Your Idea Is Complete Bullshit!

Sometimes we have to understand that not every idea of ours are a pathway to a goldmine. Some ideas can be complete bullshit and we could have put our entire hope on it.

The awareness that the particular idea is complete bullshit might hit us a little later than expected. But once it happens, accept it and move on with life. 

These days I have been contemplating on a lot of stuff. Been looking at my idea book and I don't think I have ever been this harsh on myself. I was very close to throwing my idea book. I ended up seeing nothing on my table.

I have nothing. Nothing to hold on to. How did this happen? I thought I have it all figured. What happened? 

Well, change is the only thing that is permanent isn't it? Luckily I have secured myself with a number of possibilities and involved myself in anything that pulled my interest. 

When you feel lost and helpless, take a break. Change your viewpoint. Learn. Listen to what others have in their mind. Then see what you truly want and how you wish things to take place. 

Grow from there. 

Right now I am going to take a break and take up a new course. It is my semester break. The best thing that happened to me is I always have time and interest to study. That alone will ensure I keep going without giving up.

It's time for a reset. 

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