Inni Vendham VS En Anbe

Girls are a poor victim in an insecure relationship is what Inni Vendham music video portrayed. How is that fair? Asked the En Anbe team and a reply video was made to scream out loud to the public that the guys can be a poor victim in an insecure relationship too.

Inni Vendham is a music video about a couple having insecurity issues which mainly emphasizes on the girl's side of a story. This song portrays the girl as a victim and focuses on how she feels after a breakup and how she eventually gives up on love. This mesmerizing music video is produced by Prem Sharmila which went viral globally on 2012 and hit about 4 784 830 views as of now.

En Anbe team believed that there are always two sides to a tale, therefore, they came up with an astounding music video produced by DJ Mastermind in 2016. By using the same beautiful tune of Inni Vendham, the team also kept the nature of the initial Inni Vendham music video by emphasizing the insecurity issues a couple goes through.

Despite the fact that, the girls are always spotted as the victim in an insecure relationship, En Anbe music video brilliantly shows the guys side of a story of being a victim in an insecure relationship.

So now we know that the girls are not always the victim. The boys can sometimes be the victim too. The truth has been spoken. A reply song of this nature.

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