Dhee ft. Arivu - Enjoy Enjaami ~ Embracing Culture by Incorporating Fashion

Well yes, I don't understand a word they were singing. It took me some time to process half of the lyrics. Yet, let's not fail to notice how they integrated fashion with the Indian culture. They too proudly showcased and featured the villagers and farmers.

Why am I getting Katy Perry and Taylor Swift vibe on the video? Is it because we have only seen them conquering the throne? 

I love how the song has deep meaning and when it was incorporated with fashion, it is now getting a lot of people's attention. I hope those who are viewing the song gets the message that comes with the song though. 

I suppose it is now the time to embrace our culture exactly how it is. 

Watch the full song here: 

Artist: Dhee ft. Arivu Producer: Santhosh Narayanan Director: Amith Krishnan (Studio MOCA) Produced by: maajja Music video by Dhee and Arivu performing Enjoy Enjaami. (C) 2021 maajja inc.

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