EVT- The Farm ~ A Good Game but It's Not My Cup of Tea

Again like Melle Tiranthathu Kathavu, in EVT the first half Karthik Shamalan beautifully executed a love story which will win many people's heart I believe. From there EVT will travel to the second half which is a slasher thriller.

EVT prepares you for what you are going to feel and experience throughout the entire journey in the very first scene itself.

No kidding! I was closing my eyes and ears at most scenes cause I have a very weak heart. I can't handle blood and slashing. No wonder it is rated as 18 plus. (I'm still 16 by heart).

EVT magnificently shows how a deaf and dumb girl is exploring the world with sound using her hearing machine along with her loved one.

While embarking the journey she will be kidnapped by someone who disguises as "The Wolf". How will she escape or will she even escape is what makes EVT as a whole.

Of course, it doesn't just end there. There will be a police squad who will be working on the missing case and will be digging the past in order to find out "The Wolf".

Jaya Ganason did a mind-blowing work by carrying the deaf and dumb role very well. As for a deaf and dumb girl, it is not easy to convey a message on a screen.

She made every move and gesture of hers to speak behalf of her by being extra expressive and that shows the effort that she has taken to portray her character well.

Personally, I feel the story was a little draggy at one part when she got trapped. Other than that, the story was rather captivating and the anticipation to know who is the GOD DAMN WOLF KILLED ME!

The only reason why I love EVT so much and I would not think twice to watch it again though it is not my cup of tea is because of the ending.

You would never be able to guess who is "The Wolf" until you watch the very last few minutes of the movie.

 I thought it's impossible to not be able to guess as somehow we would be able to guess right? Nope, you will have to watch EVT to know why you would not be able to guess.

EVT ~ Not for a weak heart

Watch the trailer here:

How to Start a Blog?

So how do we blog?

2. Name
3. Platform
4. Design
5. Plugins
6. Content
7. Earn

1. Niche

Before you create your platform you will have to decide on what niche you would be comfortable writing in. Examples of the niche will be food, travel, fashion, beauty, fitness and a lot more.

Specific niche can help you to come up with a good name for the blog. For example, I preferred blogging about versatile stuff hence I named my blog as Crappy Blogger so it will be general.

Click here to know "Types Of Blogs Out There"

2. Name

When you want to name your baby you will see the sense behind it. Same goes to your blog. Your blog's name should give a mild hint of what your content is going to be.

I will say please keep it simple and easy to be remembered. Don't choose a name where I have to jot it down every time I am going to say it.

It has to be very catchy as well. Here is the reason behind why your blog name is very important. People shouldn't ramble about how they can't search for your blog.

That can bring your blog to a halt even before you start. Click here to find "How To create Blog's Name."

3. Platform

 Before you start a blog, you will need a platform to blog on.

Click here to create Blogspot  and here for Wordpress

Blogspot? Wordpress? It is solely up to you which platform you would love to use.

Based on my experience I find Blogspot to be user-friendly but their theme is not my favourite. On the other hand, Wordpress is a little tough to be used at first but their theme is very classy and elegant.

4. Design

Now, this is where you will go all haywire! I took 2 years to find my current theme.

If you prefer designing the theme from scratch by yourself then it is going to be really difficult! It is not possible though because I have done that to a point where I learnt about coding.

You can google on how to add certain features in your theme up to your preference.

You can also purchase the themes from the blog designers. There are also free templates.

Here are Types of Themes which you can refer to when you want to design your platform.

5. Plugins

Plugins are ways to extend and add to the functionality that already exists on your platform.

In my platform, I kept it simple and clean so I have very minimal plugins like the Facebook page plugin and Instagram feed plugin.

You can add a lot of fun plugins though.

6. Content 

Yes, after creating your platform now you have to focus on your content.

It is always up to you on how you want to present your content to your readers.

Click here to read on " Tips to Create Good Content"

7. Earn

Yes, it is possible for you to earn through a blog. For this, you have to run your blog like as if it is a business and at the same time have personal contents of yourself so it won't be too commercialized.

