7 reasons why I stopped cooking!

After giving it a thought for few years (3 years to be exact) I have finally decided to cook! This time around, of course, I am not planning to cook effortless meals like a sandwich or Maggi Goreng.
I am talking about real cooking! Which involves a real raw chicken, mutton, fish and all the complicated spices which we had no idea that it existed until we start to cook.

7 things that I have learned from cooking and also the reasons why I never want to cook again is

1. You are so going to bleed!

It’s nothing new for a woman to bleed but yeah, I am talking about the cuts which you will get around your hands or even legs if you’re that careless. Also, chances for you to lose your fingers are really truly freaking high as you’re not dealing with a butter knife! No kidding. If it can cut a chicken into pieces, just imagine what it can do to you? Sick right?! On a note, I’m saying this because I just got a cut after cutting broccolis *headpalm

2. Worms

Yes! Worms! If you're going to cook, it means you got to deal with a lot of wet food! More wet food means you got to be super duper hardworking to throw the thrash. Yet, some crazy people like me, tend to procrastinate blindly believing that the thrash will not rot and eventually end up cleaning millions of worms who are all over your thrash! *eww

3. The oil splashing on your face and hands as if it is a snow.

It is rather irritating to have to deal with the heat where it can turn you into a human 65 anytime. I always cover my hands with a cloth whenever I am cooking, as I am truly afraid of the oil splash. Not that anyone can endure it as well, but my superwoman grandma has mocked me down by saying I am a scary cat, whenever I cover my hands. She even said that the hot oil splash is going to do nothing to my hands. I rest my case.

4. Spoilt food

You believe in Yin Yang? Well, I do. Positivity is equal to negativity. In this case, if you want a good food then you have to deal with the rotten food as well. Be prepared to see green fungus on your carrots, which you did not touch for like 3 weeks. Be prepared to have spoilt food surprising you with the most unimaginable smell. Deal with it, as you were too lazy to keep it in the fridge. Also, be prepared to find completely distorted rotten food in your fridge where you have no idea on what exactly it is and also on when exactly you kept it in your fridge. *Again ewwww.

5. The mess that you have to clean after you cook

A piled up sink with dishes are rather normal when you cook. Not to forget, the hours you gotta spend in the kitchen cause the food that you just burned on your pan is not being washed easily! I rather throw the damn pan away than having it to be washed. I am not even kidding. That thing will never leave even if we soak it for days. FOR DAYS! But you have to clean it anyway, as your mum will be cursing you and giving you the death stare until you have the pan, all cleaned up like nothing happened. Till then you don’t get to eat in peace.

6. The time it takes to cooks

The time it takes for you to cook is exactly the time it takes for you to take away a food, eat and throw. You would have even watched a movie by the time you actually finish cooking. The time taken to cut each and every ingredient is seriously super long! It reminds me of the time where my mum will start to cook at 11 am and we will only get to eat out lunch at 3 pm. Well, now I know why!

7. Who is going to carry it now?

It is always easy to buy things but the tough part only comes when you have to carry it home. Each time it happens, I will just end up cursing to why on earth I purchased so much of stuff. God bless all the shopping trolleys! When you have to carry all those heavy things, either from the mall to your house or from your car to your house, you will definitely get the 'bulky arms coming soon' feel! *Headpalm

Nevertheless, I love cooking and eating my own home cooked food. The result is, of course, you will feel amazing for cooking so deliciously. Also, homecooked food is healthy and you can always ensure that you’re eating a very healthy and clean food.

Say yes to homecooked food despite all the hassles you have to go through. It will be worth it. Trust me. So start cooking and keep all the factors I have mentioned above in your mind. Do try your level best not to lose a finger ya! In another word, "Don't break a leg!"

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