You have anxiety if...


You have anxiety if...

1. Your heart begins to beat faster

2. Your breath quickens

3. You start to feel butterflies in your stomach

4. You may feel constriction or tightness in your throat or chest

5.  Mentally, you start to feel keyed up and vigilant—on guard for what might happen next.

6.  Your thoughts start racing a mile a minute as you try to come up with a way to control the situation.

7. You will start to overthink or overanalyse a simple situation

8. You will start to worry unnecessarily. 

9. Negative thinking might overtake your thought process. For example, thoughts like I am a failure, I am not worthy of anything, and everything I do is a failure. 

I spent years not knowing that even I could get anxiety attacks. I thought I was perfectly normal until I started feeling all the stuff listed on top. I have done some crazy things and pulled out a lot of fights whenever I had anxiety.

If only I knew earlier that I was just having an anxiety attack, I could have avoided a lot of problems.  I could have controlled my thoughts like I am doing right now. I could have stopped believing all the unnecessary thoughts that came to me during my anxiety period. 

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