Did anybody say Sushi?~ Sushi Azabu Review (The Table at Isetan Lot 10)

I have a friend who goes all crazy for Sushi and we will visit the Sushi restaurant at least twice a month.That got me addicted to Sushi as well. When I got an invitation for Sushi I got all excited!

Sushi Azabu Review (The Table at Isetan Lot 10)

Sushi Azabu Review (The Table at Isetan Lot 10)

Sushi Azabu is one of the restaurants under The Table. The Table is a well-known high end place for fine dining. If you need a very high-end and elegant looking authentic Japanese Restaurant then The Table is a must to visit.

Sushi Azabu Review (The Table at Isetan Lot 10)

Sushi Azabu Review (The Table at Isetan Lot 10)

Before I start worshipping about their sushi, I would like to reveal the price first. We tried Azabu Course and it cost about RM240.00 ONLY. Now we can continue. :p

Sushi Azabu Review (The Table at Isetan Lot 10)

Sushi Azabu Review (The Table at Isetan Lot 10)

First we started off with appetizer, 2 kinds of Sashimi, Chawan-Mushi, Palate Freshener, Nigiri 7 Pices, Maki Mono, Miso Soup and dessert.

Sushi Azabu Review (The Table at Isetan Lot 10)

Sushi Azabu Review (The Table at Isetan Lot 10)

The interior scores a 7/10 as I really love The Table and Sushi Azabu really a very classy and elegant looking restaurant. You can feel like you’re in Japan when you’re there.

Sushi Azabu Review (The Table at Isetan Lot 10)

The service scores a 9/10. It is a Japanese restaurant. Need I say more? They were constantly there making sure my glass is not empty and the food constantly came. 

Sushi Azabu Review (The Table at Isetan Lot 10)

I also took a table near the sushi making counter so the chef was explaining about the nature of the food while making sushi.

Sushi Azabu Review (The Table at Isetan Lot 10)

Sushi Azabu Review (The Table at Isetan Lot 10)

The food gets a 9/10 as I love sushi and their sushi was so fresh. I loved it! The price was expensive but I have got nothing to complain as the ingredients were equally exotic and the interior and service definitely gave me the high end feeling.

Sushi Azabu Review (The Table at Isetan Lot 10)

Sushi Azabu Review (The Table at Isetan Lot 10)

Looking forward to my next trip to Sushi Azabu!

Wonder Woman Review and Interesting Facts on Gal Gado~ No Spoiler Alert!

Eyes on GAL GADOT EVERYONE! Yes! She was a true goddess in that movie. Believe it or not, I was just looking at her!

  Interesting facts on Gal Gadot. (Let's gossip a bit :p)

  • Gal Gadot is an Israeli actress and model
  • She is married with 2 beautiful kids.
  • She is 32 this year 
  • Lebanon was seeking to ban the movie since she is an Israeli
  • Gal Gadot trained for six months to prepare for Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman should be watched by every woman. The amount of energy and zest shown by the Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) can influence and motivate any woman to achieve her burning desire.

Wonder Woman is about how Diana Prince, Princess of Amazon grew up with her venturesome attitude in her early days.

Later on, her burning passion for saving people led her to another adventure and the ending of it is how she overcome the danger wondrously!

Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) is the backbone of the story. With more characters adding up, the story became more relatable apart from Diana Prince's own adventurous past story.

Diana Prince played a very vivacious character and the movie was fully enthusiastic and zestful because of her!

Thee ~ Burning Rage!

A very impactful music video on Sri Lanka Genocide with war scenes poignantly brought back the memories of the most painful and brutal incidents.

Stats showed over 70 000 to 100, 000 died in the war and many claimed it exceeded more than 100,000.

Many forgot and some are still living with the memory of it every single minute.

To walk in a bloodshed land. To see corpses hanging on a palm tree. To look at disfigured baby corpses.

To be raped while wishing to be dead at that particular time. To constantly hear gun shots knowing somebody's life is being taken away and not knowing when theirs going to be taken.

Countless died. Countless wished to be killed. Countless dreamed to survive the war. Need I say more?

