How I grew from 0 to 40000 followers on Instagram? 3 Not to be Missed Tips!

In 2018 I had nearly 20,000 followers. Just as I was about to blast the balloons and celebrate 20 k followers. I lost everything. My account was gone. I wasn't able to get it back. My heart stopped. 

I was in the midst of a huge Movie Premier Giveaway (It was Kaala Movie Premier and a Collab with Varnam Malaysia where I gave 10 people 2 pairs of tickets). I had a number of collaborations going on as well. Imagine losing 4 years of effort within seconds. 

 I did literally everything to get my profile back and everything went in vain.  I took a month break. I was in peace. Then I was ready. All ready to come back and rule the game again. 

This time I wasn't going to grow my followers by luck. I have a brand (Crappy Blogger) and I am going to utilise it. I started studying the ins and outs of Instagram. How others are nailing it? 

I started to test and try everything and these 3 tips are why I was able to grow my Instagram followers to 20,000 within two years and right now we are at 40,000 and growing! 

1. I stick to my niche

My niche was very simple. I did not complicate myself with lots of thoughts. 

I asked myself these questions:

1. What do I want to provide others? 

2. What am I comfortable with?

3. What am I capable of?

4. What am I selling?

Answering these questions gave me the right directions to the perfect niche. Lifestyle. I am a content creator hence having lifestyle as a niche, gave me the freedom to create any type of content. 

2. I collaborated

My brand was established and I gained nearly 20,000 followers in the beginning because I was doing write-ups on Untold Story. I interviewed well-established artist like Mugen Rao (who is a Bigg Boss Champion), Sid Sriram, Vijay Prakash and many more. I question their life journey and what motivated them to come this far in their life. As that was a hit, I organically gained so many followers. 

Then when I started with 0 followers in 2018. I wanted to revamp. So I brought Untold Story to a different level and I started my own Youtube Channel - Crappy Blogger.  Then I collaborated with well-known artist like Rabbit Mac, Sheezay, CK Kumaresan, Shalini Balasundaram and many more.

From there on, I worked towards giving my brand the name it deserves. I made sure that Crappy Blogger is one of the known brands when it comes to media. Then I left media when the time was right. 

3. I created valuable content

I felt like Crappy Blogger has so much to offer on her own. Hence I stopped collaborating and I started creating valuable content. This blog you're reading right now is an effort from that. 

I started off by sharing tips on how to grow on Instagram, fashion related videos, and beauty related videos. Anything at all that I can offer on my own through my writes up and imagination, I create it.

As I started creating more and more valuable content, I started getting the attention and I easily grew from 0 to 40,000 followers. 

This article is to inspire you to do the same. As long as you know what type of content to create and how to go about it, you are good to go!

Confused about how to create content or how to sell on Instagram? I do have a solution to that. Do contact me on Instagram  Crappy Blogger and I will be suggesting to you how to go about whatever you do. IT'S FOR FREEEEE! 

So message me now! Email me if you prefer - chuojashnisubramaniam@gmail.com

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