Paris Collection Strawberry Yogurt Sugar Body Scrub from Mytrademartstore Review

Do you know that strawberry rehydrates and soothes the skin? Yoghurt protects the skin from toxins and rejuvenates the skin for a healthy complexion. This Paris Collection Strawberry Yogurt Sugar Body Scrub even has cane sugar granules that buffs away the body’s rough dead skin.

 One of my favourite activities when it comes to self-care is having a small spa session at home. With the nice bubble gum scent from the Paris Collection Strawberry Yogurt Sugar Body Scrub filling up the room, I start to scrub and relax while listening to my favourite song. 

This process doesn't only calms me and get me all ready for another heavy week but of course, my body gets lots of love too. Feeling the baby skin right after scrubbing is definitely something I look forward to. *To a point where I can't stop touching myself. LOL! I love how I get myself prepped mentally and physically with this low budget spa session. 

Wondering what I meant by low budget spa session? Each scrub is only RM11.50! You get a jar full of goodness for such an affordable price! 

What does Paris Collection Strawberry Yogurt Sugar Body Scrub contain:

Strawberry: Rehydrates and soothes skin to help maintain healthy skin.

Yoghurt: Protects skin from damages of pollutants and toxins. Yoghurt also rejuvenates skin for a healthy complexion.

Sugar: Hydrates and retains skin moisture.

Guava extract: Cleanses and regulates oily skin. Rehydrates and soothes skin to help maintain healthy skin.

Vitamin B3: Smoothes and evens skin complexion.

This scrub is suitable for all skin types. I use it once a week once but you can choose to use it twice weekly to promote healthy, radiating skin. As the skin feels rather moisturised right after using it. It is not abrasive and harsh 

There are also many scrub options like Paris Collection Coffee Cocoa Sugar Body Scrub, Paris Collection Vanilla Coconut Walnut Body Scrub and Paris Collection Charcoal Sugar Body Scrub. You can check out the website link in  Mytrademartstore to purchase. 

Mytrademartstore also has so many other items from Beauty, Groceries, Wellness and a lot more!! 

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  2. It's so lovely to read it all... To know what and which scrub to go for it body and face .. first I could like to start up with exfoliating scrub, tho am dark in complexion dunno which to get started .. but the little I read helped me too... U can help out to thanks