Selection

Bare for Bare Chamomile & Lily Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Conditioner Review!

The problem started when I had frizzy hair. In order to control frizzy hair, I started using oil to keep my hair on the place. No, the more oil I used, my hair just got oilier but never less frizzy.

I opted for Bare for Bare as it is volumising and soothing. Why didn't I get a none frizzy shampoo? Well, I am using one and the reason for my frizzy hair is not because of my hair.

It was because of my newly growing baby hairs. Since it is short so it stood up and it makes my hair to look as if it is dry and frizzy. How do I avoid such a condition?

Volumised hair! Yes! When your hair is volumised and not oily, the short hair will blend with the volume your hair has and hence there will not be a frizzy hair.

Of course, you have to style your hair where your hair will not show off the standing baby hairs. Another reason why I chose this shampoo is that it controls hair fall.

I wake up to hair being everywhere on the white marble of mine which freaks me out. I think I am going to go bald soon! Hence, I need to pamper my hair with some good botanical extracts!

Bare for Bare that I chose is Bare for Bare Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Conditioner- Chamomile and Lily. This exotic combination features chamomile and lily botanical extracts.

The chamomile extract helps to strengthen hair root and provide volume to hair, while the lily extract helps to soothe and calm sensitive hair.

Bare for Bare is also:
✔ 300ml
✔ 100% Botanical Extracts
✔ PEG Free
✔ Paraben Free
✔ Silicone Free
✔Alcohol Free
✔Fragrance Free
✔Colourant Free

Directions for use: After shampooing, apply a generous amount of hair conditioner on your hair, avoiding the scalp. Leave it on for 1 minute and rinse it off. For best results, do not rinse with warm water.

Chamomile has benefits like:
1. Soothing and hydrating
2. Nourished hair
3. Soothes scalp and anti-inflammation
4. Strengthen hair root and prolong hair lifespan

Lili has benefits like:
1. Stimulates hair growth
2. Soothing and keep scalp healthily hydrated
3. Nourishes the scalp

This shampoo can also prevent hair fall, scalp irritation and weak hair root. Can be said as it is a perfect use to those who have a sensitive scalp.

Overall, I really love the end result of Bare for Bare. I like how nourished my hair is and it is not dry as I thought it will be. Yet, I believe this shampoo will work differently for different hair type. 

For more information:

I Learned on How to Make Up at IStyle Academy

I Style Academy, an accredited vocational training centre that specializes in makeup and hair styling in the fields of film, TV, theatre, stage, bridal and fashion.

They will make sure that we are getting the real facts and they will cover everything we need to know in order to go out into the world and start or expand our career.

Established in 2012 in Bandar Puteri Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia, they have partnered with the United Kingdom West College Scotland and put together a team of tutors who are trained and experienced in the areas that students most want to study.

For up-to-date techniques in makeup, hair styling and more, there is one name that you can trust fully and completely~ i Style Academy.

In addition to their core curriculum, they offer some supplemental certificates which are available to students who attend external programs in conjunction with their own program.

How I personally got to know i Style Academy is through Kiple and I attended a class so I can learn how to make up. Thank you to Kiple for giving me an excellent opportunity.

Though I always attend Makeup class, this class was a little different as they started from the skin care. Yes, I have to agree, that a beautiful skin, is the best foundation we need to have.

In order to have a beautiful skin, we need to know what we will have to apply. Wash your face and neck, apply toner, ampoule, moisturizer and sunblock.

Since I learned a day makeup theory so sunblock is included. Apart from that, I also learned, how to apply the cream to your face is very vital. The movement has to be upwards and not downwards.

We started off the make up session by applying the primer. The primer seems like it has no use but a primer is the most important thing which we should not skip on.

Primer covers the pores and smoothens the wrinkles so face will instantly look smooth. Not only that, a primer is important to the face so our face will not be cakey at the end of the day.

The primer also works as skin protection and it helps the foundation to stay in place. Also, don't apply too much because our face will be oily.

I'm sure most of you will have an oily skin problem. I can't deny. I had it too and I had no idea on how to solve it back then. Then, it will be the concealer to conceal the pigment and dark circles.

Next, will be the liquid foundation. Shake it well, especially if it is a mineral based foundation. Another thing that I learned from this workshop is, you have to apply the primer and foundation downwards.

Do make sure to find a foundation, which suits your face so you will not look awkward. Your face might end up being too whitish or too dark compared to your neck and hands.

Foundation works as a dust and sun protection. It evens out the skin tone. It also covers and conceals small flaws and blemishes.

