Rabbit Mac ~ The Untold Story

I didn't want to be like those artists who are very famous but had to work at the call centre to support themselves. That fear made me run like a train. I ran away to give up on everything and decided to never come back to the music industry.  Here is my untold story ~Rabbit Mac.
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Right after graduating from high school, I worked for a year and a half because I wanted to pay off my education fees without taking any loan. I took an IT course and being an IT student I didn't have my own computer or laptop.

I only studied until the Advanced Diploma in IT because I couldn't afford to continue my education due to financial difficulty. Then, I got an offer in the club to be a deejay.

Knowing that I have never once visited any clubs back then, I wanted to reject the offer. Until now, I don't drink and I don't smoke. But I simply wanted to give a shot and I got hooked to their turntable. I agreed to RM1800 as my pay.

This is when my desire to create an album started. Then I met a group called Rockwave. We wanted to make music but we did not have the budget for it. We spent literally every single cent to make music but was left with nothing in our pocket at the end of the day.

Began the downfall, our parents started to question us alongside going through a lot of hurdles. That was one of the most difficult days of our life as we were so lost not knowing what to do in our life.

Finally, I decided to pack my bags and began my journey to KL to make the first ever album with my church mates. That major step was the first step to my current journey now.

One of the most unforgettable incidents in my life was when we were so excited at a studio with very big artists and we felt so neglected. Here is why, an artist asked us, "From where we came from?" I answered "Penang”. He mocked us down by saying, "What Penang?". I couldn't understand then but I eventually figured out what it meant.

Once when the composers were working in the composing room, I tried to see what they were doing from afar out of curiosity and they stopped me from entering the composing room. I thought I did something wrong as I had zero knowledge when it comes to playing instruments. All these kind of incidents gave me a lesson to learn in the long run.

 We spent RM 15,000 to finish our first album and the group got separated. It felt like we had wasted our time and energy. I was just so frustrated and wanted to get back the money that I invested.

So I started venturing out by doing remixes. I still remember when they stopped me from watching how composing a song works. I bought a second-hand laptop from my friend and downloaded a few software. I did my own research and I learned most of it by myself. Trust me, when I say “HARD WORK PAYS OFF”.

One time, there was this one remix that was so good. My friends supported me well. I managed to sell around 500-1000 copies and each CD was sold for RM10 to RM15. That's when I started earning for real and I realised that I can earn money in many ways.

So I started my underground album using my name Rabbit. The aftermath from the underground album was huge. The album went places but I didn't know as I was in Penang and my circle was not of rappers or musicians.

I only knew that my album went far when my friends told me "Somebody from Penang named Rabbit is very famous and blah blah blah." I didn't show my face as Rabbit when I released the album, so “Rabbit” was just a disguise figure back then. I believe my fame was by accident.

I was in disguise until Ma Carrotz Album, as I wanted to have my personal freedom. I didn't want any special attention or didn't want to be put under the limelight. But after this album, many people supported the album and a lot of people loved it.

Then, I started to get asked to perform and I finally agreed to do a show in KL. That was my first appearance in Kuala Lumpur in 2009. I felt weird when many people supported me. Seeing the love they have for me, I made myself to go far as I am my own motivation. I have no idol!

But of course, I have done tons of mistake in my life. I was doing well and I invited a few unwanted trouble to come along my journey as well and it didn't turn out well in the end.

All I wanted was to move together.

That is what Psycho Unit is about and that is what PU4Lyf is about and that is what Rabbit Mac is about. It is about moving together. Teamwork. I don't believe in standing alone.

If you go alone you win alone. If you are with a team, you will win the championship cup, that's what I believe in. That's what I believed in and with God's blessing, I am glad that everything is going well.

As time went by, I learned one thing on my own and set my mind to it. The more fame you get the more you should earn as well. That's when people will respect you.

As from my observation back then, most of the people here are too famous but they don't have money. They don't maximize fame to make money and sell themselves.

Since the first day till today, I have been utilising my talent and trying to make the most out of it. People think PU4LYF is different but I just wanted to do everything while the brand Rabbit Mac is still active.

I can collaborate with anyone but most people will say, " Bro, let's collaborate on a friendship basis." They don't pay as we are friends now. But after finishing the recording, we will have to drive home, pump fuel, eat and stuff. We need money to do all of that basic stuff.

