This Is How I Paint My Nails!

So usually, if I got no time to go to the saloon, I will do my own manicure. I love pastel colours and I have got great collections of them. Trust me those collections are just for show off.

Just to arrange it on top of the table and to take snaps of it for Instagram and snap chat. Nothing like I'm crazy about doing my nails or whatsoever. Okay getting out of topic, so how I DIY my manicure?

First I will soak my hands in warm water for 10 minutes maybe. Wait! Within 3 minutes the water will be dead cold so I will just make it for 3 minutes. I'm lazy to make it warm again. I ain't got time to bother about how soaked are my hands, though. Just doing it because others do it.

Then I will trim my nails to a great shape so it will be even and nice. Not to forget this is where I take the chance to repair my old broken nails. I really don't bother if my fingernails are not in the same level. I'm just so busy doing nothing that I got no time to cut my nails.

Next is of course, I will choose my  favourite nail colours out of the collections I have for show off. I'm going to give tips now so those who are speed reading slow down. It's better to do your manicure when the fan is switched off so your nail paint will dry naturally and it will have a nice finishing look.

After painting my nails, I will wait for hours and hours for it to dry. I know I'm exaggerating but 1 minute feels like 1 hour so yeah I can't use my hands for anything and that's when I will feel like doing creepy stuff like 'studying' for example. So I use a hair dryer to make it to dry.

After that, my itchy hands will go and touch every finger of mine and test my nail paint to see if its dry and if it is not dry then there it goes my nail paint will be ruined and ugly.  I will just  wipe the nail paint off as I don't want to repaint the same nail colour. That's going to take another hour.

So I remove it using my Sephora nail polish remover and bring my favourite colour to a saloon on my free days and I will ask them to put for me. Not to forget I also wrote down in my diary 'Attempt 94'. Well, that's just a reminder to me on how many times I have tried to do manicure and it failed. Happy doing your nails guys. Bad experiences are always a good lesson. :)

Feminist or Feminazi?

Sooo, a feminist is someone who fights for equality and a feminazi is someone who seeks for superiority over men.

Well, when people ask me if I a feminist of course due to nobility I will say 'Yes, I am.' But the question is am I really a feminist? Do I really fight for equality? Or I feel women are having a very pathetic life so I think I should fight for woman's rights?? See if I'm just fighting for woman's rights and not for male's rights as well then it's not called as feminism.

That's it! Let's Just Breakup!

So he forgot that it's Valentine's day today. That killed you deep inside because he did the same for your birthday, your anniversary, and also on your dog's or cat's birthday. How could he?

Chill ladies! Rather than making today the most depressing day, take control of the day instead! It's okay if he forgot that today is Valentine's day and it's okay if he forgot to give you gifts. Why don't you make the plans instead?. Make your day happen ladies!

Where is my Valentine?

What Valentines day really mean? Is it really for couples? How it got its name? Why?

Valentines day got its name after Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest who illegally helped soldiers to secretly marry. Despite the law which strictly states that soldiers should be completely devoted to Rome therefore, they should not marry. This shows strongly how much importance St Valentine gave for love.


The beautiful sight of the birds having fun caught my attention. Took few shots of them and that reminded me of those birds in cages. How sad life can be for those?

But He Didn't Say That I Have Been Raped by Him!

He is in love with me, he proposed.

He wants to meet me alone, he demanded.

He doesn't want my parents to know, he warned.

I said its dark and I'm scared, its fine he comforted.

I said it hurts and I can't bear it , 

I must he insisted.

I rebelled and pushed him away, he hit me and continued.

I went back home feeling disgusted with myself not knowing why, it's normal he claimed.

After all, he didn't say that he raped me. He didn't say that having sex without the

partner's willingness is called as a rape.

P.S I created this story. Its just a fiction story based on domestic violence.