Happy Birthday Althea!

It was Althea's Birthday and I pampered myself with lots of gifts! Guess what I got from Althea? A-Z makeup product for a simple makeover. I did a video using all the products I have gotten from Althea. I did not get any lipstick from Althea as I already had a few shades which I am already going crazy for now so I didn't want to add to it.

First starting off with face protection which is a sun burn cream. One reason why we age fast is our skin is getting exposed to sunlight too often. So in order to prevent that it is important to protect our skin with a good sun burn cream.

Clean Face Oil Control SunCream SPF 35 PA++
Next is a foundation in a powder form to close the pores and hide all of my flaws. I like this as it is easy to apply and I look a little bright instantly and I don't look whitish.

Saemmul Perfect Pore Pact
Next is eyebrow! I love working on my eyebrow so much that even if I plan not to wear a makeup but I will still draw my eyebrow. I look instantly good whenever I work on my eyebrow. The one I purchased is dark brown and it is so easy to wear. The brush at the other end can clear up all the mess I do so I really can draw as I like. It cost about RM12.00 only.

Easy Drawing Eyebrow Pencil
Then, I usually work on my eyebrow. For this, I got a gel eyeliner. As said by people it really lasts long and it is so easy to apply. Unlike other gel, this is really easy to be used and I can even apply it as a thin layer. It cost about RM25.00.

 Tony Moly
Backgel Eye Liner

Next is my favourite which is eyelashes. This mascara is rather different because it is 4D mascara. It is thick and really dark. Whenever I apply it, it is rather obvious and it is very appealing. It cost about RM16.00.

 MisshaThe Style 4D Mascara

Finally coming to a brand new product which I newly added to the makeup family. Contour! I have not tried any type of contour before. This one here is rather easy to be used and I totally love it. I am using the darker version and it has 2 version. My new favourite and it looks amazing on my face as it enhances my cheek bone.

                                AMOKContouring Master
Finally, I used Rimmel lipstick from London. I did not get this from Althea but since I did not get any lipstick fro Althea so I am using Rimmel instead. I will be doing a special review for Rimmel soon.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALTHEA @altheakorea!!! 🎈🎉 Thank you so much for this lovely limited edition birthday box which I have decorated with Crappy Blogger's signature flower petal *SyokSendiriJe 😝

Guys, you can get your own birthday cake when you shop at Althea this July! A lot of amazing things happening in Althea as well!!

🎈Birthday sale
🎈Birthday Freebie Giveaway
🎈Limited Edition Birthday Box
🎈Birthday Sample Pack

And so much more great things are coming to you guys!!! 🎉  #AltheaTurns2

Want to purchase the stuff that I have used in this video? Then head on to Althea.kr now!

To watch the video click the link below:


  1. In the blink of an eye, Althea is already two. Happy birthday! May you bring us more and more goodies! Caring is sharing. LOL

    1. Hahaha. I agree with you. Caring is sharing. Haha

  2. happy birthday Althea.. huhu.. i love your flat lay photo.. i know.. this is the 2nd time i say this.. hahaha

  3. Happy Birthday, Althea! More great products to come, please!

  4. Happy birthday Althea.. and all the best to all trying their luck for the free trip and prizes...

    1. Yes. Fingers are crossed. Hopefully I can get to go Korea. Hehe

  5. I've been using the Tony Moly eyeliner and I got to say that I really like it. Althea always sell very good and authentic products :)

  6. Happy birthday althea! Thanks for your sharing on gifts that you received.

  7. Happy Birthday to Althea. I love the products that you have. May Althea keep growing.

  8. Happy Birthday Althea! i love to shop there.