Thai Steamboat ~ Lobbee Thai Connection Publika

 Where is the LOBSTER?!!! So went to Lobbee Thai Connection in Publika for lobster and I end up knowing that they serve almost everything except for lobster. Wait, I think I didn't even bother looking if they serve lobster. LOL!

Well, it was nice to transform me into a chef for a moment, though. To be honest, I don't know if this happened to me because I am an Indian or what but it was SERIOUSLY the first time I tried have ever tried steamboat. I grew up eating seafood especially the ones in Bukit Tambun, Penang is serious to die for. So when they stacked up raw food on my table I was like, "So are you going to show me how you cook in your kitchen?" LOL! Okay, I know what was happening but I wasn't really prepared for it.

The fact that this is the first time I am trying steamboat, it is clear that my parents are not fond of a steamboat and I found out why! (Cause they can't cook) Okay, my dad is a good cook and my mum is not. *Hopefully, my mum is not reading this or I will have to starve to death after this when I go back Penang.

Lobbee and I couldn't get along very well at the start as the waiter had trouble understanding what I am saying. I almost fought with him, to be honest as I had a long day and when he asked me the same question, again and again, I got a little-pissed. I can't blame him. I talked a little fast I suppose. Sometimes I do talk like a train.

We somehow build our relationship after that. I loved the way they served us. It was very well organised and every plate came beautifully. Nothing was disorganised though all of it were just raw food. The interior design of the place was simple and nice but can be better.

One fact where they really touched me is when they asked me if I eat beef. AWW. You actually remembered the fact that I am an Indian and I don't eat beef? How sweet youuu... I am glad that they asked, though. I don't eat beef, not because of religious purpose but solely because I respect my parents and also I respect their beliefs. If you ask why we Indians don't eat beef is simple to answer. You don't eat dog and we don't eat cows. Pretty much for most farmers, cows are their pet.

Back to Lobbee, they had two types of soup and one was chicken soup and another was tomyam soup. I liked both but both were too salty so I had to mix and show off my cooking skills so it will taste good for my taste bud. I AM VERY PICKY ABOUT MY FOOD AND I AM NOT SORRY!

Overall, eating at Lobbee gave me a good experience. I am proud because I didn't burn any of my food. There were times where, I completely forgot that I have to constantly add the soup in the pan, which eventually dried off and my friend from the next table came JUST to add soup to my pan for A FEW TIME. How embarrassing. *Please forget my existence. I only know how to eat.

Menu: Chicky refill 
Price: Adults- RM19.80, Kids- RM 15.80
Menu: Premium Refill
Price: Adults- RM 38.90, Kids - RM 25.90

Address: D2-G3-3A Publika Shopping Gallery, 1, Jalan Dutamas, Duta Nusantara, Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Phone: +60 3-6412 8669

Rating: 7/10

Thirai ~ Be Your Own Inspiration

After all the Thailand's heart-wrenching ads, this must be one of the Tamil short films which made my eyes to shed streams of tears.

Thirai is about how the main lead discloses something which has been troubling him for all his life. The ending of this lovely short film is how the father will perceive the son's disclose.

The writer and director, Huumessh Gunaseelan knows exactly on how to play with the audience's emotions. The dialogues were also well thought and well written.

Though the short film was shorter than expected but they used the 4.55 minutes wisely by showing everything you need to see on that particular story. Nothing was dissatisfying because every detail was on point.

From him ( Ravindren) using a Malaysian made car to show that he is slightly settled though not well settled to he having 4 siblings including him and he is the eldest in the family. Also not to forget, they also showed the house environment being rich with culture and love but not money.

The cast of Thirai is R.S. Raja, Ravin Rao Santheran, Gunaseelan Arumugam, Raageteshwaary, S. Daneshwaran, Rinisha and Huumessh Gunaseelan. The D.O.P is Daniel Revu. Editing and music were done by Irwin Pereira. Assistant director is Thiruvaluvan and designs are by  Chaudhry Rao.

Crews are Rachel Sigamani, Daneshvaran, Meyshna Rao. The producer of Thirai is  Gunaseelan Arumugam and executive producer is Ravindran Rajendran. Last but not least,  Thirai was written and directed by Huumessh Gunaseelan.

Watch Thirai here:

~Be Your Own Inspiration~

Had The Worst Experience In A Workshop!

My confidence level is high, there is no doubt in that. To have this beautiful speaker, with a great body and an excellent hold of sarcasm, to constantly talk about how I present myself out there, actually shook my confidence level to the core. For a moment, I really thought I am a wreck when it comes to a dressing up!

Nope I am Not Going To Blog Daily!

This website is not known as Crappy Blogger for fun. It sometimes can get real crappy and I am not even kidding. Yes, my schedule is eating me up so I am going to stop blogging every day.

Wednesday 14/3/2017
Woke up at 9 am. Left to tutoring class. Wondering which student will be home at 10 am after bunking school? IGCSE Cambridge Extended Maths student will be home at 10 am apparently. They schedule is more like university schedule like.

Herbal Tea Hit My Face Like There is No Tomorrow!

Sunday, 12/3/2017

Woke up at 8.00 am cause I had tutoring class at 10 am. Yes, I teach. I am surprised as well with the fact that I teach when I am well known for being a very impatient person. My students definitely taught me by slapping my face that being impatient is a waste of time and you can't get anything out of it. Well.

I Am Going To Blog Daily!

Yes, I am going to blog daily and therefore starting from this second this blog shall be a personal blogggg. Jeng jeng jengggg. To those who have been stalking my personal life, from today there is no need for you to stalk. Just read my blog and you will get every single detail on what I'm doing and you can plan on how to backstab me more efficiently after this.

Saturday, 11/3/2017

7 Ways To Feel Good Instantly

Don't feel good? Too stressed about studies or work? Want to burn your books or work files?

Then it's time to sell your house so you can afford to pay your therapist or you also can read this article for free. Here are 7 ways to feel good instantly when you feel like you want to punch somebody!

Love is a Beautiful Feeling

 So you're on a date and you're very happy and excited about it. He is cute and smart and not to forget he makes you blush like no one else can. You can feel the butterfly flying in your tummy filling up the empty space just to make things even worst. Both of you planned to watch a movie and here you are staring at the huge screen looking at nothing and could think of nothing but your ex-boyfriend.

I went to a fashion show and the next thing I saw startled me!

So when I was walking by this shopping mall to get my grocery items and I saw the main entrance of the mall was so crowded. Guess what? It's a fashion show! I was super excited thinking, "Oh great I can get to see live fashion show after some time now. What a lucky day." Then I was browsing for the VIP to see if I can see any familiar face but it's obvious that the show has not started and some VIP's are true VIP's, coming early is just not their thing and it's the last thing that we can expect from them. No, I'm just kidding. Don't sue me dear VIPs.