Trip to Ipoh, Stayed in Luxury Hotel ~ Putrade Allsuites at RPGC!

Have you been in a perfect serviced apartment that has it all? I have! I was planning on exploring a place that I have never explored before, Ipoh came to my mind. It was close by and I have heard so much about it.

It was one of the most unforgettable trips of my life. It is mostly because I truly thought again I am going to end up in a  fancy mall or at some fancy building instead I went to a land surrounded by mountains.

How To Stay Positive About Life?

Most of the time, when you cry your heart out to others, the most they can advise you is "stay positive dear." Well, now what exactly stay positive means?

How do you even stay positive when all the emotions are compiling into massive energy and overwhelm you at the most unimaginable way?

Introducing the new Autumn Winter 2019 collection from Triumph

Triumph Malaysia introduced its new Autumn Winter 2019 (AW19) collection – in a showcase that highlighted the breadth and versatility of the new range. The new collection offers something for every occasion – from stylish options for the fashionista who wants the latest designs, to everyday lingerie designed for lightness, breathability and comfort, to premium lingerie for the special moments in life.

Staycation at MDesign, Shamelin Perkasa

I am a workaholic and I think that is not something new that I am sharing with you guys. For someone who works all 7 days, I think the best gift to give them is a place away from my workplace.

Since the home is where my studio is and it is the place I work as well so I planned a staycation

Middle east retail major lulu opens its Second Hypermarket in Malaysia

 The new Hypermarket which is also Lulu’s 174th globally is strategically located at 1 Shamelin Mall in Cheras district of capital Kuala Lumpur. The sprawling 80,000 square feet hypermarket has been designed using the latest retail space concepts and most modern technology for ease of shopping and will serve the residents of Cheras and its nearby areas for their daily shopping needs.

My Detox Journey

25 years of being born, I have never once taken a step to detox! What is detox? Detox ~ a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances.

Unexpected Turning Point Within a Night~ Azhagaane Iravil | Ruvela | Music Video Review

A man confessing his love to his girlfriend for the first time. While he is trying to make the night as romantic as possible, an unexpected tragedy happens which will completely change both their lives overnight. What happened that night and what will happen next is what makes Azhagaane Iraviln unforgettable music video.

Rabbit Mac ~ The Untold Story

I didn't want to be like those artists who are very famous but had to work at the call centre to support themselves. That fear made me run like a train. I ran away to give up on everything and decided to never come back to the music industry.  Here is my untold story ~Rabbit Mac.