This music video is dedicated to more than 100, 000 civilian, men, women, and children who perished between 1982 and 2009 and also to thousand who are maimed and are missing.

Watch the video here:

GOT MY HANDS ON REDMI NOTE 4! ~ Redmi Note 4 Review

Thank you so much for this opportunity and I am truly speechless now though I am really holding an amazing looking Redmi Note 4!

I wanted to do a video on unboxing the Remi Note 4 but I got too excited that I ripped the plastic off and I was already playing with my phone.

That happened in less than 5 minutes after it got delivered to me though. *Covering the shameless face now.

I do have a video and pictures taken in my University to show the quality of the video and pictures. It is all at the below. So keep calm and read everything ya. :p

So why Redmi Note 4 is amazing? Why Redmi Note 4 is worth the money? Why you even buy Redmi Note 4? Will list all the answers to whys now. 

Please bear in mind that it is not the ME is who typing but it is the "Suddenly Knows Everything About Tech ME" is typing. So I will sound extra smart after this.

Key Specs:

  • Snapdragon 625, octa-core 2.0GHz
  • 14nm LPP FinFET process
  • 3GB LPDDR3 RAM +32GB eMMC 5.0 Flash 
  • Up to 128 GB expandable MicroSD storage
  • 4G Dual SIM (3-choose-2 hybrid SIM tray)
  • 4100mAh (typ) / 4000mAh (min) battery 
  • 13MP BSI CMOS camera, PDAF support
  • 5MP front camera, Smart and Pro Beautify 
  • Metal body, Front 2.5D curved glass
  • 5.5" full HD display
  • Dimensions: 151mm x 76mm x 8.45mm
  • Weight: 165g
  • Available in Black, Dark grey, Gold  

14nm FinFET Snapdragon 625, 20% more power-efficient 

Redmi Note 4 is supercharged by Snapdragon 625, an octa-core processor chip that uses the most advanced 14nm FinFET technology. 

It is 20% more power efficient that the previous generation Redmi Note 3 and is bound to put more power in your pocket. FinFET technology also delivers more thermal reduction and greater sustained performance.

13MP CMOS camera, stunning in low light 

Redmi Note 4 uses a noise-eliminating CMOS sensor with backside illumination (BSI) and larger pixels to give you stunning images even in low light. 

It also comes with Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) for 0.1s ultra-fast focusing which is especially useful for shooting moving objects. 

2.5D curved glass, glossy separation lines

A stunning new look with 2.5D curved glass and slimmer, tapered edges. Complete with a bevelled frame and glossy separation lines, Redmi Note 4 is the definition of power with a touch of class. 

So who is asking "English, please?"

Alright, I can feel you. Personally, I find Redmi Note 4 to be very classy. I got the gold so I think I don't have to say more. 

When it comes to images, they have real nice filters where I don't have to edit much. Focus on the moving objects is not bad but can be better.

 IT DOESN'T LAG! When it comes to android, that's the first thing you want to know right? Good news for you gamers. The first thing I did after getting the phone is I downloaded all the games which I wanted to play. Hehehe.




As a blogger, I rely on my phone to take pictures as I don't want to appear holding too many gadgets when I am out travelling or reviewing.

 Since my iPhone 6 plus is only 16 GB so I always use Redmi Note 4 as a life saviour!

Just in case you're wondering, you're looking at HELP University! *Welcome to HELP University :p

To view the video click here:

Dream Car Expo, Midvalley Exhibition Centre

Carsssssss! I went all crazy at Dream Car Expo which took place from 12th May to 14th May 2017. It felt good to see cars which are not owned by anyone Well, not yet, at least.

There were about 50 over cars and 60 booths. To those who have missed it! Worry not! They are coming back in January from 12th to 14th at KLCC! Keep yourself free that time!

About Golden Land Expo (M) Sdn Bhd :

Golden Land Expo was founded in 2006 by Mr Dennis Wong. Today, the event firm has delivered more than 100 events across all kind of business. On top of that, the company is providing all kind of event related services. The company mission is to create an unusual yet the best event for clients.

These are the cars which were exhibited on that day!

Brand ModelBrandModel