If Opportunity Doesn't Knock, Build a Door! ~ Mugen Rao

When I was schooling I was a rogue. I have beaten a guy before. I had anger management issues to a point where I had to visit the school counsellor real often.

I noticed that my brother started to follow my footstep. Being the elder son in the family the responsibilities barged in me. That's when I decided that I have to take another path in my life.

I set myself an aim which is to be a police officer. Since I am from Tamil school so my main medium is Tamil and I was rather weak in my English.

I had self-esteem issues due to it. Knowing my weakness I started to watch a lot of English movies to improve my English.

Little by little I started to progress in my life and I started to do everything I could ever do to be a good example for my siblings.

I have done odd jobs just so I don't have to rely on my parent's money and I have been independent since I am 12 years old. I am proud now that I took those initiatives when I was 12.

Prakash Rao (Father), Vignesh Rao (Brother), Mugen Rao

My dad is a stage singer and so I have sung on stage since small with my brother Vignesh Rao. Then I got exposure in the film industry at the age of 13 when my uncle Satish Rao offered me a chance.

I acted in Senandung Malam as a paperboy.  I was the only Tamil boy among all of them yet I didn't hesitate to act. Then I acted in a few more projects and I started to slowly have interest in the acting career.

Anusha Asha who is better known as Asha is my schoolmate. We won a prize on stage for singing so we wanted to work on a song. We started to work on Kathaley Kannir.

We approached IBP Studios and Edvin Anand who is better known as Coruz Hooks was very welcoming and encouraging. We delayed 1 year to record as we couldn't commit to that project.

Asha and I named us as Random Crownz and I was known as Mugen El Rey back then. We had a manager Pravin whom we fondly call as Mangalam sir as he truly has helped us a lot.

He shot the Kathaley Kannir video and with my friends support, the video went super viral and got a great response. Edvin brother guided us on how to promote the video.

Due to commitment, Pravin could no longer spare his time for us. I went solo and Edvin brother became my manager.

One of the worst incidents in my life happened where I was snatched by a thief. My thumb got cut to a point where the doctor said that my thumb can only work 60%.

I took my own initiative and endured all the pain and made my thumb to work well. I can say it was rather heartbreaking and discouraging back then when I couldn't use my thumb well.

On the process of healing my thumb, creative content was the only part which gave me happiness. I focused on Ring Eh. Unfortunately, Ring Eh became a flop song due to lack of marketing.

Then I worked on Ghora a feature film. To be part of Ghora I learned a lot on how to act. I personally understood acting even better after Ghora. Ghora has not been released and will be released soon.

Nothing actually progressed well after Kathaley Kannir and I felt like that's it. That's the best I could do in this industry. It's time to give up.

Mugen Rao and Edvin Anand
When I was about to give up my manager Edvin Anand guided me and encouraged me to not to give up. I ventured into Kayalvizhi and till now I never had the thoughts to give up on the music industry.

I was riding a bike and halfway the chorus of Kayalvizhi struck my mind and I recorded it on the spot. I completed the entire song within 1 day.

I wanted violin as part of the music so we sent it to India and the overall song took about 2 years to be completed and to be released as I wanted to release it with a music video.

Then I met Vathaniy Kunasegarran and we worked on Anbe Aruyirey. Both Kayalvizhi and Anbe Aruyirey got a great response.

For now, I have acted in about 10 telemovies, a few advertisements, a few dramas and I was also featured in Gerak Khas.

A lot of people are thinking that I am a newbie. I have been in this movie industry for more than 10 years though I have only done small roles so far.

Nirmala Devi (Mother) and Mugen Rao
Being in this industry I don't want to be famous but I want to be recognized. I don't want to have a conventional life where we live and die. I want to achieve something out of ordinary.

To be honest, my path has been rather easy as I have a great mentor with me Edvin brother. He has always been there as a good brother and a great mentor.

Even if I don't listen to him and do things as I wish, he doesn't give up on me and accepts me for who I truly am. I often put myself down and it is Edvin brother who boosts up my mood and gives me the energy to grow.

The desire to achieve and to reach high has just started to rise in me. I can't deny that my general knowledge is really low and there is a lot for me to learn about the world.

I am opened to pieces of advice but I always listen to my inner word. I mingle with a lot of elderly people and I have learned a lot about what life truly is.

My followers say on Instagram or Facebook are conquered majority by youngsters. That's the reason why I post inspiring quotes so they will be inspired.

I don't know if I am a good role model but I would like to spread positivity hoping all my followers will follow the right path and grow along with me.

Self-motivation is vital. Never give up. Create your own recognition.

One incident which changed my perception about life and money is when I got stranded in a street with my bike without my wallet but just RM5.00 in my hand.

An old lady came to me and asked money to buy food. I couldn't give her the RM5.00 as my bike had no oil. I felt bad for saying no and I cried and I was feeling restless for the next few weeks.

That incident shook me and that's when I decided that I am going to earn enough to do charity. Everybody has their own downtime. They have to believe that they can get through it.

I have endured a lot of devastating moment in my life. People think that I am happy-go-lucky and I have a smooth life. No, I have cried and I have been through the "giving up stage" a lot in my life.

The real Mugen Rao's life is way different from what you all can ever predict. I have encountered issues where a guy from my age will never encounter.

All I know is if we have to cry it out we shall cry it all out because we are going to wake up the next day feeling all fresh and all ready to conquer the world.

Step forward no matter how many time life tries to bring you down.

One of the best thing which has happened to me is getting to know Edvin brother. Not to forget, I have to thank my family members and Baskaran for always having hope on me.

I also have to thank my uncle Satish Rao who just recently passed away for giving me the kick start in the acting career. He was a very supportive guy.

I wish all the very best to those of you who are reading this. Giving up should not be an option for you. Strive till you achieve it.

Self-motivation is vital. Never give up. Create your own recognition.
bE UniQue
~ MuGenRao M.G.R~


  1. This article inspired me very much. Im waiting for more articles from you 😊

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I am working on more quality content. Hopefully it will be out soon. ^_^

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  3. It was a great article, keep rocking. What made you to write an article on Mr.Mugen Rao?

    1. Thank you. I have interviewed Subashini Asokan before and I thought it will be a great idea to have these screen pair on my blog as well. :)

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