7 Ways To Feel Good Instantly

Don't feel good? Too stressed about studies or work? Want to burn your books or work files?

Then it's time to sell your house so you can afford to pay your therapist or you also can read this article for free. Here are 7 ways to feel good instantly when you feel like you want to punch somebody!

 1. You are whom you think you are
Yes! Don't wait for somebody to come and tell you that "You're perfect and you're the most beautiful person in this world". Tell yourself that "You're perfect and you're the most beautiful person in this world". Coach your own self and emotions. When you're sad pat yourself and tell "Don't worry you have yourself to make you feel better". With this, you will feel more optimistic about yourself and you will start to trust your own will.

2. Compete with none other than you!
Just because somebody is in a better place compared to you that don't make them any better and you to be any lesser. So focus on yourself and create some aims for you. Reach your goals one by one and in no time you will be in a far way better place than you're now. So the only person you should be competing is you.

3. Give the muscles in your body some work
Move some muscles so your body can feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It also helps to boost your mood make you feel like you can move a mountain. Don't feel better even after moving few muscles? It's time to enter a gym or try few good sports like badminton or swimming.

4. Being perfect is not perfect
We can try to be perfect and try to do things at its best but being a 100% perfect is not perfect. You shouldn't pressure up yourself up when things are not perfect or when things are not going the way you actually wanted it to go. Try to adore the imperfections and try to live life at the most. Remember that in this life you're always learning new stuff and so enjoy learning rather than trying to be perfect
and rigid.

5. You're the one who can make you happy
When you're deserted on an island who will come to save you? Of course, the first person who will save you is you! So go out there and make yourself happy. Treat yourself your favorite food, buy yourself new clothes or watch your favorite movie. Spend some quality time for yourself and do stuff which will make you happy.

6. Be grateful
When you achieve something even if it's a small victory be grateful about it and thank yourself for achieving it. That will give you the motivation to keep moving forward and to keep achieving. Look forward to having more stuff to be grateful for and give no space to negativity to enter your thoughts.

7. Ditch the Pessimist
If somebody is telling that you're worthless and you're a wreck, it's time to ditch them. You ain't got time to entertain anybody's negative thoughts about you. You know about you and you know that you're trying your level best. So don't give up and instead try to work harder so your actions will speak louder than your words.

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