7 Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement!

1. Create Savable Content

Before this, Instagram gave importance to Instagram photos that have more comments and likes within an hour of upload. Now after the new update, Instagram is now focusing on "save" and "share". Instagram increases the engagement for contents that have been saved and shared a lot.


2. Use Instagram Story!!!

Use it all. The Instagram poll is the current trend where you ask your client to choose one for you. Use Question Box and  Reaction Slide ask your client interesting questions. It gives the excitement for the clients to engage and be loyal to your brand. 

3. Create Trending Content

You will have basic content. But by creating trending content, it puts you in a spotlight without any effort at all. People will be quick to view your content. To give you some idea but don't use this ya ("I am not cheap" is definitely a trending content)

4. Use Instagram ad 

The Instagram ad is underrated. Only certain Instagram ad will hit the spot and reach so many people and convert into sales. I have seen so many people doing it wrongly. Maximise the usage! It is a broad thing to elaborate on so reach me personally if you need help on this. 

5. Fully use the caption space

Give people useful caption. Make sure they save the post after reading the caption! Instagram will increase your post's engagement organically when there are a lot of "save".

6. Video Content

People are quick to scroll away when they see images. Let them spend a few seconds of their life on your interesting video post. They will come for more if they like your content. This will convert to lots of followers or saves later on. 

7. Only Post during Peak Time

The engagement your post gets for the first hour will decide if it will go viral organically or not. So when you post at peak time, a lot of people will like it. That will make Instagram boost it organically on explore. 

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