Le Pont Boulangerie, Sri Petaling Review

Le Pont Boulangerie, the name itself must have given you the hint that it is a French Restaurant. I have never felt this thrilled before as Le Pont Boulangerie's interior design is a talk of the town!

It is a 2-floor restaurant where the first-floor consist of bakery and the second floor is where the restaurant is situated.

The second floor is where all the excitement stays. To see the interior, do watch my Youtube video which I have attached below. They have a bridge in the middle of their restaurant! Literally!

Now, let's start the serious talk! FOOD! I loved their Le Pont Lamb Shank which is the main course. It was so good that I finished it on the spot though it was a big portion.

I ordered Classic Margherita and I don't really like their crust being a normal loaf bread. The topping was delicious though.

The dessert, Chocolat Au Coulant was a winner dessert! Loved the ice cream and the chocolate and it went well with my main and also appetiser.

The drink was one of the most satisfying drink I have had so far as it was sour! LOL! My friends hated whenever I order anything sour. It was sour and super refreshing. I was caught enjoying my drink too much too a point where I stopped eating.

The service was fast and good. The waiters feel restless seeing you sitting at a empty table. They will at least serve you warm water.

Click here for the video:

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