Most people do stuff without thinking about making revenue economically. That's why I came up with the merchandising idea and started a record label under PU4LYF. I maximised the usage of my brand as I wanted to make as much money as I was getting fame.

I didn't want to be like some famous people working at a 9-5 job. It hurts to hear such news.

I understand that life is not about posting a selfie and getting thousands of likes. You must make money accordingly as well.

I am only surviving because I have always had fear. I didn't want to be very famous and have no money in my pocket. 

When I started Psycho Unit I had only 4 people with me and they weren't musicians, they were my close friends. I always show them my work and they will put in more ideas to it. They are like a family.

Then, when I entered the mainstream, Psycho Unit had a few well-known artists in it. The transition from having very close friends to having colleagues felt like a huge difference for me as I am an extremely family-based guy. Like right now PU4LYF members are like my brothers.

The relationship I have now with PU4LYF is far way different than what I had with the Psycho Unit members. I didn't get the love from Pyscho Unit members. It was so business mannered. I was just the guy who records them, a guy who does music and marketing for them. 

Then issues came in. It is the norm in any big group I believe. But people started talking outside. Psycho Unit was giant and very prominent back then. Rumours started spreading. It started to explode and the situation was rather chaotic.

I took my bag and left to Penang. I told Sheezay that I will be back. 3 weeks passed by and I didn't return. My girlfriend then wife now asked why I haven't returned to KL yet. That time I was applying for a job using my cert.

I made a serious decision not to return back to KL. I didn't want that life again. I ran away from the entire problem. I was undergoing depression as I had to handle it all alone.

Then Sheezay called me. I asked him to sell the speaker, computer, mic and all. Then I asked if he wants to run Psycho Unit as I didn't want to. He lectured me for half an hour.

He told me one thing which made me come back. He reminded me of someone who I was training back then, Rubba Band. He asked, "Am I going to leave someone whom I trained so hard halfway?" I like Rubba Band so much as she was more like a close sister to me.

Only after that, Malaysia got to know about Rubba Band. She was more of a female version of Rabbit Mac. I wanted a female to represent Rabbit Mac. She had the calibre that I had. That was the only reason why I came back.

I tried to patch up the mess that took place. I couldn't. They told me that Psycho Unit reached high because of them. So I rebranded and gave a new face to my leadership so PU4LYF was formed. 

Now PU4LYF is bigger than any brands compared to Rabbit Mac, Sheezay, or Havoc Brothers. PU4LYF is a prominent brand now. I am hoping to make PU4LYF one of the biggest brand in Malaysia in 10 years time.

The transition after changing Psycho Unit to PU4LYF was rather different. I felt less burden on me as previously I was carrying them on my shoulder. I have always been independent. I even wanted to pay for my very own education money by working at night while going to class in the day.

I did miss their presence as they were next to me as brothers. The vibe was different. Yet a lot of changes have happened from the day they left the Psycho Unit till now. I brought the entire Psycho Unit to Europe to perform.

Till date, if there is a show for me to perform, I will bring two Psycho Unit members with me. If they are paying me a certain amount then I will share it with the one who came with me. They did not understand that.

My father taught me something. "Share with others, keep them happy and you will eventually be happy too." I am seeing the advice he gave on a bigger scale and practising it massively.

I don't know what those who left are doing as well. But of course, I can proudly say, "Together we are steel walls." They can be doing their stuff but they can't break this wall.

I can openly say this because behind this steel wall there is an empire being created. If they want they can join me but to break this wall, it is impossible. And I only have good thoughts for them and I don't want to ruin anybody's career and be way famous than anybody.

In order to cater to all, I always take note of my follower's opinion. I wish to deliver what they prefer. There are people who see us as entertainers, some see us as an idol and some just sees us as someone they know. We have to serve all the three of them.

You can't take their opinion lightly. It is they who are basically purchasing our product. If I am selling merchandise now it is because they are buying it. They can buy anything but they choose to buy what I sell nevertheless. Why must they come to the show and watch us perform? We have to appreciate their support to us.

Since I have a crowd who supports me anyhow so I didn't worry much when they left Psycho Unit. It is okay, I have Rabbit Mac.