Next is loose powder or two-way cake. This is important to set the foundation. To control the oil and have a long-lasting makeup. It also mattifies your face base and to avoid the cakey face at the end of the day.

Now that the face base is ready so we can move to the eyes. For eyeshadow, apply only to eyelid since it is a day makeup and we are trying to be as natural as we can. You can go for more if it is a night make up.

Since we are going for natural makeup so for the eyeshadow we can choose from either beige, light pink and gold or light brown.

Then for eyeliner, make it as thin as possible because it is a daytime makeup and we don't want to appear as if we have lots of makeup on our face. Eyeliner highlights the eye, sharpen and make your eye look bigger.

Next, curl your beautiful eyelashes and apply mascara to it. Not forgetting, the eyebrow is the most important assets on our face. Work on it and figure out which colour and shape suit your face the best.

The blusher is important to give our face the brightness and it beautify our face as it reddens the cheeks and it gives a healthy look to the skin. It makes our skin to look younger and it emphasizes the cheekbones.

The next part will be the fun part, as it involves highlighting and shading. Yes! Contouring! Highlight powder makes some parts of our face to be more emphasized and it gives the glowing effect.

Last but not least, apply lip essence to protect and moisturize the lips, apply a lipstick to colour the lips and beautify the lips and apply lip gloss for shiny lip finishing.

Overall, I really had fun in this workshop. As I did not only learn how to do my makeup, but I also learned how to repair the damages that I do to my face while I apply eyeliner or contour.

I also liked how I don't have to be afraid to apply the eyeliner or contour to my face as I know how to repair it now.

To those of you who want to learn on how to apply makeup with a proper tutor then you guys should head to iStyle Academy to get more information.

To those of you who are thinking how much it will cost, well it cost about RM399 and the original cost is about RM599. Yes, they have some really good promo going on right now! You might want to check it out! 

Call Venness Teh ( 016-566 5895) to get more and fast information on the promo! 

To those who want to head to the place directly here is the address:

2-3, Jalan Puturi4/6, Bandar Puturi Puchong, 
47100 Puchong, Malaysia

To know what type of services they offer then click here : i Style Academy Services

Have you heard of Kiple? Go cashless by using this app! For more information check out Kiple Pay. Here is a link for you to register yourself too - http://bit.ly/obsmcjs

Brand new show at SkySymphony, SkyAvenue – Ocean Groove with Maestro Ning is specially brought to you by Resorts World Genting this school holidays

A computer graphic animated magical musical masterpiece featuring Maestro Ning the sea turtle musical genius conducting a deep ocean orchestra in an original composition

 Genting Malaysia’s CG animated production company, Genting Studios, incorporated to deliver premium and world-class content in CG productions, will be premiering its brand new and original production of CG-animated show named Ocean Groove with Maestro Ning at the SkySymphony, SkyAvenue at Resorts World Genting this 19th May, 2018.

Mr Brian Machamer, Senior Vice President of Theme Park at Resorts World Genting said, “We at Resorts World Genting are very excited and proud to be constantly bringing our visitors new and original content to our SkySymphony screens. This school holidays, holidaymakers will be awed by Ocean Groove with Maestro Ning. This show is a brilliant example of how Resorts World Genting constantly set new standards in entertainment by seamlessly weaving together CG animation, music and the magic of technology to produce a magnificent production. I’m sure this new show will be a success and will be enjoyed by people from all walks of life.”

The show was produced over four (4) months by the Genting Studios team located in Los Angeles and Kuala Lumpur. The show is directed by Guy Vasilovich (All I Want for Christmas is You, Lego Star Wars) and executive produced by Daniel Regis Brown (Dex Hamilton, Pumpkin Reports) and Steven Lim Tze Siang (Saladin: The Animated Series, Bola Kampung: The Movie). “Ocean Groove” is an original composition by Emmy Award-winning composer Gigi Meroni.

Ocean Groove with Maestro Ning will be staged at the SkySymphony, where nearly four story high LED screens surrounding the concourse will come alive with the new musical show, complemented by the state-of-the-art 1,001 winch balls that synchronize and move to form different shapes to tell this colorful and musical underwater story.

The five (5) minute show features Maestro Ning in the deep-ocean with his orchestra playing a powerful original composition, “Ocean Groove”.  The Maestro is a musical genius; a tempestuous sea turtle who embodies the artistic temperament. With a flick of his baton, the Maestro makes musical magic with the colourful collective of fish and crustacean instruments on a stunning stage in the ocean depths.