Read here "Ways to Make Money Blogging"


Worst Experience in Blogging 

I have a very bad experience of working with this brand where they promised me to share my blog post on their facebook page as a compensation for an article but they didn't.

They copy and pasted my article on their website and posted that on their facebook page. I will never forget the lame excuse they give me to why they did not share my article on their page.

I felt cheated big time, to be honest. Of course, I asked them to remove my content as they didn't even ask for my permission. Never will I ever work with that unprofessional brand again.


Overall, do not give up. Work till your page view increases on its own without you making any effort. Until people discover you through your write-ups.

Until people know your blog name better than your own name!

Did you find this to be helpful? Throw your questions down there at the comment box if you're curious about anything and I will blog about it soon.

Vijay Prakash ~ I Will Give Up The Day I Die, Not Till Then

Photo Credits: Mojo Projects 

I tried to dig out the secret of Vijay Prakash's success by questioning on how he embraces failures in life and his answer will surprise you for sure.

In your entire life journey have you ever endured a point where you felt like giving up on music?

I have never heard this question before and my answer will be I will give up the day I die, not till then.

Because music is the reason why I am born in this lifetime so the day I decide music is not going to be a part of me then I see myself as dead. So I don’t think it will ever happen. As long as I am breathing music is in my breath.

Sango Japanese Restaurant ~ Donburi Set Review

Donburi which means Japanese rice bowl dish consist of fish, meat, vegetables or other ingredients simmered together and served with rice.

I have reviewed Sango restaurant before and you can check out the last review here (Sango). Recently, they launched Donburi set which comes with soup and Sango ice cream.

They serve about 9 sets of Donburi which varies from fish, chicken and other choices.

Salmon Teriyaki Ju RM22.90
Teriyaki Salmon Rice Box
 This salmon of their's has always been my favorite as it is dipped in soy sauce and the fish taste really good.

Gyu Don RM18.90
Slices Beef and Onion Tare Glaze
 I didn't try this because I don't eat beef. I just loved the presentation and hence the picture is here.

Ten Don RM18.90
Prawn and Vegetables in Bowl
 The prawn in this definitely the highlight. Without a doubt, it was really crunchy.

Chicken Teriyaki Don RM15.90

Sweet Teriyaki Sauce
 The chicken was crunchy and was fried well. The sauce was mixed with the rice. It was a perfect combo to try it with the rice and chicken together.

Chicken Katsu Curry Don RM18.90
Crispy Chicken Cutlet Bowl
 The curry is the highlight of this dish though the chicken was equally amazing. I really loved the curry and will go again to try this particular Donburi set.

Yasai Kaki Age Don RM15.90
Fried Mix Vegetables in Bowl
 If you prefer avoiding the meat and would just prefer vegetables then this Donburi set is especially for you people. It is a bowl full of vegetables which are fried in a different way.

Unagi Tamago Don RM25.90
Eel and Egg Bowl
 Have you tried eel before? Well, I have not and that day was my first attempt and I loved it. It was well cooked and the sauce was really nice.

Chicken Katsu Tamago Don RM15.90
Chicken Crumb and Egg Bowl
This was my personal favorite. I love egg and this came with chicken and egg. It was well cooked and the presentation itself is really tempting.

For more details:

Crystal Crown Hotel Petaling Jaya, Lorong Utara A, Pjs 52, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Operating Hours:

Everyday: 12–2:30PM, 6–10:30PM
Hours might differ


+60 3-7958 5228

BEAM Artistes & Universal Music Malaysia Brings Manhunt Malaysia 2017

BEAM Artiste, a premium artiste management company in Singapore and Universal Music Malaysia, the local arm of Universal Music Group ( UMG), the world leader in music-based entertainment have formed a first-of-its-kind partnership to bring about Manhunt Malaysia 2017 as part of BEAM's focus to offer opportunities primarily in the entertainment and media industries for men.

