Venpa ~ Disappointment?

Triangle love usually doesn’t end well but in Venpa it is totally a different story with all of the twist and turns.

Now it is not something new to share that Venpa was initially released as a short film. The amount of support and celebration that happened for Venpa's short film gave a direction to Venpa Feature Film to happen. The short film ended quite abruptly with a lot of questions like what happens next?

The feature film has the answer to the Venpa short film’s abrupt end. Those who watched the short film have to watch the feature film to know the answer to what happens in the end.

As said before, the first half of Venpa feature film is the entire short film and in the second half starts the journey of them figuring out their lives.

Those who have no idea what Venpa is about, here is a summary.

~Venpa revolves around how the past is stopping a man to get a hold of his future. Thennavan and Sheila will meet through matrimony and though he likes her and adores her but he will reject her because he didn't put a proper closure to his past. He finally gets a chance to confront his past, Kalyani and put a closure to it within an hour with a cup of coffee. What happens in the end?

I like how the director Kavi Nanthan makes us fall in love with each and every character say Thenavan (Yuvaraj), Kalyani (Agalyah Maniam), Sheila (Santeinii), Satya Bang (Thevaguru), Archana (Nanthini) and Jo (Kuben). They show so much of love to the other characters that we as the audience would be so contemplated on deciding who ends with whom. Yet the director did come with a perfect ending.

Each main cast in this movie won everybody's heart by truly living the characters that were assigned to them. To summarise each character Thennavan ~ Lovable, Kalyani ~ Confusion, ~ Sheila ~ Hopefulness, Satya Bang ~ Suspense, Jo ~ Live wire

Other things that I can speak of without spilling the beans is family love. The relationship between Thennavan and his grandma. Especially the relationship Sheila and her father has stolen most peoples heart including mine.

Kuben’s appearance as Jo is on the second half and he eases the tension which goes on between the love triangle chaos. Other than that, his appearance also elevates the story by unravelling most issues for Thenavan

Obviously, each cast and crew members deserve a special mention but I don’t want to spill anything that leads it to a spoiler.

Another gem of the movie will be Varmman Elangkovan. My heart skipped a beat each time they played the Thirumbhi Paradi BGM. Un Idathil song kept running in my head in repeat as soon as I left the theatre as the visuals and the Sanggeri Krish's voice stole my heart. Oru Murai is pure first love which made me go to the phase of falling in love again ❤️

All the songs are so fresh, so magical! It is one hell of mind-blowing and mesmerising songs which made the entire film much more meaningful and heart-stealing. Each time they played the background music I melted a little inside.

On the second half, I felt the movie was running a little slow but I did realise that those are the portions that actually adds depth to the narration. In a way, it helps us to appreciate the other racy part of the movie.

Again the screenplay, the acting, beautiful visuals, mesmerising music, and BGM are the main reasons why Venpa will be a huge success!

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