Pulanaivu Stepped Up The Music Game with Symphony Orchestra

In order to set the precise mood of the movie, the film’s music composer, Jey Raggaveindra, was keen on using Symphony Orchestra as the background score.

Symphony Orchestra a piece of western music is a large musical ensemble. Traditional orchestras have sections for woodwind instruments, brass instruments, strings, and percussion.

It wasn't a smooth journey overall as the recording was done overseas and he used software to programme the live strings.

It is said that there were many rules and regulations for a symphony orchestra including the need for four instruments at a minimum, with each instrument displaying a different tempo and tonality.

It wasn't only that, he also adjoined extra sound mixing so the end result will suit the genre of the movie.

He used three and a half months and there were days where he spends the entire day and night to perfect his creation for Pulanaivu without realising that the days are passing. It was calculated and it was more than 800 hours for this movie.

Jey Raggaveindra was completely focused on this project and worked so hard to a point where he has lost nearly 15kg of weight.

Despite all the sacrifices, of all the project he has worked on, this particular movie is very close to his heart. He also mentioned that he enjoyed the entire movie because it was so engaging though he watched it without any music and foley.

Since this is the first Malaysian movie to be using Symphony Orchestra so the wait to watch the final product is definitely enticing. Will this attempt be a game-changer or otherwise?

Catch Pulainaivu on cinemas from 14th November onwards.

Pulanaivu by Shaibha Vision and Story Films. Do look forward to Datin Sri Shaila V, Shalini, Kabil Ganesan, Shashi Tharan, Saran, Krithigah Nair, Shabby, Irfan, Pashini and many more on huge screen soon!

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