A Baby Is The Most Complicated Object Made By Unskilled Labor

The title is a quote by anonymous and I'm pretty impressed by how deep is the quote.

It's true that once, back then the parents were unskilled and had no idea on how to raise the kids. Babies are so fragile that if you don't know how to handle them right, you are screwed real bad.

But looking at this contemporary, I disagree with the quote because nowadays babies are not made unexpectedly like how it is used to be made. I'm not talking about born out of wedlock babies.

Nowadays family planning is given main priority. Babies are made after well planned and well discussed by the wedlock couples.

Majority parents are going to maternity classes to learn on how to take care of a baby. Some classes are attended by both of the parents.

P.S To those parents who are still unaware of the importance of family planning, try reading articles about 15 to 20 siblings living together stories. Maybe after that you will get some idea on how difficult life will be if 'moves' made unplanned.

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