How To Win Friends and Influence People?

1. First of all, learn Psychology like me.

2. Psychology sounds hard? Then why don't you try reading a book or a blog titled "How To Win Friends and Influence People"? That's what you're doing now uh.

3. Then try talking to the oldies and get some experience from them. I'm pretty sure they would have faced quite a number of *** in their lives and they should know exactly how to win friends and influence people.

4. It's tough to talk with old people uh. Then don't. Don't try to win people and influence people.

If you psych people then that is not genuine. In this contemporary world, it is better to be genuine and to face people rather than faking and end up being called as a hypocrite. It is tough to please everyone but be you and eventually you will win a lot of friends and influence people automatically. :) If you're that bad in socializing then please read 'How To Socialize For Dummies' :D

P.S Those who felt like throwing stones at me after reading this. Please, I just psyched you and won you as my friend and not forgetting I just influenced you as well. *hint  *It means don't throw stones at me and chill. ;)

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