Sheezay~ The Untold Story (Full Video is Out Now)

Sheezay who was known as a carefree, problematic and rebellious child did not repent until he found himself in jail. 4 days of the journey in the cell is what made him who he is now.

Someone in the cell shared with him that, he has yet to meet his daughter for a year. Then, Sheezay knew that this exact scenario might take place in his life too if he keeps being carefree. 

He went home, packed his back and left to KL from Seremban and didn't come back for a year until he made sure that he made it from Shevan to Sheezay.

Life didn't stop taunting him even then. He has had days where he had to collect all the coins he had in the pocket just to eat. The time no one believed in him and slammed the doors.

He has waited more than 6 hours just to get a chance at a restaurant. The time where people he trusted turned their back on him.

Watch the full video now to know what he went through and how he overcomes all of his struggles in life. 

Watch 1 Minute Teaser Here!!


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