Pierre Ledent~ The Chocolatier who Makes Luxury and Exquisite Chocolates!

If you love Belgium chocolates then the chances for you to know Pierre Ledent is really high. Here is why

1.       The King of Luxury Chocolates
Pierre is well aware of the art of luxury chocolate. It all started when King of Belgium requested him to bake a chocolate cake for the Royal Palace 20 years ago. Ever since then Pierre’s creations are associated with celebrity, nobility, royalty, luxury and style. Pierre’s Chocolates became the talk of the town and turned some into raving chocoholics.

2.       Four Generations of Pure Talent
Pierre hails form an uninterrupted line of 4 generations of Master Bakers. Pierre maintains that same tradition, skill and tirelessness to achieve that perfect balance between cocoa bitterness and a light, fresh, sweetness that lets the chocolate flavour explode in your mouth. The result: Simply gorgeous luxury chocolates, guaranteed to brighten up anyone’s day.

3.        Everything Is Made From Scratch
Pierre creates all of his own fillings from the melt in your mouth caramel, spiced chocolate, delicious raspberry and zingy apricot.

4.       Each Piece is a Precious Gem
Pierre regards treat his chocolate pralines like precious jewels. As such, enchanting creations are housed in hand made jewel boxes and showcased accordingly. Their indulgent chocolates and world class macaroons are very exclusive and especially air flown from Belgium.

5.       Alcohol-Free & Pork Free Selections
All ingredients used to make their products are vegetarian, apart from milk and eggs. Pierre Ledent strictly avoids pork or pork by-products in their manufacturing process. As a rule, their products do not contain alcohol unless stated otherwise.

6.       Only The Finest Ingredients Used
Everything Pierre makes is crafted with extraordinary passion and care. He uses at least 70% Cacao Beans from certified origins. He travels the world to personally source ingredients and ensure that they meet his demanding standards.

7.       A Unique Depth of Flavour
Because of how he masterfully pulls it all together the subtle nuances in Pierre’s creations are probably unlike anything you’ve tasted before. Pierre’s Chocolates make for perfect paring with gourmet coffee, aromatic tea, bubbly champagne, delicate wines, premium cognac and even luxury cigars!

8.       The Ultimate Gift

If you are looking to impress someone, Pierre Ledent makes a good solid gift. Pierre Ledent has become a famous luxury brand amongst devoted chocoholics worldwide, due to the creativity and skill with which he produces his creations.

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