La Reina Jakel Mall Shoe Haul!!

I firmly believe that with the right footwear one can rule the world. Yes! 

I explored LR Shoes which was previously known as La Reina. It is situated at Jakel Mall.
What makes La Reina outstanding is while most shoe shops accommodate shoes for both genders but La Reina caters for women and kids only. They are specialised in women's shoes. Which is quite comforting because it means they know what a woman wants. 

As it says, La Reina founded by Sheik Muzammil in 2017 and La Reina means 'The Queen' in Spanish. Later they decided to simplify the name to 'LR' so it will be easier for the customers to remember their brand. 

Say what you want, they have it all from sandals, mules, wedges, ballerina, high heels and shoes for kids and toddlers with affordable prices. Not to forget, La Reina caters beautiful wedding shoes to go with the fancy and classy dresses. They even dedicated a special section of shoes for the brides and glitter lovers. 

As you can see on the pictures, I tested the three wedges out and personally I found them to be extra comfortable. I usually freak out when I have to wear heels for an event but I was rather comfortable with these wedges though I tried it for an hour or so only. 

I also liked how versatile their designs are. Like these wedges, I have here are all so different from one another. 

While providing all types of shoes at an affordable price and uncompromising quality, they also aspire to be the first choice for ladies when it comes to shoes. Most of their shoe designs are made to suit for all occasions so you would not be under dilemma when it comes to choosing which shoes.  

I personally find the shoes are rather affordable as the quality of the shoes is top-notch. The price ranges from RM 39.90 - RM 89.90 and for kids RM 29.90- RM49.90.

As usual, I have amazing news for you guys!! La Reina is having stock clearance for a limited period until 31st July 2020. 

For more information:
Or Email : lrshoesonline@gmail.com

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