“The combination of paring the very best of Hollywood studio animation development talent with the very best of CG production taken in Kuala Lumpur, allows us to deliver premium content on a highly competitive budget,” said Regis Brown, Deputy Managing Director of Genting Studios.  “Ocean Groove with Maestro Ning is the first of many planned productions as we build Genting Studios into a world-class content creator/distributor.”

At the Times Square stage at SkyAvenue at Resorts World Genting for the upcoming weeks in May for only six days, there will be a very special live dance performance where visitors can journey on a marvellous adventure with colourful and fun creatures from the depths of the deep blue sea. Visitors can catch 15 performers come out as silly crustaceans, a fabulous octopus witch, seahorses, charming corals and other mysterious mythical creatures from the ocean.

The live performance is also scheduled for more shows for the upcoming weeks in May on 19, 20, and 26-29 May, where visitors will marvel at friends from the ocean clad in splendid costumes that will mesmerise audiences for a total of 20 minutes at various show times: 11.00am, 1.00pm, 3.00pm, 5.00pm and 8.00pm. Besides performing at the Times Square stage, the performers will also be having a walkabout at SkyAvenue and First World Plaza.

Ocean Groove with Maestro Ning premieres at SkySymphony on May 19, 2018. Shows are complimentary and are scheduled throughout the day, with different presentations on a rota from 10 am to midnight alongside other SkySymphony shows. Other shows include the Forest, Urban Symphony and The Goddess. The Forest is a bioluminescent universe, where endangered species unique to Southeast Asia come to life; Urban Symphony showcases the daily chores from waking up to going to work whilst The Goddess is inspired by a magical kingdom above the clouds.

For more information, call +603 6101 1118 or visit www.rwgenting.com.

Exciting attractions at SkyAvenue and First World Plaza

To those who think they’ve seen it all, they thought wrong. From dinosaur rides to zombies, there are plenty of exciting attractions that await at Level 4 of the SkyAvenue lifestyle mall at Resorts World Genting. There is always something for everyone from the young to the young at heart at 6000 feet above sea level. Visitors will be awed by the new attractions that include thrills, learning, or even art. 

And why not when there is the brand new Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium, Jurassic Research Centre, Zombie Attack, the Alive Museum and Jungle Gym all under the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Adventureland as well as the PlayTime! Video Games Park attraction located at the 70,000 sq ft attraction at the Level 4 of the SkyAvenue Mall.

At Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Adventureland, visitors that step into the area will immediately be greeted by armoured elephants as they flap their massive ears. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Adventureland takes it to the next level as children will have the time of their lives as they go on a ride on moving dinosaurs such as the Triceratops and Parasaurolophus. Even the ticketing counter is one of a kind with a massive model of a Trojan horse. If the PlayTime! Video Games Park is for teenagers, then the arcade games in this area for are perfect for the toddlers. If visitors are feeling lucky, they can play the happy arcade game at RM10 per try to win headphones, smartphones and even a Macbook pro.

Those into anything and everything extraordinary will have a spectacular time at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Odditorium. Boasting over 400 exhibits, a cabinet of curiosities including artefacts of lost worlds has arrived at Resorts World Genting for a time of wonderment and interaction. The bizarre and wacky collection includes the model of a Vampire Woman, Mike the Headless Chicken, and a model of David Beckham’s legs made out of worn-out bills. Those in search of great wealth and prosperity can visit the lucky room where they will find a collection of lucky charms from different tribes from all four corners of the globe such as Ho Tei: The Good Luck Buddha where visitors will be granted happiness if they make a wish whilst rubbing his enormous belly. There is also a fantastic model in commemoration of the World Trade Centre made entirely from matchsticks.

Everyone has surely had a fascination with dinosaurs at one point in time. The Jurassic Research Center is the answer to everyone’s childhood dreams with massive figures of different species of dinosaurs spread throughout the centre such as the Brachiosaurus, the Triceratops or even the sabre-toothed tiger. There is no better way of learning than interactivity and this centre does that best. Visitors will be startled when a Tyrannosaurus Rex magnificently roars as they walk by and witness a strange looking Gigantoraptor rear its head at them which really brings the place to life. Here, visitors can get up and close with dinosaurs like never before.  There is even a fossil laboratory to study the different specimen models of dinosaur fossils with detailed inscriptions. The exciting highlight is a 4D experience of witnessing velociraptors wrecking havoc in a discovery lab.

