Homegrown broadcast network SUKE TV continues to make history as the date of its live broadcast date draws near, with the announcement that it has secured funding from Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad (MDV), a subsidiary of the Minister of Finance (Incorporated) [MOF (Inc)], in a ceremony held on 19th January 2022. 

The event was attended by the Founder and Chairman of SUKE TV Dato' AC Mizal; Founder and Director of SUKE TV, Datin Emylia Rosnaida; Chairman of MDV; Encik Khairul Azwan Harun; and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MDV, Encik Nizam Mohammed Nadzri. Also present were the management team of SUKE TV and MDV, as well as various local media and news portals.  

The financing agreement will see MDV providing the requisite funding in support of SUKE TV’s vision and mission as a broadcast network fuelled by hope, heart, and value – a product built by Malaysians, for Malaysians. SUKE TV aims to bring happiness back to the lives of Malaysians, especially with COVID-19 and natural disasters rocking the nation one after another. As an all-inclusive platform catering to all Malaysians regardless of gender, race, religion or background, SUKE TV plans to promote joy via entertainment directly into Malaysian homes 

SUKE TV is not only created for individuals, but also to empower the local business scene. The media network also hopes to create a comprehensive avenue for local entrepreneurs to promote and advertise their products via SUKE Shop and SUKE HATI’s various innovative airtime slots.  

SUKE HATI is a breakthrough channel which will allow the people to be the star of their own show. Via this channel, individuals from around the country will not only be able to promote their products and brands live on-air, but also be able to showcase their talents or even wish their loved ones. With TV and web broadcasting, engagement with the audience will also increase and diversify; and businesses will also receive real-time interest and sales from their prospective customers.  

Through these programmes and channels, these entrepreneurs will have a hassle-free and affordable option to advertise on TV and digitally, in line with SUKE TV’s goal to support local businesses. 

Commenting on the milestone, Founder and Chairman of SUKE TV, Dato’ AC Mizal remarked that SUKE TV is extremely proud of this moment and is grateful for MDV’s assistance.  

With MDV’s financing we are now able to further develop our presence and place among existing industry players and to help us to promote Malaysian products, in line with our goals to consistently support local businesses,” he added. 

MDV has been a pioneer in providing funding and financing facilities for companies in technology-based sectors, that are underserved by commercial financial institutions in Malaysia for the past two decades.  

Chairman of MDV, Encik Khairul Azwan Harun commented that SUKE TV brings to the entertainment industry fresh and relevant ideas for a broadcast network, which has the potential to elevate the development and offerings of the industry further MDV is delighted to be able to set things into motion for SUKE TV and we look forward to seeing more growth and success for the company." 

SUKE TV, which will be officially launching this year, has already brought home its first accolade, with Dato’ AC Mizal being named among the recent 100 TOP YOUNG CEO 2021 Lifetime Achievement Ikon in the Entertainment and Business Industry. 


For more information, please visit https://www.suketv.com/. 

For more information on MDV, visit http://www.mdv.com.my/  

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