Sunbeleza's Hair Product Review

I have reviewed on Sunbeleza's skincare product before. You can read the review here: SUNBELEZA'S PRODUCT REVIEW. Now I am back to trying out Sunbeleza's complete hair set!

Sunbeleza's Shampoo, Sunbeleza's Conditioner and Sunbeleza's hair oil. What makes Sunbeleza be different from the other hair product is it has Vitanourish as a base.

Vitanourish Shampoo base is the starting point for creating a mild & gentle cleanser for all different hair types. A unique formula in that it is Paraben and Sulphate free, ensuring that it cleanses the hair and scalp in a gentle and effective manner.

The ingredient is what pulled my interest to try out Sunbeleza's Shampoo, conditioner and hair oil.

In the shampoo, they have added Rosemary, Cedarwood, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Grapefruit, Lavender, Sandalwood, and Lemon.

Just imagine how the fragrance will be like!

In the Sunbeleza's conditioner, they have added Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Geranium, Mandarin. Neroli, Rose Bulgarian.

This rich and moisturising hair conditioner is suitable for all types of hair, especially dry and damaged hair. It includes Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Palmarosa essential oils to help nourish and hydrate the hair and scalp.

The Sunbeleza Hair oil has Lavender, Fenugreek, Curry Leaves, Rosemary, Jojoba oil, Argan Oil, Castor and almond oil.


The shampoo had an excellent scent that I was enjoying it a little too much till I was massaging my head for 15 minutes and more. The ingredients screamed out loud to me through the scent.

It wasn't too soapy and it cleaned my hair thoroughly. The conditioner had a completely different scent and it moisturised my hair within minutes as I rinsed right after applying and I felt the effect immediately.

I didn't apply much of the conditioner as I have a very oily hair so I applied a moderate amount. My hair was moisturised and wasn't too oily right after I dried it up.

The hair oil was a game changer as it is the best to be applied like a hair mask. You have to apply the hair oil as a mask one day before you wash your hair. Then wash your hair the next day using the Sunbeleza Shampoo and Sunbeleza Conditioner. 

I have always searched for the right hair mask and I didn't want a mask which has a harsh chemical in it and it promotes hair drop eventually. Sunbeleza doesn't contain any artificial ingredient and so I was able to rely on Sunbeleza for a good hair mask. 

The lovely scent of the natural products like Lavender and all gave me a good experience in the shower. I was stress-free as the scent really calmed me down. 

The design of this product is also at its minimal and just nice. What was lacking in this product is the benefits of each ingredient was not attached to the packaging. It is important so I will know what I am getting from using this product.

History of Sunbeleza

Having to own an acne prone skin herself, made the founder Prashieona Segaran to hunt for a solution. Due to a very harsh experience after trying most of the product out there, she settled down to find her very solution. ~ Sunbeleza.

Sunbeleza a skincare product which is free from harmful substances. Operating since 2011, it has never failed to impress their customers as Sunbeleza considers the welfare of their customers before anything else.

Constantly coming up with a different range of products in areas of wellness, healthcare and beauty. Sunbeleza works hard to analyse, develop and distribute high-quality product so the product can be catered to all kind of skin.

As their vision is to capture the heart of women around the globe by not giving up on values like professionalism, responsibility and reliability.

Why Sunbeleza?


1. Their products do not contain any artificial ingredient that can harm our skin.

2. All products are natural and are results of the extensive research by their team at Sunbeleza based on medicinal chemistry and science.

3. They do consider the feedback from their customers in deciding the ingredients to develop new products.


1. They process the selected natural ingredients to create high-quality products.

2. Their team of experts analyze and come up with innovative technology to create products specifically targeting certain groups of customers.

3. Sunbeleza products are a result of combining different ingredients and application of innovative technology.


1. They collaborate with private and public research institutes and universities to have a better understanding of different aspects of their products ranging from the safety of clinical.

Sunbeleza's Product Range

Whitening & Anti-aging 
-Whitening and anti-ageing cleanser
-Whitening and anti-ageing day SPF 25 moisturiser
-Whitening and anti-ageing night moisturiser
-Whitening rubber soft mask
-Whitening and anti-ageing toner

-Anti-acne cleanser
-Anti-acne toner
-Anti-acne moisturiser SPF 25
-Anti-acne dead sea musk
-Anti-acne night moisturiser 

-Shampoo vitanourish oily hair
-Shampoo normal hair 
-Shampoo vitanourish dry hair
-Conditioner normal hair
-Conditioner ultra nourishing dry hair

Body Wash
-Body wash aromatherapy 
-Body wash brightening & toning
-Body wash dry & sensitive
-Body wash cool & fresh 
-Body wash nourishing & softening

Whitening for body
-Shower scrub
-Bath Gel

For more information

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 11950 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia

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