These elements include but are not limited to recognizing and honoring the traits of honesty good character, talent, fitness, sportsmanship, grooming, intellect, leadership and good judgment; to serve as role models for other men with similar goals and personal characteristics.

The competition is designed to combine a respect for traditional and historical foundations of the Program with recognition of prevailing modern tastes and values.

Hence, to foster similar values and goals here in Malaysia, Universal Music Malaysia and BEAM are collaborating for the first time to organizing Manhunt Malaysia 2017.

The winner of the competition shall be entitled to that title until his successor is named unless earlier terminated by BEAM, and will be representing Malaysia in Manhunt International 2017, which will take place in Thailand in November 2017.

The audition process took place on 26th August 2017, where a total of 18 outstanding candidates were shortlisted as finalists vying for the title.

Those 18 men are now in the running to become BEAM and Universal's first ever Manhunt Malaysia 2017 champion and will undergo a 9-week program until the winner is crowned.

The programme includes workshops that encapsulate- fitness (EMS workout session by Vision Boy/ spinning class by Aloha Cycle Club/Cross fit training by District 13) ; vocal lessons by Bentley Music Academy; skincare grooming workshop by SRM Skincare; modelling, self-grooming & speech training by Jimmy Wong of Wong Creatives and many more.

The pre-judging session will be on 6th October 2017 where there will be a fashion show featuring the finalists in sportswear and swimwear.

The Top 10 finalists will also be selected during this process and will be revealed during the Grand Finale which takes place on 18th October 2017 at the Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur.

At the Grand Finale, the finalists will be put through intense competitions in 4 main rounds- the casual wear round; the swimwear dance; the formal wear round; as well as the question and answer round.

Throughout the competition, the esteemed panel of judges will include Universal Music Malaysia representatives Beam Management as well as the one and only Ning Baizura.

Watsons SYOK Members Anniversary Launch

Exciting news to those who love to shop at Watsons! In-conjunction with Watsons VIP card‟s 7th-anniversary #watsonsrewards, members can look forward to lots of goodies and a line-up of exciting deals, promotions, offers, members-only sales, carnivals in malls, great joint promotions with leading brands and local and international artistes support and appearances from 5 September to 2 October 2017.

Celebrating a loyal following of more than 4 million members nationwide, the Watsons VIP card
members anniversary were held at MyTOWN Shopping Centre, Cheras.

Watsons VIP Card comes with more health club rewards with more than 1,000 #watsonsrewards merchant locations.

For new Watsons VIP Card sign-ups, one can look forward to RM300 worth of Watson's vouchers, receive 500 VIP Points upon activation and RM5,000 worth of health club, dining, travel, beauty, and lifestyle reward vouchers.

Among the exclusive benefits include:

 Lifetime membership
 Great deals at more than 1,000 #watsonsrewards merchant locations
 Earn 1 point for every RM1 spent
 Pay using points; 200 points for RM1
 Watsons Brand products: 2X Points
 Birthday month: 5X Points
 Pay for your purchases using Touch N Go on your Watsons VIP Card: 5X Points
 Exclusive discounts on health products

There will also be Watsons Syok Sale Carnival held at Sunway Velocity Mall‟s Vanity Atrium from
26th September to 1st October.

Watsons VIP member can enjoy great discounts and free giveaway such as Watson's shopping vouchers not to mention using a combination of cash and Watsons VIP points to purchase items at the carnival.

Shoppers can look forward to an amazing line-up of activities and entertainment including celebrities meet and greet sessions, mascot appearances, Zumba dance performance, coloring contests, balloon giveaways, free health checks, cooking demonstrations and beauty workshops.

