Shesha Gravitating Bright Through Bintang!

Have we ever thought of how life is like in a parallel world?

Do they look like us? Do they think like us? Do they fall in love or fight like us, the homosapiens?

Questions will go on and on…

But one man let his imagination travel to a parallel world and brought back enough emotions for his debut EP album called BINTANG. SHESHA is a Malaysian Rapper, Singer, Songwriter & Record Producer who has worked on numerous independent and film music, involving Malaysian & International musicians & artists alike. 

BINTANG features a mix of different themes for 3 unique songs - A peppy track for self-realisation (BINTANG), a smooth love track (RAQQI) and a rocky track (SAMBA SWAG). This album is a blend of Hip Hop and Electronic Music in a Malaysian urban style with a mix of languages, particularly Tamil, English & Malay. 



Bintang is a peppy track featuring Balan Kashmir (featured in R.Madhesh’s Mohini movie song Hey & Rum’s Hola Amigo & more). The song is written comically about the unexpected, unplanned twists & turns in our daily lives. When you can’t digest life anymore, it makes you go all starry in the head. This track features a music video. 


Raqqi is a love track. Raqqi means elegant in Arabic. This song expresses the feelings of a man towards a woman, both living amongst their own species in a parallel world. This track features a music video.


Samba Swag is a rocky track featuring Darkkey (founder of SambaRock genre, famous for Akkamage song). This song talks about how Samba Rock & Hip Hop genres meet & give birth to a Slicky Samba Swag as a character. This track comes with a Lyrical Video. 


BINTANG means Star in the Malay language. The idea is to spread or instil hope in every listener’s heart. This Covid-19 pandemic has closed doors for some and opened doors of opportunities for some. Times are tough. People are losing hope. It is during times like these that people need to be reminded that there is a Star (light/hope) in each of us, waiting to be discovered & shared with the world. 

What better way is there to spread hope & joy, than music?


Shesha started his life in KL from scratch by doing several odd jobs. After facing many downfalls early in his career, he decided to build a strong foundation in music. This led him to pursue an education in Sound & Music Technology at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology. 

As an artist, SHESHA’s career started with Hip Hop music. Later, he diversified into film music, jingles & video production. “It is very important to finish what you have started,” SHESHA says. “Although I learnt a lot of things over many years in the industry, there was always this guilty feeling that I did not finish what I started. The right time & opportunity came amidst this Covid-19 pandemic & I quickly grabbed it.”


Early in his career, SHESHA faced many difficulties in the industry. “Due to overwhelming piracy at the time when CD sales were at its peak, no producers were willing to fund us,” he says.

“Technology has advanced so much that today, anyone can make music using just the Internet, an audio interface and softwares. Professionals like us also began to suffer financially when the non-professional music makers drastically reduced market prices along with the quality of the music they make.”

“BINTANG is the first step that I am taking, to share my Light with the world.” 

The BINTANG EP Album is set to release this December 2020. This album is supported by the Ministry of Communications & Multimedia, Malaysia.


“There will be a singles titled Electro Kanavugal after this album. Work for a full-length album is also in progress, hopefully by 2022 I will be ready for its release. I have also started an independent label, working with a very small group of artists.”

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