Four Parenting Styles ~ How an Indian will describe it?

1. Authoritarian Parenting Style (The Scariest)
 So let's start off with the scariest parenting style of all four which is the Authoritarian Parenting Style. It means "You better obey whatever I say or else you have to face the consequences."
          Dear parents, if you prefer going for authoritarian parenting style then you should learn how to use rules like curfews and grounding. If you're an Indian parent then easy, you will just need some items like canes, belts, hangers and anything else which can be thrown from far. *It's a joke!

2. Neglectful or Uninvolved Parenting Style (Busy Busy Busy)

 Next, will be Neglecting or Uninvolved Parenting Style. It means "I don't care whatever you do dearest kids just don't disturb my hectic life." 
          This is usually used by those parents who are busy working or busy having affairs with others. They just don't have time for the kids even though their kids will be sitting right in front of them. Some of them will be busy gossiping with their friends. If you're an Indian parent then maybe you will be busy watching Indian serials for the whole day. *Not giving food at the right time is also a form of neglecting BTW!

3. Permissive or Indulgent Parenting Style (Such Honey Pies)

 The third parenting style will be Permissive or Indulgent Parenting Style. It means "Do what you want honey, I will be here to take care of you."
          Majority kids love when the parents use this parenting style because the freedom they get is infinity. They have very limited restrictions in their life and most of them got no punishments or curfews. I think most Indian parents tend to forget that this type of parenting style does exist. *I should tell my parents about this style!

4. Authoritative Parenting Style (Perfecto)

Last but not least, my favourite or what most researchers said as the "most appropriate" parenting style will be Authoritative Parenting Style. It means "Let's discuss what to be done and how things should be done so you understand the way of life."
           Yes, it is a reciprocal relationship between the parents and kids. The kids also will grow up as a very matured person in the future, because of the life experiences the parents have given them, ever since they were young. *This needs lots of involvement and sacrifice! 

So have you made your mind on what type of parents you want to be or would like to change into? It's never too late to decide ;)

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