Kabil Got Slapped For His Choice!

I have always had a passion when it comes to an acting, dancing, stage play and I always enter the competition during school days itself.

That time itself, I knew that I want to go in this line. Whenever I watch a movie, I always put myself in the characters shoes and imagine as if I myself going through the character's journey. That's how I learned how to express my emotions well.

One movie that impacted me a lot emotionally is definitely Varanam Ayiram. I was completely watching the movie as if I am the characters and I got super involved with it. Even now I remember the movie scene by scene from the start to the end.

I excelled in SPM and my parents wanted me to do get a professional job. My father enrolled me in a university for the business course. I studied for 2 semesters and immediately I said I cannot and I stopped studying.

Then I enrolled myself in the Mass Communication course at another university. I was struggling at first as nobody from my family has a media touch. I am the first hand. Only through me, my family got to know what kind of opportunity is there in media and a lot of other information.

Since the media world is huge, I had already made my mind that I want to be an actor and a host. When I shared it to someone I know, that person stood up and slapped me. That person asked, "if I can act like Kamal Hassan?"

With due respect, obviously, I can't act like Kamal Hassan because Kamal is Kamal, Kabil is Kabil. I have my own uniqueness. I had the thought that "I can do this".

Before any director or any anybody at all select you to do a role, you must first have the confidence in you that you are able to carry out such a role. That's how I got into hosting and all.

How I entered hosting is I saw a post on Facebook, I called them and immediately they called me for an audition the next day itself. Within 2 weeks time, I was selected as a host for 360 Degrees program. That's how I travelled for 2 years as I was still doing my final year at that time.

By the time, I was finishing, I got 2 auditions. One is Vizhutugal which I am doing now and another is for Shalini's film.

I did the audition, sent my profile and all. After a few days, I got a call from Shalini. "Kabil we are giving you this role for the movie Thirudathey Papa Thirudathey."

I didn't expect it at all because the character that was given to me wasn't me at all. It was very hard. I was only expecting for a supporting character role and then maybe I will do the main.

When I was given a negative character, it was hard but it was very nice because it was very challenging. As I had the rebellious character so I had to shout, scream and go wild.

To do that full with energy kind of affected me physically where literally every day for nearly 2 weeks I will go home with a migraine. I couldn't just pretend as we didn't want the shot to look fake.
I even vomited once out of the pressure I had to go through acting out my role.

It was rather easy working with Shalini and Sathish as they were very clear about their cast. They know about their cast's capability and to what point the cast can perform. I have not seen them taking more than 3 takes by far.

During rehearsal itself, they will make sure to perfect ourselves. They give that much importance for rehearsals itself.

Then we worked for Unna Poleh music video. Then Rail Payanangal was a hit I would say. As even Astro made Rail Payanangal as a benchmark and expect other telemovies to be like Rail Payanangal or better than Rail Payanangal.

Then Pulanaivu came by. My role in Pulanaivu was supposed to be done by Mugen Rao. He was busy with other stuff and hence he was unable to commit. Initially, I was supposed to play Shiva's character. So I did the Aathi character.

Though I haven't reached very far, I have already proved to that particular person who actually said no to me and slapped me when I wanted to act.

Not only that person, but a lot of people around me also discouraged me by saying it will not work and I have no future in this. I believe I have already slapped them with whatever I did for these past two years and I have a long way to go. I am working in a lot more other stuff which I am unable to reveal for now.

I always believe that there is a reason for everything. The ability to find out the reason relies on us as well. So if we are very clear about what we have to do with our life, no matter who says no, just go for it! You will definitely overcome lots of problems.

We might even regret. But when we are clear about what we want then no matter who tries to stop us, just go for it. One fine day, you will reach where you supposed to reach.

Pulanaivu just entered the third week successfully. Read the review here (Public Response for Pulanaivu) and be sure to watch it on the big screen soon!

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