Sassy ~ Affordable and It's Full With Attitude

Yes, finally did some stationary shopping and went all cray towards Sassy's collection! Sassy has everything someone needs in the office to trendy fashion accessories.

Sassy is an online gift and lifestyle store. Which means those who are only able to shop at an odd hour like after 10 pm then www.sassy.com.my is definitely the best place to visit.

To those who have to touch the product and see how it truly looks like just to compare, Shas have their store up just for you!

Sassy allows you to be you by coming up with designs with suits your attitude. Cheerful, dark or greenery? Say it and you will get it in lemon, black and white, neon and tropical theme.

Personally, I like to have a black collection and guess what? In every collection of theirs, they have almost everything like laptop cover, notebook, calculator, thumbtack, journal, pouch.

Definitely a good place to shop for stationary in Malaysia. Especially when you want the collection to be on a theme.

Sassy's promising collection comprised of

- Trendy office and desktop dictionary
- Women's fashion accessories
- Trendy tote bags & pouches
- Gift and Lifestyle products

While getting yourself into sinful shopping time you also can get an amazing gift for your friends and family. They have a variety of items where you will not find it as a trouble to get the right gift!

The standing out gift will be books which are filled with quotes and beautiful illustrations. It suits every occasion from wedding to birthday.

When it comes to price I find it to be very affordable to the other places that I know of. If it's affordable it is even dangerous because then I want it all.

Wondering on where is Sassy located? Worry not. It is at most MPH. They have their own corner in MPH and since they are too sassy it won't be tough to locate them.

For more information please visit www.sassy.com.my 

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  1. Wow I love this design! Didn't know stationary can be so elegance and stylish