This Article Is Dedicated to That Person Who Made My Valentine's Day Beautiful

As usual, I was waiting to embrace the most depressing day of my life. The Valentine's day! I have never celebrated valentines day in my whole life before. This year was different. I slept off early to avoid the question "So what's your plan on Valentine's Day Eve?". Why you people who are in a relationship love to ask that particular question to those who are single? Whyyyy? -_-

Anyway, I woke up late too because I didn't feel like it's going to be a great day. As usual, I checked my phone and I choked! It was a message from my mum wishing "Happy Valentines Day" She didn't just stop there. She even added "Let me give you some ideas on what to write on Valentine's day."

Write on "Why You Should Love Your Dog Better Than Your Son."

1. Dog Truly Loves You
Whenever I return home my dog will be barking saying " I missed you so much and why did you leave me" but my son will ask "Why you came home so early?".

2. Your Dog Will Always Be Your Baby
To the point it is alive to the point it dies, you can take care of it dearly. Your son will turn into a babi (pig) after he is matured enough to take care of his own life.

3. Your Dog Will Never Be Materialistic
Give your dog anything! Even if I roll a paper and give it to my dog, it will be the happiest dog in the world. Give your son 3 house, 2 cars and few billion dollars and even then he will demand more.

4. Your Dog Will Take Care Of Your Health Implicitly
Yes, your dog will decrease your blood pressure and your son will increase your blood pressure.

5. Dog will Listen
A dog will sit and listen to you the whole day but your son will listen for 5 seconds and will run away saying that he got work to do.

You expected the article to be cheesy? Forget it. I am single and I have got no time to mingle. How on earth I can come out with anything cheesy? Haha.

Anyway to those who are celebrating Valentines, "Happy Valentines Day!!" To those who are not celebrating "Happy Valentine's Day too!! You can always celebrate Valentines Day with your family. You love them, don't you?

This article is dedicated to my mum. She really made my day with her humour. I miss home now.. <3

P.S The son is just something I used so I don't have to type son and daughter in every sentence. This post applies to both my mother's son and daughters btw. LOL!

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