The most thrilling and terrifying attraction of all, Zombie Outbreak is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Visitors can experience what it is like to be one of the last survivors of a nightmare Zombie Apocalypse. Visitors that try to seek shelter in the abandoned house will find that the course is spread out like a maze with a new terror waiting at every turn, keeping the survivors on edge as zombies consumed with a ravenous desire for human flesh are everywhere. Definite horrors wait with only one way out and no turning back.

At the Alive Museum, visitors will enter a world of fun and be engaging optical illusion art. With the artwork specially commissioned by artists from South Korea, the skilful brush strokes, careful details and amazing choice of colours result in the wonderful 3D images. Those familiar with the Korean wave or Hallyu will be thrilled to see paintings of famous celebrity figures such as Lee Kwang Soo, Gong Yoo and Song Joong Ki and for the chance to take a photo with them. Visitors will be blown away by the world of imagination created by the murals that cover almost every inch of the space with imaginary scenes such as a UFO and prominent landmarks such as the Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul.  The trick art Alive Museum is a must-visit for those wanting to add something special to their social media.

For the little ones from 2-12 years old, Jungle Gym is a wonderland of free play for kids to run, climb, jump, slide and tumble around whilst simultaneously developing their sensory scales. Whilst parents sit back and relax, it promises endless hours of fun for kids with a ball pit, slides, crawling tunnels, trampolines, a Movie room and more covering approximately 7,900 square feet. It’s also the perfect place for little ‘princes’ and ‘princesses’ to celebrate birthdays with a range of exciting themes such as the Safari, Dinosaur and Fairy Tale. Available upon special request, it is guaranteed to be a memorable birthday and a cherished memory. There is also an adjacent snack bar for a quick pick-me-up and a sand art corner.

Those who have had their fill of excitement and are seeking to unwind can have a few hours of pure bliss and relaxation at Healing Touch. The wellness studio will offer a quick recharge for the body and pamper from head to toe with their special services such as facial care, manicures, pedicures, body therapy, onsite chair therapy and more to suit each individual’s requirements. For a good soak to rest weary feet, there is the kissing fish spa as well. Visitors will emerge feeling better rested and relaxed than ever before.

At Level 4, there is also the PlayTime! Video Games Park promises the best range of cutting-edge games for arcade lovers. The Spacetime Squad Virtual Reality game takes it to the next level to give players an out of this world experience. Players must try to stay alert whilst a horde of flying evil robot destroyers and their bosses attack from every side and see the avatar annihilate them systematically. Other top of the line games are the highly competitive PacMan Battle Royale with a cannibalistic element of ‘eating’ opponents; the Jurassic Park where players can try to battle their way through nine exciting missions and meet over 30 species of dinosaurs along the way; the Star Wars Battle Pod where players battle their way through the original iconic trilogy and Storm Racer G for those who love speed. Games are played using a cashless system with the EZiCash card.

Whilst going from one attraction to the next, visitors do not even have to travel very far to look for great eats. Among the food and beverage outlets available are Wendy’s, The Baker’s Cottage, Texas Chicken, Pizza Hut, Kenny Roger’s Roasters, Marrybrown, Jr Curry House and Only Mee and Boat Noodle. Also opening very soon is Subway and J&G Chicken from Taiwan. There are also many stalls around the Marketplace area offering airbrush tattoo services, cute character backpacks, ice cream and more.

Just a short walk from the attractions at Level 4, SkyAvenue is Snow World and Genting Bowl at Level 2 and 3 of First World Plaza, respectively. Snow World promises an enchanting wintry wonderland at a chilly -6° with the thrill of sliding down on a toboggan or engaging in a fun snowball fight. At 22.8k sq ft, it is the biggest winter wonderland in Malaysia. There is also so much more than just snow, with the first ever 3D trick art attraction in a subzero attraction with photo opportunities such as experiencing the icy breath of the Snow Monster. For some competition, visitors can head to Genting Bowl for a whole new world of pulse-pounding, mind-blowing and heart thumping adrenaline rushes. At the 28-lane bowling centre, the excitement really begins after 6pm when the neon bowling starts for some extra fun.

Operation times are from 10.00am to 10.00pm. Prices for the attractions may be purchased separately or in a combo of two or three attractions. Visitors can now enjoy special packages that are available for the attractions where visitors can choose Combo 2 for any two attractions starting from RM60 for Genting Rewards member’s child tickets or Combo 3 for any three attractions starting from RM72 for Genting Rewards member’s child tickets. Different rates apply for standard non-member tickets and adult rates.

Swanky modern concept Medan Selera opens in SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting

Resorts World Genting announces the opening of its new Medan Selera food court, the latest dining addition to the resort’s gleaming SkyAvenue mall. Operating from 8.00am to 10.00pm daily, Medan Selera brings together five favourite cuisines in an easy-to-access and relaxed environment.

