How To Love and How Not To Love? ~ Geethaiyin Raadhai Review

Geethaiyin Raadhai portrays the character of a young adult who is childish and carefree. She lives in her own world and has a goal of finding the perfect boyfriend. She also has a very supportive family, we can witness how the father wasn’t against her finding a boyfriend. Investing time and effort in finding the best guy isn’t something families are supportive of and it seems to be a stigma in most cultures and in this movie it shows how the current generation is defying this stigma.

She has her ways of getting the hero to fall in love with her and eventually he does or in other words, he falls prey into her well-planned trap. Tired of being a slave, the hero finally voices out his frustration which leads to problems in their relationship.

They decide to break up. They felt the solution was to go on their separate ways but the separation made them realize that love is not a game, there shouldn’t be tests and it should not be dominated.  The hardship that they had to go through during their time of being away from each other gave them a sense of realization of what love truly is. Will they get back together or will they end up in their own separate ways is the beautiful ending of Geethaiyin Raadhai.

Despite the missing pieces here and there, I believe that if they explained every scene thoroughly then the movie would have taken at least 4 hours to finish. Most of them who are in love or have been in love can relate to this movie. If you didn't cry after watching this movie, it means you're either too strong or you have not been in love.

The jokes were very original and I laughed out loud but at some point, it got a little technical where I didn’t feel like I was part of the story but rather part of the production. The cinematography of the movie was really good and it got me thinking if it really was Malacca. The matching dress code in most scenes of both lead characters was really sweet and it implicitly made the chemistry between them stronger.

The songs in the movie are basically the reason why I wanted to watch Geethaiyin Raadhai very badly on the first day itself. Ennai Kollathey is playing in my playlist under repeat even right now. Most songs, especially the heroin's introduction song made me feel like I'm watching a true India-based movie. Overall it was worth the money.