Feminist or Feminazi?

Sooo, a feminist is someone who fights for equality and a feminazi is someone who seeks for superiority over men.

Well, when people ask me if I a feminist of course due to nobility I will say 'Yes, I am.' But the question is am I really a feminist? Do I really fight for equality? Or I feel women are having a very pathetic life so I think I should fight for woman's rights?? See if I'm just fighting for woman's rights and not for male's rights as well then it's not called as feminism.

So when we think what made people more of a feminazi than a feminist. I personally feel majority feminazis are affected by sexism and got mistreated by men. That's what made those people turn into a feminazi in order to fight for women's rights.

As a deeply affected victim, they try to take over men emotionally and sometimes it will end up very mean and cruel. Like for instance, when a woman abuses her husband or when a lady boss treats her male workers real bad.  These leads to inequality again of course. It will eventually be a never-ending see-saw!

So when this see-saw is going to be balanced? Though it's impossible but nothing is impossible. For example, Emma Watson, a feminist who takes a great effort to make people understand how feminism really works so this crazy see-saw thing can be fixed!

A girl can be strong and a guy can cry. A girl can repair anything and a guy can do any types of house chores. So what are you? A feminist or a feminazi?

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