Marco Creative Dining, One Utama Shopping Complex ~ Exquisite and Affordable Fine Dining

Marco Creative Dining attracted me with their jellyfish and white marble.

I wanted to have a pleasant fine dining experience because it has been a while and so I started to hunt all around One Utama. Spotted a very elegant and luxurious looking restaurant. From the first look itself, I concluded that it is going to be expensive! Come on! White elegant marbles with a slight touch of gold and magnificent jellyfish floating around with colourful lights. It is indeed one of the most stunning and elegant looking restaurants I have seen. Then, I spotted their poster on 7-course meal for ONLY RM 78.00. I AM NOT KIDDING!

Velvety Matcha-Lime Shooter

Savoury Eclair

Yes, without giving it a second thought, I entered. I was really impressed with their interior. They have a very simple and elegant way of displaying things. Giant flowers at the corners brightened up the entire setting of the splendid place. A small pot filled up with colourful flowers also played a role in beautifying my table. The warm lighting made the environment feel so tranquil and delightful. Just the best setting for a lovely lunch or dinner with the loved ones.

As soon as I set, I was entertained by a lovely waiter who gave me her best smile. I really have a thing for good service. It seriously made my whole day. Few minutes after I order, I got Velvety Matcha-Lime Shooter as my Palate Cleanser. It was just the right thing I need at that time. I have written a million time about how much I love sour drinks or ice cream and that was the best thing I had. The cleanser came in 50% shaved ice style with a perfect combination of sweet and sour in a beautiful cup. Seriously, I was floating with joy!

Savoury Ice Cream Salad

Next, my appetiser came. It is Savoury Eclair. The base was very crunchy and the pesto became my favourite. The tanginess and the crunchiness of the base made it a perfect combination. Then I got my soup next. I wasn't alerted. I was shocked to drink a cold soup. It was sour and it had tanginess in it. That was the first time I tried anything like that.

My entree Savoury Ice Cream Salad was a fun filled garden.  The chef has his own way to represent each meal of his. It was so beautiful to see the vibrant colours on my plate.  My main which is Squid Ink Japonica Rice gave me a new experience as I have not tried squid ink before.

Squid Ink Japonica Rice 

My dessert which is Raspberry Decadence looked too pretty to eat. It looked very colourful and very appealing. I ordered sparkling Iced Berry and it came with the dessert. The fizz was too strong. The sourness took control of my brain. It was just the right thing I needed to face the rest of the hectic day.

Overall, hats off to the chef a brilliant way of serving each and every menu. Every meal's presentation was taken into consideration and it was very thoughtful. Every dish had a very meaningful message as well. Felt like home.

It was a very elegant and exquisite fine dining for an affordable rate.


Click here to view how Marco Creative Dining looks like:

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