When the transition from Pyscho Unit to PU4LYF happened, a lot of people couldn't accept it when I signed new talents. They are so used to the first team. They started questioning us on why we are making such changes. We had thousands of comments and messages from the fans that we had to deal with. They were really disappointed.

I took it positively. When I signed Santhesh many mocked down by asking, " Why bro? Santhesh Kumar?" Well, he has one of the highest viewed videos in Malaysia right now. Not even 1 year and he had 14 millions of views for Katthi (singles).

We don't have to care about those who are mocking us down as our fans have already accepted us. Fans are always right. They mould #PU4LYF and they kept us where we are now.

For now, I am practising the "Ignore thought". Whatever issue which evokes and I feel like it is complete nonsense then I ignore it. As I don't want to burden myself thinking about issues which are not worth my time.

To have this ignore mode in me, I feel like I have a superpower now. If they say the quality of my songs has decreased then I will keep track of the views of the song on Youtube. If the views are high then I will choose to ignore them.

*Unless it is my wife who is saying it then I believe I have to listen as she is my kryptonite!! I will be thinking about it and try to do something most of the time.

When you know your journey, you'll know your destination so you will reach your destination correctly. Personally, try to be like a train. The train will not stop anywhere. It doesn't care if anything like a cow or things are in between the journey. It will just reach its destination following the track.

When you want to start your journey, you must know if you're ready. When everything is prepared and everything is good, it means you're ready to go.

That's what I follow too. I want to be like a train. When I am on a journey, don't try to halt me. If everyone has this mindset then it will be great as everybody will be in their own journey and be minding their own business.

For now, I am trying to quit social media. I don't have a personal facebook account and the page that I own is handled by my admin. On Instagram, I am not following anyone except my son, Troyce.

There was once a rapper passed away and I had no idea. When my friends told me they were laughing as I had no idea. I have no idea what is happening in the industry.

That gave me space to do my stuff. I have my bad habits too. I like to spend on shoes. I unfollowed majority shoes related account and so I didn't get any latest update.

It felt like I am in Himalaya after unfollowing everyone. I was able to divert my mind. It feels really good as I honestly am already occupied with the thoughts of my son. By taking care of him I am giving all my attention to him that I rather ignore whatever else is happening around the world.

Based on my experience, I am thinking of bringing in new talents, collaborate with huge names, and exchange platforms to cross-culture with a brand new label. It will be a bigger label than #PU4LYF.

There will be about 50 and more artist in it. It will be a one year contract. They are free to do whatever they want. When they produce content, they will just share it with me and I will be managing it.

We do the accounting, royalty and segregation. Like if there's a product being released by an artist then all the artists in the label will be sharing that product in their platform. There are a lot more that have been planned, so stay tuned to our page to know more on this.

I believe we don't have a proper industry. We only have platforms so far. Why I am saying so is because usually artist owns Lamborghini, Ferrari, and wears exclusive clothes from Gucci and stuff. We are not up to the par yet.

I am not talking about the rich artists but I am talking about people like me. People who came from a middle-class family and had a hard time when they are still new to the industry.

Since there is no industry we have to enhance the available platforms way bigger than it is and expand it to a point where it becomes an industry.

Soon when an artist release a song on Youtube then the views will get millions of views, he will start to earn more than the money he is earning now.

Malaysian Tamil Industry will have a time like this one day but everyone has to cooperate. How long more we are going to sit in the studio and create a song for a few thousand ringgits?

"Plastic Entertainment is the future" will be the tagline as I am working towards what's going to happen in future.

This is really challenging for me as managing 7 artists itself was huge. So to handle 50 artists at the same time is unimaginable.

To all artist out there, my advice is, be serious when you're starting something. You have to release something attractive, something really entertaining, something which is so pure of quality, something people can relate with and something which people can feel good about. Plan all of these while you're at the initial stage itself.

It shouldn't be something done effortlessly like "I did music, I called a rapper, I called singers, and I played the guitar and I released the song." It must contain all the vibration. Though it is a small thing we must start it full of trust and do it wholeheartedly.

Last but not least, I would advice, "We have our own stomach, focus on feeding it and focus on our family and friends. Just ignore the extra people. Just focus on your life."


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