Where is my Valentine?

What Valentines day really mean? Is it really for couples? How it got its name? Why?

Valentines day got its name after Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest who illegally helped soldiers to secretly marry. Despite the law which strictly states that soldiers should be completely devoted to Rome therefore, they should not marry. This shows strongly how much importance St Valentine gave for love.

Truth came out eventually and St Valentine was jailed for his crimes. Another story about him states that he cured one of the jailor's daughter's blindness and before he got executed he wrote a love letter and signed it as 'from your Valentine'. Valentine was executed on 14 February in the year 270. The rest is just a history.

So you're single on a Valentines day? Don't worry you're not alone. Well, I am too and actually almost every Valentines I will be single awkwardly. Maybe it's just a preplanned thing by god or maybe by my ex so he can save on gifts. Okay kidding.

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