If You Want To Judge Then Go Ahead ~ Subashini Asokan

"Yes, I was hit by star struck after being a lead in Anbe Aruyirey," said by Subashini Asokan who played lead character as Vino in Anbe Aruyirey.

The journey wasn't filled with flowers and lots of love as expected but it was rather filled with tonnes and tonnes of stones and thunderstorms!

I was doing my degree in Physiotherapy back then in 2012 and I had no passion to be part of the entertainment industry and to act. 

It was Bala Ganapathi Wiliam (BGW) who figured out my talent. Since we were from the same hometown Sungai Petani so I felt rather comfortable to work with him.

When I went for my first casting call I was selected but the short film's progress stopped halfway due to some reason. 

That was my first disappointment as I just newly entered the entertainment industry and though I got the chance it didn't go well.

The disappointment didn't impact me much as I wasn't that into acting career back then. I was more focused on finishing my degree and getting a job relating to physiotherapy.

Later on, I was recommended for a short film which didn't take place as well due to some reason. In 2013 I did a photoshoot and in 2014 I was recommended for another few more short films.

Except for the photo shoot, all the other opportunities knocked my door and left. I was a little fed up as they triggered my desire to act and it was all hopeless. I gave up on the entertainment industry. 

I started working in Dataran Maybank as Customer Service Executive. When you start to earn you will get all hyped up and the desire to earn a lot of money will kick in.

I was also like that at that particular period and I was all money minded and I was very focused on my job. Unfortunately, I have this thing where if I don't like a job I will resign. 

I have changed about 5 to 6 jobs by far. Then, I started seeing the real world. A lot of people are working for money and I wanted to change that for myself.

I started to figure out on what is there for me out there and what I am truly passionate about. Right at that time, I was offered to act in a short film titled Nivadi Chellam.

I was given a small role but the desire to act peaked in me. I started to focus on acting career passionately. I acted in Kampung Kuttua in 2015 and I did few RTM projects with Naga Sir.

I got a chance to be one of the lead characters in a music video titled Anbe Aruyirey directed by Vathaniy Kunasegaran. That's when the star struck hit me really strong.

People started to recognise Subashini Asokan and the response was really unexpected. I was overwhelmed by the love that they showered me.

I strongly believe that you need the right time to shine. I have been in the entertainment industry from 2012 and only after Anbe Aruyirey I was recognised.

You have to start from the base. You will be rejected. Not once but a few times. All you have to do is to keep trying until you find your point to shine.

Anbe Aruyirey was my time to shine so I shined and I am still shining. I strongly believe it was mainly because a lot of people can relate themselves to Vino's character.

Unfortunately, some accused me that I was going after fame and name which I never once have proclaimed.

Everybody has a talent and through recognition, your talent will outshine even better. Sometimes you need some credits for all of the hard work you are putting out there.

I am trying to be better. I am trying to achieve. If I am busy clearing my name out there then I won't have time for myself.  So if you want to judge then go ahead.

After Anbe Aruyirey I worked on Yeno Maaruthu Vaanilai a short film under Soma's direction. My recent work is Kaadhal Enbathu Saabama a music video directed by BGW.

To be honest, as much as I got great feedbacks on both Yeno Maaruthu Vaanilai and Kaadhal Enbathu Saabama I also got negative feedbacks.

For instance. a lot of people told that I was bold enough to do such intimate scenes. Some criticized by saying it is not proper to act in such a scene as we are not up to that level yet.

I just couldn't accept their criticism. While we are going all out to give our best and some of our own people are putting us down by telling us to what level we should be going to.

I received a few Instagram Direct messages which were vulgar. Some asked if it is really necessary for me to act out the kissing scenes.

For me, work is work and personal is personal. Both Yeno Maaruthu Vaanilai and  Kaadhal Enbathu Saabama had their own justifications on why I had to do that specific role.

Acting is my passion and I really don't care what they think about me. When I get news which I don't want to hear I will be all stressed out.

I don't want to be condemned by them and stop doing what I want to do in my life. If it will make me to progress then I will keep doing it.

When it comes to relationship status I am single right now as I want to be with a guy who accepts me for who I am. I want him to be supportive or don't even bother being part of my life.

I want someone who takes me higher. Not someone who asks me to stop acting when I am very passionate about acting.

Anybody can throw shit at your face and you would be able to still accept it but when your own partner doesn't support you and that is when you will get a huge mental breakdown.

Though at first, my parents didn't support my choice to act now they are my strongest backbone ever. They are the place I go to get a genuine comment.

One piece of advice which I would like to give is women in this industry should help to adjust other woman's crown. They should not snatch it away or throw it away.

This is a small industry so everybody should help each other to achieve.

Last but not least I would like to thank BGW for identifying the talent in me and for pushing me to go for my passion. I also would like to thank my family especially my mother and sister, for being my pillar of strength

~ Real Queens Fix Each Other's Crowns ~


  1. I ve been on the same boat as subashini
    I ve been rejected , ditched ,criticised yet I focus on my goals
    Because it isn't necessary for everyone to like us . Do right and shine 😘
    Good write up 👌🏻

  2. Shine and follow your heart desire, eventually the correct one will come. there-where end of the day its all about YOU.

  3. Good write up dear....carry on on your industry....best of luck...always be yourself and do things that you are enjoying..

  4. Hi dear.. Dont know what to say.. But i wish u hood luck in whatever you do..

  5. It is really an inspirational story..i got motivated from this...i wish good luck my dear...just do what you feel passionate about.

  6. At end of the day...attitude is matter...be humble, kind..if the world not follow you..who care...your love one or your self will support you. Be positive my friend.

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