Don't Touch My Things!

I don't like sharing my things at all. No matter who you are. My blood or my baby boo or whoever, when you're touching my things please remember to follow this rules.

1. Don't touch my things!

2. You already did? Okay fine. Handle it with care.

3. You already damaged it? It's fine. Shit happens.

4. Try to repair the damage so I won't realise it.

5. Can't? Okay then.

6. The next time you touch my things please cherish those moments dearly. As it will only happen in your dreams. -_-

P.S If only you followed my first rule right.. -_- 


  1. i assume you've just had some bad experience?? ��

  2. i laughed hard cz this is so me...and Chuoja you doing a pretty good job here im loving your writings so much. keep up the good work and wish u all the very best <3