Luminous Beauty Parlour Grand Launch and Review

I am obsessed with manicure and pedicure but I am used to doing it for myself. For me, if I am to do manicure or pedicure it must be for an occasion and I don't usually go to an extent of doing my nails just because I am attending a birthday function.

Luminous Beauty Parlour invited me to their launch and to my surprise they gave me a complimentary manicure service. Will I miss this chance? Never.

Since my ideas for a manicure in a beauty parlour are actually over hyped so I chose a wedding themed manicure design. Stones. Yes! I chose lots and lots of stones where it glitters everytime I move my hands.

Luminous Beauty Parlour is a very elegant and classy looking beauty parlour. If you need a stress-free time then you have to head to this place.

With their interior looking so lovely, you won't feel like leaving that place immediately. You will choose to stay for hours instead.

Once I was there, they prepared me a cup of tea and I was choosing my design while enjoying the tea. Since I was looking for a very grand looking design so I googled on wedding theme manicures.

I came up with a design and the work started. It took a whole 2 hours. I chose gel and also matte and I chose a combination of silver and maroon.

I didn't feel like the two hours have passed until she told me that she is done as the music was playing which I was really enjoying watching her doing my nails.

The stones on my nails lasted for a week. The gel lasted for 3 weeks. The matte lasted for more than 1 month. Which was really worth it I feel.

I think if you are having a wedding then than it is okay to have stones on your nails. If you want a design which lasts for at least 3 weeks then go for a full gel or matte design without any stones.

To be honest it looked terrible when the stone fell and I had to cover the part with my own nail polish. I think it happened because I was really working with dishes and all for that particular week.

Overall, I am really satisfied with the interior of the Luminous Beauty Parlour and the customer service. Next time I will definitely choose the gel type or matte type of nail polish so it lasts longer.

For more information 

G-1-7 Plaza Arkadia NO 31 Perdana Desa Park City, Jalan Intisari, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

 Opened daily except for Sunday

+60 12-696 6183




  1. Same here, I won't do my nails unless absolutely necessary. Love your design and it's great that the nail art lasted quite long. I expect the stones to drop off in 2 days max but one week is long.

  2. I love seeing this place..it has such a serene kind of feel to it...need to find time to drag my bestfriend along..hahaha

  3. I get my nail done by them too. Like the comfortable environment.