Athu Unnode Perechene ~ "That's Your Problem"

-I started using the word myself, "That's your problem." And I got relieved from so many unnecessary attachments.- 

I am proud to admit that I came from a very decent household. We were not allowed to use a lot of words as we were growing up. Trust me, simple words like, "stupid" can put you in a lot of trouble if you were raised in my house. 

My Life Is an Indian Version OF SEX AND CITY!

Have you watched Sex and City? Well, I binged watched it and I can't deny, I wanted everything that Carrie had. Literally everything. To think of the life I have built now. Probably, I have set up a standard for myself "the Carrie way." 

I didn't exactly put my mind on it, yet it is happening. I am a writer from a small town and here I am in this big city all alone striving to have my novel out! Let's definitely minus the "a lot of one night stands, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda."  

I am an Indian and my mum will hit me with a chappal if she happens to see me writing about my sex life. Let's stick to what I know best though. Mental health.