Dine-in guests can choose from Rice & Spice, Noodles, Laksa, Western Asian and Crispy Chips outlets. Rice & Spice offers delicious variations of our Malaysian staple – rice - including the always-popular Nasi Lemak, Nasi Briyani and Nasi Kandar with a huge variety of side dishes.

Noodles serve a wide selection of noodle-based dishes, from smoky Char Kway Teow to hearty Mee Bandung, light soupy Bakso to spicy Singaporean Fried Beehoon. The neighbouring Laksa focuses on a specific noodle dish and its regional variations from across Malaysia, including Nyonya Laksa, Laksa Johor, Laksa Kelantan and Asam Laksa.

Western Asian heats things up with grilled meats and Arabic bread. Cooked to perfection, choices include Chicken and Lamb Shawarma, mouth-watering Grilled Chicken Shish Tawook and Kebab, Roasted Chicken Leg, Seafood Rice and Middle Eastern bread like Zaatar Manakish, Mohamara and Cheese Bread. Rounding off the selection is Crispy Chips, featuring Western staples like Crispy Fried Chicken, Chicken Popcorn, Fish & Chips, Calamari Rings and French Fries that will please adult and child palates alike.

For breakfast, Medan Selera also runs an RM12 Light Breakfast Set where guests can choose from Nasi Lemak, Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu, Fried Mee, Fried Rice, Roti Telur, Roti John, Chicken Curry with Puree bread and other hearty meals, paired with a hot or cold drink.

Those in a hurry can head to the Salad & Dessert consist of fresh Salads, cut fruits, puddings and local desserts like Som Som Gula Melaka, Sago Gula Melaka, Snack & Go and Grab & Go section. Here quick savoury treats like Spiral Curry Puffs (Chicken or Anchovies), Banana Fritters and Potato Samosas sit next to sweet temptations like Bahulu, Dodol, Kuih Cakar Ayam and Sarawak Layer Cake, which are all perfect for quick bites.

Medan Selera is located on Level G of SkyAvenue mall, below the newly-opened Bona Cinema. Operating hours are 8.00am to 10.00pm daily, with seating capacity for 270.

Sughamai Subbulakshmi (SSL)~ A Chaotic Emotional Ride!

I suppose we are pretty aware of Karthik Shamalan who loves to play with our emotions. Say love, fear or even disgust! He can provoke it and get us all traumatised for days.

At least, that's how it was for me.

It was nothing different in Sughamai Subbulakshmi (SSL). Only that, this time around, I was floating in a pool of sadness instead of being traumatised. Pure sadness. Thinking how life can change for us within a split second.

Sughamaai Subbulakshmi is about the life journey of a man who is full of passion. The story embarks as he starts to ponder on the importance of the right care and love in order to succeed in life.

The movie will be highlighting the current dilemma faced by majority youngsters in identifying the importance of passion and love in life.

The movie has mostly newcomers and upcoming talented actors such as Saresh D7(Inni Vendam song fame), Punitah Shanmugam, Bhagya Arivuckarasu, Kuben Mahadevan (Jagat fame), G Crack Karnan (Geethayin Raadhai fame).

The genre of this film might be a very cliche genre but the focus of the film and the flow of the film is a contrast to what we are aware of.

Sughamai Subbulakshmi consists of 3 different phases of a man where his life story will be portrayed from the perspective of 3 girls.

The unexpected twist and turns in this movie are what will intrigue us and also will keep us captivated throughout the movie.

What makes this movie to be very close to our heart is that the story is very realistic and most of us would be able to relate the movie to ourselves at most scenes.

The touch of love is shown in so many ways that we will be impressed and some might end up tearing. It also evokes lots of memories.

Music by both Shameshan Mani Maran and Neroshen are a winner. The energetic and soothing Aasai Keetanai's song by Shameshan is a must watch just for the mindblowing visuals.

Saritiram Padaitidu and Latchiyam Kaitoda by Neroshen gives you some kind of energy to accomplish something. I lost it completely during Nyaayamthana by Shameshan (That's when I entered the pool of sadness)!

Not to forget, that this movie won two awards which are Best Director, Karthik Shamalan and Best Actress, Punitah Shanmugam.

Sughamai Subbulakshmi (SSL)~ A Chaotic Emotional Ride!  

P.S Please don't forget to bring tissue with you and ladies do wear waterproof makeup. *Just in case you know.

Watch the trailer here: 

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