Steaped Tea~ New Herbal Tea Which Is Going to Make Your Mommies Day!

Tired of listening to your mum asking you to drink something healthy? Then we have got a good news for your mum and also to all of the tea lovers out there! Herbal tea is in MALAYSIA and it tastes as good as other milk tea or maybe it tastes even better for some!

To be honest, my Amma is going to be very happy to read this review as this is the first time  I am talking about healthy stuff! Now, bubble milk tea is majority people's craze and it has been a must have but so does diabetes and all the other hell that we have to endure to have this sinful drink.

Steaped is trying to make a major influence in order to still ensure the craziness for milk tea to go on and at the same time, the public enjoys a healthy lifestyle.  Steaped tea is a combination of steep and tea and it became Steaped tea.


They have whichever suits your taste buds!
Hot – Personally packed and steeped to perfection
Cold – Refreshingly cool and poured over ice
Sparkling – Cooled over ice and mixed with sparkling Co2 water
Latte – Wholesome and deliciously served hot or cold with frothed milk

For someone who has a hectic schedule, I really don't mind travelling to Sunway Velocity Mall or Pavillion to get the tea just so I consume something really healthy. 

It is easy to be healthy when you eat home cooked food as your mum will always make sure that you live a healthy lifestyle. For me, it will happen in my dreams. So a trip to Steaped gives me a feel like as if it is a trip to home.

My personal opinion:

The taste of Butterfly Lemonade was amazing and very refreshing. I ordered one of the drink which had coconut milk and I was surprised with the outcome of the drink. I really thought it will be milky but it tasted like a juice with traces of coconut. Just an alert! The drinks will not taste like how it looks like. It is full of surprises! I am craving for Butterfly Lemonade now. It is now on my top list of favourite drinks.

``To explore great tasting, healthy tea blends and share them with the world”

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