“Our Watsons team together with Watsons Celebrity Friends travelled on Grab car to the homes
and offices homes and offices to give them a delightful surprise of a Watsons hampers and
Watsons VIP points. During the members anniversary month in September, we are offering
Watsons VIP members an RM15 off for 2 rides with Grab by using promo code “GRABWATSONS”, valid for new Grab users and limited to the first 5,000 redemptions. We will also offer Watson's vouchers for redemption on the Grab app, as well as a “Spot & Win” campaign. To enter, one just has to spot a Watsons wrapped Grab car, snap a photo of it and post it on Instagram and the ten most liked photos will a total worth of 1 million Watsons VIP points. “said Danny Hoh, Customer Director of Watsons Malaysia.

The benefits of the new Watsons VIP card will further elevate Watsons as a preferred health
and beauty retailer in Asia, addressing their health and beauty needs in-store and online. For
more information and benefits of the new Watsons VIP card and anniversary celebration, please
visit www.watsons.com.my/syokcarnival

Chilled and Took Some Pictures at Lucky Cuisine

Went to Lucky Cuisine for lunch and boy we are lucky or what! Thye launched new dishes in the menu and this time they focused on noodles.

So here I will introduce few choices of their new menu as we didn't have the time to stay for a longer time to try all their new dishes.

I haven't get the name of the dishes to be honest but I am rather proud of how the photos turned out. I am going to attach them all here.

I have reviewed about this place and also on their dishes before. To see how lovely and beautiful Lucky Cuisine looks like click 5 Reasons On Why You Should Eat at Lucky Cuisine Restaurant, Dataran Sunway

This is not part of it but I love tauhu and I love how this picture turned out

Details of Lucky Cuisine Restaurant:

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


 +60 3-6140 7755

Operating hour: 

TUESDAY -SUNDAY 11am – 3pm / 5.30pm – 11pm

Yes, I am a First Bench Student but..

Most people think that I usually sit in the front row in class because I am some kind of a nerd and I love to study. Today, the truth will be out!

1. I sit in front so I don't have to study.

 Most of you would have thought that students who sit in front or the first bench in class are pretty smart. Even most lecturers feel the same and so when they come up with the question, I am the last person they will ask. Therefore, I don't bother studying before class.

2. To skip sleeping

I don't want to sleep in the class when the session is taking place. I GOD DAMN paid $ 450.00 for 1 subject and you think I WILL SLEEP IN THE CLASS? Oh, forget it!

3. To stalk the lecturer

So I can observe the way the lecturer talk and the way they conduct themselves. Even though, most of them talk like a train where I don't understand a thing but I actually observe on how they survive being bullied and trolled by students. So when I am a lecturer in future I can apply the same technique. I only focus when a lecturer gets bashed by students by the way.

4. I am short

Or should I say that I am petite so I will feel better? *Nope, I still don't feel better about me being short. LOL! Since I am short so I hate it when other tall students block my view. Like, come on!

5. So nobody irritates me 

When I am concentrating, I hate it when people talk at the back of me or even in front of me. It is super annoying! I would have killed them a thousand times in my head whenever it happens. GET A LIFE, PEOPLE!

6. Attendance list

I always forget to sign the attendance sheet so if I am in front I get to sign it first. Some lecturers of mine do care about the attendance and I don't want them to mark my assignment after analysing the attendance. I am already getting only half mark most of the time. -_-

7. So the lecturer won't ask me any question. 

Most of the time my mind is blank in class cause I am in the middle of to sleep and to pretend to focus. So when the lecturer asks me what is 1+1, I will just stare at her face without realising that she is actually talking to me.

8. So I can stay away from Instagram and Facebook for at least for 1 hour straight.

I always hope that after that 1 hour of updating a picture on Instagram, I will get like at least a million likes but yeah maybe in my dreams.

9. So I don't have to socialise. 

I hate talking when I am in the class because I am always in a sleep mode. The class is so f*cking cold as well so what do you expect right?

10. Here comes the ugly truth!

 I sit in front because I am blind! Okay fine, I can't see the slides clearly and I wear glasses while I am in class. Worst is when I forget my glasses. Screwed big time!

