5 Reasons Why I Don't Drive In Kuala Lumpur!

 So to those who assumed that I don't drive in Kuala Lumpur (KL) is because I don't own a driving license, you're sooooo WRONG! I am holding my complete license for a year now. I don't know when they going to take that away from me. But here in KL I loveee using public transport and so here are the 5 reasons why I don't drive in KL.

1. I can avoid traffic. 
I don't have to get stuck and I also don't have to listen to that effed up radio stations who either talks a lottttt or plays the same hit song again and again and again. Like there is no other choices of songs in this world. You definitely know which radio station I'm talking about.

2. I don't have to find for a parking spot.
 I can just walk to the destination I want to go, LIKE A QUEEN.  

3. I can reach earlier
I remember the time where I used Taxi to go to Batu Cave. I actually reached Batu Cave a lot faster by using KTM. It was a waste of time and money for using a taxi. Well, imagine driving now.

4. I can save A LOT OF MONEY.
Oil money, car service money, Car accessories money where I want to change my car's body parts so it looks cooler than other people's car, Mechanic money where when my car stops in the middle of the road and I have to pay others to look at my car because I don't even know where is the engine.

5. No parking fee and automatically no summon!
Well if you give me a choice between free illegal parking or RM5.00 safety parking, I will alwayssss go for illegal parking! 2 years in KL and I would have gotten like hundreds of summons by now if I drove.

But of course, by driving you can go wherever you want and whenever you want. Everything has its pros and cons. To those who are driving, drive safely. :*  ~ <3 CJ


  1. nice one. 😊 you could actually be a considerate driver and yet you choose public transport. Haha

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  3. I know exactly which radio station you're talking about. Haha

  4. I know exactly which radio station you're talking about. Haha