Ask God and You will Get It

 I kept asking god a particular question. God gave me answers within a month and those answers healed my entire confusion. Sometimes while we think whatever is happening is rather devastating and nothing is falling into place, we are wrong.


Everything is falling into places. Just that everything will only fall into places at the right time, not when we want it. 

Ever seen a make-up process? The mid-part of it is always funny or horror looking where our face will be in between contoured and concealed yet all we have to do is trust the process. In the end, the makeup looks flawless just the way we want it. 

We are always scared of the mid-part that we have to go through because it causes so much pain and so much work but trusts the process. 

The ending will always be what we wanted and god will always give us what we want or something better. Just trust the process. 



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