Thirudathey Papa Thirudathey ~ I Was About To Leave The Movie Halfway

Tirudathey Papa Thirudathey's trailer made me not to watch the movie as I was cringing the entire time watching the villain's trailer. Why his head is in orange colour? He is so lean and witty and yet they claim him to be a villain? What?!

Despite all, my movie partner Varmman and I watched TPT and here are the reasons why I watched it twice and the second time was with my entire family!

The first side of the coin is the dialogue delivery which was too fast for me to digest in on what they said. Say Shalini, Saresh, or even Hemaji, they all talked few lines within a minute to a point where I was like what is happening?

Next is the scenes moved so fast that I couldn't understand who actually Spoiler alert killed Saresh's mother. Only when I watched it for the second time I knew who did it. 

The other side of the coin will be:

1. For Yuwaraj who played as Saresh's friend

In the trailer itself, Yuwaraj nailed it when he told, "Bro paithiyam punch dialogue pesithe, paraparapa engeyo  odikithe irekere bro, sikirem vangge", I knew Yuwaraj will be conquering the peak of comedy and as I predicted yes he nailed it!

Unlike certain comedians I have seen in some movies, Yuwaraj was there for a purpose. He wasn't only focusing on comedy alone. We can see him crying, being a very supportive friend and stealing all of our heart at the same time.

In the movie, it wasn't just Yuwaraj alone who stole the show. It was Kabil the villain as well. 

2. For MC Fire, a character excellently done by Kabil Ganesan

The orange hair, not so sturdy body, the GV Prakash resemblance, everything only made sense in the movie.

 Spoiler alert Kabil is not only a delinquent teenager who commits the crime, he is also a singer who has a group of singers that frequently perform on the stage. Hence, the orange, green and purple head and the GV Prakash resemblance.

Not to forget, on how they trolled the Malaysian Music Industry. It is a bitter truth which nobody can deny.

The not so sturdy body of the character was justified when there was a scene spoiler alert where Kabil's father and also Shalini will physically attack Kabil. 

Though the trailer finally made sense to why such a witty person has been chosen as a villain but it was the third reason which made me watch the movie for the second time. 

3. "Vaada mavane" The MC Fire's Father, Jegan

Till now I will get excited when I listen to this dialogue. To be honest, only at this part the movie started to heat up. Before this scene, I was literally waiting to leave the hall as I really hate a dark film. 

So why "Vaada mavane" dialogue got me excited? Spoiler alert This is where the father of the villain will start to take charge. He will beat Kabil up as Kabil rebels and he will chain him up with the hope that Kabil will change his mind and be a better person again.

It was too good to believe that such a thing can happen in real life. It was sort of logical in the movie because Kabil was rather lean and the father was triple the size of him. 

To be honest, another person who stole the show is definitely the father.

4. The Second Half of the Movie

Though the intermission was epic (I will not reveal it) it was still dull for me. The scenes which stole my heart in the first half is the fighting scene between Irfan and Saresh while Yuwaraj will be in between. I laughed my heart out. 

The second half made me not to leave my seat as by then my expectation has increased. Shalini didn't disappoint me. I was extremely happy with the ending and how they developed each scene in the second half.  

Overall, the movie wouldn't have been a whole package without the presence of Shalini Balasundaram, Saresh, Yuwaraj, Hema Ji, Manjula, Kabil and the friends, Jegan, Irfan the London mappilai and many others. I shall not forget Ztish's music.

Everything and almost everyone perfectly complemented one another despite all the flaws. I will not say this was a perfect movie but I did get a little attached to the storyline and with the screenplay. 

I hope nobody will leave the movie halfway while watching as the second half was really worth our time. Seeing it from a social message based movie, I think they did nail it by telling out who is the root of all delinquent problem in our country.


Thirudathey Papa Thirudathey Summary

Two different stories will be going on at the same phase and what happens while both are walking towards the journey that interconnects them is what Thirudathey Papa Thirudathey is all about!

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