Cré Arts Asia, Southeast Asia’s Largest Modern Circus Troupe to Perform at KLPAC

Yes! Cré Arts Asia, Southeast Asia’s largest modern circus troupe, will be performing for the first time in Malaysia at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) from 29 September to 1 October 2017.

The three-day performance dubbed Cré or ‘earth’ in Old Irish, promises spectacular displays of gravity-defying performances and extraordinary feats of the human body, all set within stunningly beautiful backdrops that are a mainstay of contemporary performing arts.

As its namesake suggests, Cré is primarily themed to showcase the beauty of Mother Earth, interpreting the natural elements of air, water, earth, and fire through the use of the human body as a medium.

Throughout the course of the show, the audience can look forward to breathtaking aerial acrobatics, contortions, mesmerizing dance performances and much more.

Cré Arts Asia is a collaboration between two of Malaysia’s leading home-grown performing arts studios namely, Viva Circus, an award-winning physical arts theatre company; and Psycusix, Malaysia’s leading modern and contemporary circus performing group.

Chris Lo, Event Director of Creative Events Solution Sdn Bhd, the organizer of Cré, said, “The talents that are on display at Cré are truly world-class. In fact, some the performers featured have won several international accolades and have performed at renowned venues across the world.”

“The experience and expertise of Viva Circus and Psycusix in putting up a quality performance that comes with both the thrills and the depth in story-telling are also second to none. With both physical arts powerhouses coming together, Cré is indeed a must-not-miss experience that is suitable for all. Families, especially those with young kids, will find the show highly entertaining and meaningful,” he added.

Cre Arts Asia will be donating part of the proceeds from ticket sales to International Medical University Malaysia (IMU) Chariofare, the largest fundraising event at IMU.

Tickets for Cré are available for RM98 (Fire), RM128 (Water) and RM168 (Earth). Tickets for kids below 12 years of age are available for RM68 (Water & Earth Only). Fire seats are free-seating while Water & Earth seats are numbered.

A Special Package Promo is also available where the purchase of five (5) Earth tickets will be entitled to one (1) additional FREE Earth ticket.

For tickets and more information on Cré, please visit www.crearts.asia or contact
+6017 646 6469 or email CREARTSASIA@gmail.com

You can also purchase the ticket from http://www.ticketpro.com.my/theatre/2177991-klpac-CRE.html

1. Click the link 
2. Sign up member
3. Choose the showtime 
4. Show map to select seat 
5. Add to chart n continue to check ur purchase.
6. Make payment by credit card or PayPal

Shinju Pearls~ Jewels of the Sea

Who doesn't like pearls? Shinju which means pearl is a definition of elegance and you can pull of any outfit by just wearing a signature pearl necklace.

Whenever I shop I do explore the jewelry shop out there in the market and I personally fell in love with Shinju Pearls. I do have few other favorites but I will talk about Shinju collection first.

No doubt that the person behind this beautiful collection is a beautiful lady, Christina Toh who has the vision to have every girl and women to enjoy pearls, The Jewel of the Sea.

Shinju Pearl kicked off in 2004. Having the experience to work with antiques with her sister, Christina Toh started experimenting with jewelry using semi-precious stones and pearls.

Fans of all ages got addicted to Shinju Pearls collection. Christina Toh made it even better by coming up with new collections every 2 months once.

The best part with Shinju Pearls is they do not only have signature collections. They have collections which suit daily wear.

The versatile, classy and creative creation and sets of jewelry suits not only suit and tie but also t-shirt.

Recently, I attended their Bloggers day and what should I say? I had so much of fun with my friends who are bloggers.

A number of established artist performed for us with their mind-blowing voices. Those are  extraordinaire Dato’ Zainalabidin and also artists like Salma Mentor, Reyhana Yunus, Ayu Damit, Thalia Mentor, Sara Mentor, and the list goes on. The day couldn't have gotten any better.

Their stores are situated at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Great Eastern Mall, Isetan KLCC, Sunway Pyramid, Midvalley, Isetan The Gardens, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Bangsar Village and Paradigm mall.