The Kid From Big Apple 2 ~ Movie Review

They did give us a heads up that it is a heartwarming movie but literally every scene stole my heart away.

If you want to cry your heart out then it is a must to watch "The Kid From The Big Apple 2"

 Please don't compare The Kid From Big Apple 1 and 2. It's completely a different story!

The Kid From Big Apple 2 is about the Grandpa having dementia and how the family is accepting it.

So yeah, that's all about it but every single scene will make you cringe and make you cry. It was tough to watch this movie with a strong heart.

Most of the scenes are relatable to our daily life and they showed true life as realistic as possible. It is not a fantasy that you want to live in.

The Kid From The Big Apple 2 ~ It is a bitter truth that you may have to face at one point in your life

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