Lankan Crabs in Bangsar is the best seafood restaurant in Kuala Lumpur?

Where do you usually go to satisfy your crab craving? We tried Lankan Crabs in Bangsar because it is known as the best seafood restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Boy little did we know that we are in for a huge feast! 

Usually when it comes to crab my family's first choice is Chinese crab restaurant that's near us. This was the first time we went to a crab restaurant in KL that serves on of the best authentic Sri Lankan Crabs dishes and many other Sri Lankan dishes that we only get to try in Sri Lanka. 

I went with my friends so I ensured that we were going to the best place so we would have good food and a great time. Zero disappointment as we were shown to a private room upstairs that could cater to a big group of people. 

We ordered plenty of food. While waiting we got to know that Lankan Crabs only serve Live Mud Crabs (Ketam Nipah) that are flown in daily from Indonesia. The Crabs are in M (avg 550g) & XXL (750g) and sold in pairs with their very own Sri Lankan & Malaysian Crab recipes.

These are dishes that we tried 

-Black Pepper Crabs M Size

-Negombo Curry Crab M Size

-Jaffna Curry Crab M Size

Negombo Curry Crab M Size

Black Pepper Crabs M Size

Jaffna Curry Crab M Size

The Crabs were huge, flavourful and full of flesh. It was definitely worth the money as we had huge portions from each crab dish and we couldn't even finish eating and had to take it away. My favourite among these 3 Crab dishes were the Black Pepper Crab. Probably is the best crab dish I have tried in KL! 

-Garlic Butter Prawns

-Mutton Paal Poriyal

-Mutton Gearbox Fried Rice

-Vegan Moringa Fried Rice with Moringa Teadrops

Vegan Moringa Fried Rice with Moringa Teadrops

Garlic Butter Prawns

Lankan Crabs went one step ahead and created their dishes. Mutton Gearbox Fried Rice and Vegan Moringa Fried Rice with Moringa Teadrops are probably dishes that we wouldn't have heard of from anywhere before. I tried and found both dishes very interesting. 

Mutton Gearbox Fried Rice

Mutton Paal Poriyal

- Paal Appam with Brown Sugar



Of course, we have to end the day with dessert, don't we? Being at Lankan Crabs, we have to try these two really popular dishes in Sri Lanka. Watallapam is like creme brulee but tastier!

Paal Appam with Brown Sugar

-Sri Lankan Milk Tea

At Lankan  Crabs they serve one of the expensive beer which is Kirin Ichiban. Not a lot of place serves this beer so if you love Kirn Ichiban beer then you have to drop by Lankan Crabs Bangsar in KL. 

Kirin Ichiban

The dishes were truly scrumptious and flavourful. But since it was Sri Lankan Authentic Dishes I was shocked by how well it suited my Malaysian taste bud.

 Only then we figure out that Chef Mohamad Juhairi Radzali (Head Chef) & Chef Abdul Rasul bin Jalil (Asst Head Chef) and their team of Malaysian Chefs are known for their expertise in preparing Authentic Sri Lankan & Malaysian cuisines. It was impressive. 

They also let us know that reservation is recommended to avoid disappointment (by calling Lankan Crabs or online via their website https://thelankancrabs.menu/

If you're planning to have a birthday party or just a dinner gathering with a group of people in Kuala Lumpur then Lankan Crabs will be a good choice of venue! 

Lankan Crabs Bangsar also won Best Restaurants Awards from Tatler Dining Malaysia from 2021 to 2023 for its mouth-watering crab dishes. 

Apart from the food, I also love how Lankan Crabs has this rustic look that give me calm and comfy vibe. We had a good time at Lankan Crabs KL! 

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